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An affordable 1176?
Saturday, October 05 2019 @ 05:25 PM CDT

So on the internet I came across a ridiculously priced 1176 clone made by a company called "Klark Teknik". At £160, I had to have it.

So, thoughts. Does it add up?

I've been lucky enough so spend a fair amount of time with both original black and blue models, and the industry-standard equivalent now is made by UA and retails around £2200-2500 depending on where you buy it. Is the UA faithful to the original? Absolutely. And if absolute mastering-engineer-ears-quality likeness is what you're going on, the KT isn't going to fill your boots.

Waves also made a pretty good digital emulation of this, marketed as the "CLA-76", retailing at $250 (currently on sale at $50 so grab while you can - it's worth it if you do a lot of drum recording). But what it fell short on, while still being a brilliant compressor plugin, was that magical analogue-y-ness. In terms of compressor reaction and shaping, I found it difficult to tell apart the KT76 from the Waves plugin. But the KT76 took the lead when adding the analogue warmth and saturation into the mix (if you'll pardon the pun).

Enter the KT76. Important to note here that as a reproduction of the 1176 and not the 1178, this is a single channel compressor. One in, one out. There's no running stereo busses through here. And the clear plastic design on the knobs doesn't do it any favours when comparing to the real thing. But it does do an extraordinary job of following in the sonic footprints of the original 1176, saturation and all, at a fraction of the cost, and is equally a darn good analogue compressor in its own right.

My verdict:

Authenticity: 8/10
Build quality: 7/10
Value for money: 10/10
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Re:An affordable 1176?
Saturday, October 05 2019 @ 07:21 PM CDT

Interesting read. Much appreciated.