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Doug Somers
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The Hero's Journey Project
Tuesday, January 29 2008 @ 02:34 PM CST

Hello all! This is an invitation to participate in a new collaborative effort called the Hero's Journey Project. The Project is intended to have artists produce a group of pieces as a musical collection around a common mythic theme: The Hero's Journey. Each piece could reflect a different stage of the Journey, or perhaps a character sketch of some of the main archetypes found in epic and mythic stories.

What is the Hero's Journey?

More details on the Project are in my spoken infomercial HERE and on the Hero's Journey itself are HJP WEB PAGES.

In summary, The Hero's Journey was written about by Joseph Campbell in his book "The Hero With a Thousand Faces". In this book Campbell examined the common elements and stages of plot development of the greatest stories of our time, from early myths up to his present day. What Campbell called the Monomyth contained the basic structure of stories from Homer's The Odyssey to Star Wars or The Matrix. The Hero's Journey is the story of the struggles and triumphs, the joy, the doubt, and the breakthroughs that we all experience as humans, but seen through the eyes of a hero or heroine. While not all heroic stories are identical, many follow a similar path: the hero (or heroine) is called by circumstances to adventure, they may be given something to aid them in their quest, and they cross into a new land or world - strange and wonderful characters are met, rites of initiation or contests are endured and overcome, until ultimately a goal is reached and wisdom and other benefits are gained. Then through other trials, realizations, and sometimes outside assistance, the hero or heroine returns home with their new insights or benefits that are shared with the rest of their people.

How to participate?

To find out more about the Hero's Journey theme check out the HJP WEB PAGES or do your own Google search on the Hero's Journey.

If you have a new or existing piece you would like to offer to the project, I suggest the best way is to append a post on this forum with the URL for your piece so that everyone knows there is a new piece to view. I will pick it up and add it to the Favourites list at the HerosJourney page below. You may also send me a message at my page Doug Somers or you can leave a message here at HerosJourney .

What kind of music is needed?

That's up to you. Different interpretations of the same journey stage or character are certainly possible as there are many perspectives from which to write the story as well as from which to hear it. Depending upon how the pieces take form it might be fun to hear how they sound in order as outlined by the stages of the journey. Maybe linking pieces could be written at some point - I really don't know where the collective creativity will lead. Hopefully though it will be a lot of fun to produce and give pause for reflection in the listeners since we are in some ways all on a Journey.

I hope you find something in this project that lights your spark, lets you bring a new composition or performance into the world, and reflects the joy of your musical endeavours.

I suggest that to keep track of the Collection if you include "(HJP)" in the title and post back here with your entry I can work up a play list as Bud did for the Lost Songs Project. I still have to figure that out. If there are further improvements we can make on logistics please let me know.

If someone has a piece already submitted that fits in with the Hero's Journey theme I see no reason not to make it part of the collection. While I originally thought about this project as a stimulus to create new music, there is no need to restrict it to only new works.

Also, situations occur in our everyday lives which are sometimes analogous to the mythic stages of the Hero's Journey. These contemporary experiences can certainly be used as a topic for a composition - i.e., the pieces should not be limited to describing a fantastic landscape, well known heroic characters, or ancient times. Our own struggles and how we understand and overcome them, no matter how ordinary, are also a part of the journey.

All the very best,


Here is what we have as of April 9, 2008. Thanks for your interest and support!

The Playlist by Stages of The Hero's Journey

A.Departure or Separation
1.The Call to Adventure Adventure
Forge a New Life - Part 1 by: Tobin Mueller - Art Rock
I Sail On by: Tobin Mueller, arr: Troy - Prog Rock
In Your Dreams by: mint01 (w rschletty) - Pop (Mainstream)
Deliberating the Call (v3b) by: Doug Somers - Classical (Contemporary)

2.Refusal of the Call
Hold On by: Tobin Mueller w/ Komrade K - Alternative Rock

3.Supernatural Aid
Lady of the Lake by: Tobin Mueller w/ Mystified - Classical
I Have Dreamed in Another by: Tobin Mueller - Art Rock

4.The Crossing of the First Threshold
v1: Grease Monkey Sweat (human chorus) by: rschletty - Acoustic Rock
Forge a New Life - Part 2 by: Tobin Mueller - Soft Rock, Adult Contemporary
My Heart Still Beats: Tobin Mueller w/ Thoddi - Ethnic - International
Bring on the Storm by: Tobin Mueller - Acoustic

5.The Belly of the Whale
Industrielle #2--Subterranean by: Mystified - Other
Corridor by: Mystified - Ambient
Black Forest Dance, Take 2 by: Drakonis - Romantic
Nadir: Reinholt56 - Cinematic Soundtrack

1.The Road of Trials
On My Way by: Dadai - Folk (Contemporary)
Heroes by: APB - Pop (Alterniative)
The Hard Road by: rschletty (w/David Gómez Sanz) - Inspirational (Contemporary)
Happy Labyrinth by: Boris the Bull - Other
Overture to Transcendence by: rschletty (w/David Gómez Sanz)
The Lonely Road (Deserve This) by aclarke - Folk (Contemporary)
Minotaur by Boris the Bull - Folk (Contemporary)
When the Future Comes by: Tobin Mueller w/ Twon, Alimar, Audiocracy - Progressive Rock
A Promise by: Tobin Mueller w/Woody Mankowski - Rhythm and Blues

2.The Meeting with the Goddess
To the Hall of the Goddess by: Doug Somers - Ambient
Dreams II by: Tobin Mueller w/ Emily - Showtunes
The Waitress by: Tobin Mueller - Acoustic
I am Yours (Last Embrace Behind the Wall) by: Tobin Mueller w/Mystified - Classical

3.Woman as the Temptress
Pose for You by: Tobin Mueller w/ Jessica Flood - Showtunes
Crazy Story (v2) by: Tobin Mueller w/ Thoddi - Jazz Fusion
Charon's Requiem by: SpasmodicMan w/ Tobin Mueller and Alessandra Zwegler - Experimental

4.Atonement with the Father
Final Words by: Tobin Mueller - Soft Rock - Adult Contemporary

Apotheosis by: Feter and Doug Somers - Classical (Contemporary)
Revolution's Son (v2) by: Tobin Mueller w/ dchapman, twon, Alimar, Audiocracy - Progressive Rock

6.The Ultimate Boon
Turn the Key by: Tobin Mueller - Showtunes

Pilgrim of the Return by: Tobin Mueller - Folk-Rock
If I could Live Long Enough by: Tobin Mueller w/IVANJS - Folk (Contemporary)

1.Refusal of the Return
House of Cards by: Tobin Mueller - Folk-Rock

2.The Magic Flight
The Journey by: Reinholt56 - Cinematic Soundtrack
Rainy March by: drakonis - Classical
Icarus II by: Tobin Mueller w/Texasfeel - Jazz Fusion

3.Rescue from Without
The Everlasting by: rschletty (w/Steiner & Anselm) - Progressive Rock
The Joy of Grace by: rschletty (w/David Gómez Sanz) - Inspirational (Contemporary)
Lifting by: rschletty (w/David Gómez Sanz)
Knock Upon Your Door by: rschletty (w/David Gómez Sanz)
You Are (v2) by: mint01 (w/rschletty, Steiner & Anselm)

4.The Crossing of the Return Threshold
The Watch for Agamemnon by: bubowski - Classical
v2: Dreamville by: misterfrap+rschletty - Country and Western
Before There Were Gods: Tobin Mueller - Acoustic

5.Master of the Two Worlds

Haecceity by: Alimar - Cinematic Soundtrack - Inspirational (Contemporary)
Up From Death by: rschletty (w/David Gómez Sanz) - Inspirational (Contemporary)
Rise Up, Cowboy (v2) by: rschletty - Folk (Contemporary)
Leaving Flesh by: mint01 (w/rschletty, Steiner & Anselm) - Pop (Mainstream)
Sierra Madre by: futzpucker - Cinematic Soundtrack

D. Freedom to Live
A Heartbeat Away by: digitalnirvana9 (Remix by RSchletty) - New Age
Believe by: Aclarke/VicHolman/Z293/Mcboy - Rock

Notes on placement in the playlist:
1. There are some pieces that could fit well into different stages of the journey. Three which I agreed with Tobin in being able to sit in multiple places are:
- Lady of the Lake, could also go under "B2. The Meeting with the Goddess"
- My Heart Still Beats, could also go under "C3. Rescue From WIthout"
- Turn the Key, could also go under "C5. Master of Two Worlds"
2. If any artist feels their work should be moved to another stage, please let me know

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Re:The Hero's Journey Project
Tuesday, January 29 2008 @ 02:42 PM CST

I m in Doug ... just give me time ...(not too long) wink !

«Blues is easy to play, but not to feel » (Jimi Hendrix)
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Re:The Hero's Journey Project
Tuesday, January 29 2008 @ 03:50 PM CST

Hi Doug
Good to see you. I would love to be part of it. Let me put my thinking cap on.
Doug Somers
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Re:The Hero's Journey Project
Tuesday, January 29 2008 @ 05:41 PM CST

I can't wait to hear what wonders you will create guys! I have a really good feeling about this project!!

Thanks for your interest!
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Re:The Hero's Journey Project
Tuesday, January 29 2008 @ 07:19 PM CST

You may be interested in this: The Watch for Agamemnonhttp://www.macjams.com/song/21114. Not exactly new or very newly produced but it does deal with a classic Greek tale.


Graham Metcalfe - Information Architecture and Art Direction
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Doug Somers
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Re:The Hero's Journey Project
Tuesday, January 29 2008 @ 09:02 PM CST

Hi Graham - yes, I am definitely interested. I don't think the Journey collection should necessarily all have to be composed from scratch starting now. As long as some new pieces are inspired by the project then I think it is meeting its intent.

The Watch is a beautiful work and I would love to see it have some play by the newer members of MacJams like myself as well as with visitors to the site. So if you are game can I put it on the playlist?

Also, I see from your profile that we have similar musical influences and tastes not to mention history with Opcode Vision. Cool!

Thanks for your note!
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Re:The Hero's Journey Project
Tuesday, January 29 2008 @ 10:43 PM CST

Sure, go for it and put it on the playlist! Always interested in more exposure and spreading out the music. I think this is a cool idea and the site you have is nicely done.


Graham Metcalfe - Information Architecture and Art Direction
Please visit my portfolio site at www.ghmetcalfe.com.

Re:The Hero's Journey Project
Wednesday, January 30 2008 @ 12:35 AM CST

Neat idea...and quite synchronous! I was thinking along "hero's journey" lines this morning as part of my dreaming.
Doug Somers
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Location: Ottawa, Ontario Canada
Re:The Hero's Journey Project
Wednesday, January 30 2008 @ 01:57 PM CST

Thanks for the kind words on the web site. I thought it might help shed light on the aspects of the Hero's Journey that some people might not have been familiar with in that form.

I will go ahead and add your piece to the Journey Collection.

Thanks for the submission, and feel free to let new inspiration move you too ! Smile

Nice to hear from you. It is an interesting coincidence in how we are thinking about similar themes. Did a creative approach become clear for you out of your dreaming? It would be great to have your work mesh with the project if you thought it to be an appropriate fit.


Re:The Hero's Journey Project
Wednesday, January 30 2008 @ 04:19 PM CST

Doug: My project is not explicitly a "hero's journey" but it is the underlying fabric of the show. Here is the most "heroic" part of my proposed show:

Set 3: Field of Battle, Rise to Glory – Symphonic-Rock songs with extended instrumental soloing, rich choral harmonies and glorious visual effects. Songs will be similar in style to those posted at the Schletty-Gómez "Hungry For Heaven" project site:
http://www.hungryforheaven.com .