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lucky joe hungmikkinylundrock (1959)alternative (400)gothic (79)80's (40)2005 (5)poetry (147)art (81)
New Century Girlsfive_extra_armsNew Wave (28)girls (26)
no title v21 a.m.deep (53)disco (44)house (194)progressive (220)80's (40)bloopy (1) (0)
everybody & nobodymikkinylund80's (40)guitar (1349)bass (374)
Crazy Feels LikedreadmonBing (13)Futch (2)dreadmon (53)dulcimer (56)mountain dulcimer (22)rock (1959)alternative (400)groove (158)vocal (197)harmony (88)pop (694)new romantic (1)80's (40)
Play Alongmichael2new wave (28)prom ballad (2)80's (40)electropop (48)pop (694)alternative (400)back in the day i loved girls with dyed black hair (1) (0)
Only The Sun Knowsmichael2new wave (28)spruce (1)electropop (48)80's (40) (0)
shunkbud80's (40)L.E.S. (1)Ralph Records (1)
How Long Till We Believebudrawk (1)80's (40)big hair (2)posing (1)
the changelingtwonicusheavy (204)rock (1959)80's (40)dancemetal (1)hard (103)fun (253)
House of Fallen Saintsretrolustmusichouse (194)fallen (16)saints (5)infidel (1)insane (17)80's (40)synth-pop (2)
Look At Me Nowretrolustmusicmomma (5)hollywood (16)cellphone (2)retro (35)lust (18)retrolust (7)80's (40)synthpop (19)
This Waybryanjbentingelectro (185)80's (40)analog (26)space (234)robot (24)lasers (2)Johny #5 (1)
Long RoadhalheadFolk Rock (45)Country (178)Japan (62)Australia (17)Singapore (3)The Suzuki Band (3)Rock In Asia (2)Female Singer (5)Nostalgic (6)80's (40) (0)
Drive Me CrazyhalheadRock (1959)Country (178)Japan (62)Australia (17)Singapore (3)The Suzuki Band (3)Rock In Asia (2)Female Singer (5)Nostalgic (6)80's (40) (0)
crushthat80sboypop (694)80's (40)genesis (10)
was it a dreamthat80sboypop (694)sad (189)80's (40)
don't say goodbyethat80sboy80's (40)synthesizers (14)summer (122)sad (189)
silent crythat80sboy80's (40)synthesizer (74)pop (694) (0)
girl like youthat80sboy80's (40)powerpop (11)rock (1959)
explosionsthat80sboy80's (40)synthesizer (74)synthpop (19)
A Need for UrgencyReinholt56Electronica (379)old school (17)80's (40)diversionary (1)contrived (2)
still be here (08 DUB)that80sboy80's (40)synthesizers (14)pop (694)
Silicon Dreamborisluxx80's (40)melodic (94)dance (780)Silicon Dream (1)Silicon (2)electropop (48)synth (386)electronic (563)synchronised (1)Boris Luxx (58) (0)
FlamingoborisluxxDance (780)electronic (563)electronica (379)club (174)dance club (18)80's (40)upbeat. (1)
heartbeat awaythat80sboy80's (40)pop (694)synthesizer (74)
Looking For Lovescaustritasteve caustrita (31)caustrita (29)scaustrita (20)smoke cloud entertainment (22)la puente (15) (0)
honest faithful loyal truethat80sboysynthpop (19)80's (40)synthesizer (74)
NaturalCharlieJ80's (40)80s (45)80 (2)1980s (2)1980's (2)
I'd Like To Know What Makes You TickPaddyNavinCaryatidEighties (7)80's (40)New Wave (28)infinite guitar (1)edge (4)
Keep The PacePaddyNavinCaryatidemo (98)alternative (400)punk (155)eyeliner (1)goth (74)punk (155)80's (40)doing it all over again (1)
make it loudsoftsoundsrock (1959)80's (40)synth (386) (0)
Chain ReactionMaximum_Luxmaximum lux (12)chain reaction (1)electrorock (1)experimental (505)midi (73)casio (8)80's (40)eighties (7)synths (68)
Dark AtmospheresDrToastyAmbient (831)creepy (34)80's (40)