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let's dance in our firemikkinylundgroovie (2)60's (15)peace (176)happy (163)alternative (400)rock (1959)love (1469)party (45)fire (55)guitar (1349)tambourine (8)
Twiggymikkinylund60's (15)Twiggy (2)Jacques Brel (1)Je T'aime (1)scooter (3)love (1469)cows (3)flowers (33)rainbow (17)
She's InsanemikkinylundLove (1469)60's (15)garage (20)art (81)booze (10)experiment (48)
I Don't Knowmichael2pop (694)60's (15)indie (192)alternative (400) (0)
Going homevictorias_playgroundgoing home (2)folk (545)acoustic (812)organ (108)pink floyd (21)the doors (2)mellow (151)different (14)unique (7)guitar (1349)piano (957)long (33)60's (15)Victoria (7)
SatellitestempieAM (22)Sunshine (30)Twang (9)60's (15)Folk (545)Indie (192)Pop (694)Nature (72)Love (1469)
Lisa, You're the BandtempieSunny (16)60's (15)Shimmer (7)Surf (45)Indie (192)
You're No Different Than Anybody Elsetempie60's (15)Wall of Sound (8)Grunge (35)Choral (20)Psychadelic (8)Garage (20)
Politicians, Priests and PimpsPaddyNavinCaryatidPoliticians (6)Priests (2)Pimps (2)60's (15)sixties (11)psychedelia (6)
Rock & Roll Saturday Night (W.I.P.)GregDzoldie (5)Rock & Roll (25)60's (15)
Oh JenSea Monk Sevenmilton (35)stu (16)alex (18)northern light (2)60's (15)sixties (11)
Mabel (w.i.p. test cut- instrumental)GregDzrock (1959)prog rock (19)gregdz (2)Bittersweet (16)60's (15)
Miniskirts n Popsox (v.2)PaddyNavinCaryatidminskirts (1)popsox (1)60's (15)pastiche (1)
Eva Reconstructed (she 's so fineHairyJohnsonguitar pop (2)60's (15)funny (85)microwave (1)