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Tango (The Dance)TobinMuellerviolin (104)tango (15)Argentinean (1)Hungarian (3)film score (45)accordion (27)piano (957)vocal (197)fiddle (31)paganini (1)folk (545)tobin (86)gypsy (21)Entcho Todorov (3)dance (780)Astor Piazzolla (1)
Song Of This World - Enhanced Production of an ejh SongJ.A.Stewartfolk (545)harmony (88)acoustic (812)guitar (1349)harmonica (54)mandolin (61)accordion (27)
The Battle of KosovoTheReverendAGfolk (545)european (7)serbian (1)acoustic (812)accordion (27)recorder (48)guitar (1349)
Long Distance SalvationTheReverendAGceltic (130)rock (1959)folk-rock (19)accordion (27)
Siren MelodyTheReverendAGceltic (130)accordion (27)sea (74)women (21)murder (44)
Cossack's FuneralTheReverendAGfolk (545)banjo (42)accordion (27)recorder (48)acoustic (812)
KnivesTheReverendAGCeltic (130)folk (545)drone (26)droning (1)dark (422)brooding (9)banjo (42)accordion (27)guitar (1349)
BreezeTheReverendAGceltic (130)accordion (27)pogues (1)banjo (42)wwi (1)world war one (4)ypres (2)acoustic (812)
Dream A Little DreamBareKoalaDream (157)Dream A Little Dream Of Me (1)Caroline (60)alfalpha (25)BareKoala (7)nostalgia (23)gramophone (1)78 (2)palm court orchestra (1)banjo (42)accordion (27)piano (957)
Hijos PerdidosSecaModeSecaMode (25)Lost (82)Children (83)Hijos (1)Perdidos (1)Accordion (27)World (236)
Tango MacabreMagrittetango (15)funeral (10)macabre (1)ethereal (36)otherworldly (4)death (198)dance (780)dancing (26)funereal (4)creepy (34)accordion (27)organ (108)unsettling (1)
Polka no. 5trebbiaPolka (6)door (11)who (24)funny (85)accordion (27)music (391)trebbia (1)fast (162)film (111)soundtrack (289)
I could havemikkinylundMarianne (1)Faithful (4)circus (17)painter (2)sex (99)oblivion (3)colors (4)rooster (2)accordion (27)
Say ItRedSaharaPersian (14)Greek (9)Turkish (9)Arabic (19)World (236)Free MP3 (1)Accordion (27)Tar (2)BouzoukI (1)flute (193)Belly Dancing (4)Darbouka (4)
Happy EndingsMannequinRacesquirky (24)accordion (27)indie rock (41)accordion rock (1)bass line (3)bass (374)killer bass (1)
Street CaféMysterySoundMystery sound (29)French (21)Pari (6)Street (15)cafe (8)accordion (27)
Back in Time of ParisMysterySoundMystery sound (29)French (21)Pari (6)Street (15)cafe (8)accordion (27)
lightning speedMysterySoundMystery sound (29)French (21)Pari (6)Street (15)cafe (8)accordion (27)Doomsday (6)
Forest trainMysterySoundMystery sound (29)French (21)Pari (6)Street (15)cafe (8)accordion (27)Tram (1)Tramway (1)Street Car (1)train (45)
Blue skyMysterySoundMystery sound (29)French (21)Pari (6)Street (15)cafe (8)accordion (27)Blue (60)sky (65)Blue sky (4)
Distant MemoryMysterySoundMystery sound (29)French (21)Pari (6)Street (15)cafe (8)accordion (27)sad (189)memory (32)
The JourneyTheReverendAGaccordion (27)banjo (42)emo (98)crybaby (1)
AC 57fremsleyacoustic (812)melodica (7)acoustic guitar (97)accordion (27)reverse drums (1)instrumental (832)
Christmas in KillarneyThePintspints (3)pint (2)accordion (27)banjo (42)mandolin (61)drums (314)guitar (1349)Irish (69)Celtic (130)Xmas (17)x-mas (3)Christmas (284)
"Northdown Waltz" - An English Country DanceLonePineMusicrecorder (48)dance (780)viola (21)accordion (27)folk (545)eclectic (35)guitar (1349)english (161)country (178)northdown (1)waltz (52)
Return From the Fray with Damien, Alan Gentle, Len Gold, Graeme, Richard Marris, Bob Rogers, MovizDWLsea shanty (6)rock (1959)penny whistle (4)accordion (27)folk (545)traditional (103)drunken sailor (1)Captain Pugwash (2)