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Re:Nine Inch Nails
Tuesday, June 26 2018 @ 04:17 PM CDT

Quote by: MikeRobinson
We already have one RSS-feed forum here, with 705 installments at this counting, all consisting of URL-links from the same site to the effect that, one way or the other, America and maybe the entire world is going to Hell in a handbasket.   I can easily-enough completely ignore this thread, and I do.   I do not want to see such threads continue to proliferate outside of that one ignore-me box.

There is an obvious difference between threads concerning music – knowing that much music is about political protest and legitimately so – and a thread which for a very long time has consisted merely of the postings of URLs from one political web-site that always says the same thing.   I have an RSS-feed reader at my beck-and-call, should I want one.   If I want to follow a source and be notified instantly when anything is posted there, RSS can accomplish this task faster than MJ can.

I respect the author as a musician and am an admirer of his work, but yes, I am offended by these threads and would have them simply cease.

It is not an RSS feed from one site, as you keep telling us. Many different sites have been linked. Further, The Guardian, the "one" to which you keep referring, is a highly regarded and generally reliable, slightly left of centre British broadsheet. It is not a "political web-site", but a newspaper.

Also, you say you ignore the thread, but the truth is that you have been one of its main contributors. You are even going on about it in another, separate thread, ffs!

I would suggest that you do as you keep saying you will; ignore it, like many others do, and stop trying to impose your will on those of us who choose to follow it. It's actually rather embarrassing, to be honest.

It's about time I changed this...
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Re:Nine Inch Nails
Tuesday, June 26 2018 @ 07:18 PM CDT

I hereby “take my lumps” with regard to all that has been said – and apologize most-sincerely to one and all:   specifically and expressly to my colleague, ParticleDots.   I gather that “I am in the wrong.”   So be it:   I will speak no further of this, and not consider myself to have been wronged, but rather to have been wrong.   I never meant to be in this position – I meant no wrong – but here I am.   And, I’ve got my big-boy pants on.   ’Nuff said.   (My goodness, these my-words are delicious.)