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Re:Instrumental Songs
Sunday, March 14 2010 @ 01:25 AM CST

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Re:Instrumental Songs
Wednesday, November 09 2011 @ 01:18 PM CST

Oh yah? Well, I'll just bounce this ancient thread too, because the "voice" is just another instrument for creating music... hehehe... and hopefully people will go back and read cjorgenson's initial post, and then enjoy how Daphna & I morphed his rant into music, here. That was a fun song to collaborate on, long ago!
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Re:Instrumental Songs
Wednesday, November 09 2011 @ 03:29 PM CST

Aaargh I thought this was a new one! So I expect I'll be repeating what lots of others have said...

Firstly, to get the pedantry out of the way:
- For a song to be a song, it has to have, ummm, singing in it! (mind you, this and other sites all refer to our uploads as "Songs" regardless of what's in it!)

- Complexity & quality of composition stand apart from the genre or the instrumentation. Many musicians don't write lyrics and rely on others (in all genres, Mozart didn't write the libretti to his "tunes") to do this, so no-one has to Do It All. And it's very complex to write a tune around someone else's lyrics or fit your lyrics to someone else's tune!

So, let's just appreciate everyone's efforts and contributions.

Drakonis - I loved what you made of the initial rant! :-)