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Opal Wind (with ronnielong)cjhoosecollaboration (131)collab (90)ronnielong (7)guitar (1349)cold (64)restless (7)wind (60)piano (957)strings (402)choir (45)reverb (64)New Edge (1)
Def Rattledomdinodark (422)experimental (505)guitar (1349)powerful (8)choir (45)vocal (197)energetic (13)energy (42)
Uv'kheinCantorJewish (12)a cappella (27)a capella (11)acappella (3)acapela (1)choral (20)choir (45)tunafish (15)
Beyond a Dark Horizon (Remix)Cantorchoir (45)tunafish (15)power ballad (5)horizon (5)beyond (18)
Happy Christmas Dittydomdinochristmas (284)festive (3)xmas (17)bells (78)choir (45)
SacrficeDOShoror (1)death (198)die (24)dramatic (34)overdramtic (1)choir (45)strings (402)electric (100)dark (422)evil (52)
willpaxedenacapella (12)vocal (197)singer songwriter (8)spiritual (68)inspirational (109)art (81)bjork (2)radiohead (7)enya (16)kate bush (4)chorus (21)choir (45)harmony (88)
ValkyriƩtrebbiaRock (1959)symphonic (35)big (22)huge (4)spacious (1)universe (24)choir (45)epic (62)
Pocket Lizard (Arr. by Pooey)pooeychoir (45)choral (20)band (136)lizard (3)
World of WonderParichayakaworld music (18)sountrack (6)rainforest (4)nature (72)percussion (78)ethnic drums (2)strings (402)choir (45)jam pack world (2)garageband (82)mystical (18)inspiring (6)
Through A WindowReinholt56Choir (45)harmony (88)disharmony (2)cathedral (8)practising (1)pipe organ (4)tonewheel organ (1)bass (374)imagination. (1)
Agnus Dei (Choral)jason.schoral (20)classical (816)requiem (10)choir (45)
If You BelieveJ.A.StewartChoir (45)strings (402)horns (54)faith (62)believe (32)vocal (197)guitar (1349)inspiration (12)
Pennsylvaniacjhoosepiano (957)choir (45)string ensemble (3)strings (402)
Doctor Evil's Laser - The Lost Finale (LSP)Doug SomersProgressive Rock (90)Doug (4)Somers (4)Synth (386)Orchestral (141)Choir (45)Finale (9)Lost Songs Project (4)
Ave Mariajason.sChoir (45)choral (20)voice (56)classical (816)
The TruthDragonasThe Truth (2)Christina (3)Dragonas (30)Opera (24)singer (32)soprano (12)LA Opera (1)Choir (45)Los Angeles (6)California (25)Rock (1959)pop (694)folk (545)musical soundtrack (1)epic (62)huge (4)emotional (41)dynamic (12)classical. (2)
And Boris Came Too (The Lemsip Mix)Reinholt56Choir (45)action (28)orchestra (289)synths (68)tension (21)movie sequence (1)bigger work (1)classical (816)Boris (9)
honeymoon hormone ( w/Head crushing machine)cjdaleychoir (45)chanty (1)synths (68)honeymoon (2)
Sing Out, Sweet Bellselfdaughterholiday (146)christmas (284)choir (45)angels (40)bell (18)bells (78)
Serenitypeyring3serenity (13)flute (193)choir (45)peyring3 (1)
Mepitha F_minorlegatoClassical (816)Baroque (34)Piano (957)Choir (45) (0)
Defining MomentRickB1cinematic (124)orchestral (141)symphony (76)cinema (99)dramatic (34)soundtrack (289)tension (21)freedom (80)choir (45)brass (53)
A Tiny Obsession With Space (The Hint of a Choir Mix)Reinholt56Space (234)cosmos (13)choir (45)space ambient (25)depth (1)similarity (1)a trip (1)
Beyond The Rings of Saturn (A Choral Mix)Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)choir (45)male (9)female (24)Saturn (6)soundscape (49)Scapers Unite (1)
Chorus from Handel's Messiah: "And The Glory Of The Lord"LonePineMusicmessiah (5)handel (3)george friderick handel (1)music (391)vocoder (21)baroque (34)choir (45)choral (20)glory (12)synthesizer (74)fm (1)synthesis (3)
No More Warabitran128Choir (45)Guitars (83)Drums (314)Bass (374)Calm (63)Angry (27)Intense (32)Varying (1)
Mah Ashiv Ladonai - quid retribuam DominoCantorlatin (117)hebrew (4)psalm (9)choir (45)choral (20)
Kaosmindscapersamples (30)choir (45)voices (21)beats (174)piano (957)
They Came (A Classical Ambient Mix)Reinholt56Choir (45)praise (48)rescue (4)detected (1)not of this world (1)time of tension and crisis (1)
Journey Through FireFire_AngelChoir (45)Gospel (65)Classical. (2)
Sorry from Requiem Mass - Final Recordingchristopherpslysorry (20)christopher (190)sly (195)mass (12)requiem (10)composer (159)oldham (34)saddleworth (70)orchestra (289)choir (45)
Ave Maria for 6 parts (Choral, a capella)stviemrChoir (45)choral (20)ave (2)maria (4)schubert (5)bach (40)a (136)capella (3)voice (56)vocal (197)