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My StoryAuger08acoustic (812)rock (1959)solo (125)improv (57)alternative (400)classic rock (31)jam (94)funk (357)folk (545)
ManipulationjfaazRock (1959)Rock & Roll (25)Classic Rock (31)Hard Rock (100)
About a GirltestingchesterMusic (391)Classic Rock (31)Acoustic (812)About a Girl (1)Testing Chester (3)
Get Up On MeArmatronRock (1959)Classic Rock (31)Hard Rock (100)
The Best PlacetclawsonAllman Brothers (2)Lynyrd Skynyrd (2)Michael Bloomfield (1)The Beatles (4)John Lennon (3)The Black Crowes (1)Tab Benoit (1)Blind Melon (2)Willie Dixon (1)Paul Butterfield Blues Band (1)ZZ Top (1)JJ Cale (3)blues (741)rock (1959)roots rock (3)classic rock (31)blues rock (11)
Manipulation (Remix)jfaazRock (1959)Rock & Roll (25)Classic Rock (31)Hard Rock (100)
True To MeevolvwebRock (1959)Classic Rock (31)Pop (694)Indie Rock (41)80's Rock (1) (0)
Confessioncthayesrock (1959)classic rock (31)inspirational (109)christian (137)
High On Her LoveArmatronClassic Rock (31)Southern Rock (12)
New Beginningcthayesclassic rock (31)christian (137)
CalvarycthayesChristian rock (32)progressive rock (90)classic rock (31)no spandex was harmed in the making of this song (1)
Reflection Of Youcthayesrock (1959)classic rock (31)Christian rock (32)
Future MangiovanniRock (1959)Concept album (1)classic rock (31)
The Rock BluesmunsongeekClassic Rock (31)Rock (1959)Blues (741)Drums (314)Heavy (204)
Don't Let It Slip Away (w/thetiler-Bill Furner)Dadai.2Bill Furner (3)thetiler (13)Dadai (41)classic rock (31)folk rock (45)summer of love (2)sixties (11)
Zero in Twos (analog recorded 1969) (c)2010 Greg DzubayGregDzprog rock (19)classic rock (31) (0)
AdagioCottonStreetAdagio in f-minor (1)albinoni (1)classical (816)classic rock (31)
Love's A Deadly GameobbsterRock (1959)Jam (94)Epic (62)Rock 'n roll (4)Classic Rock (31)
Presence of Loa /kindafishysammydixclassic rock (31)
ScarfacemystragRock (1959)Guitar Rock (16)Guitar Instrumental (11)Rock Organ (2)Classic Rock (31)
Song Of YesterdaysmystragRock Ballad (5)Guitar Rock (16)Rock Instrumental (15)Classic Rock (31)Song Of Yesterday (1)Black Country Communion (1)
Lucky 49mystragGuitar (1349)Rock Organ (2)Electric Piano (18)Classic Rock (31)Clav (2)iPad (73)Garageband (82)Guitar solo (124)
House of the Rising Sun (Instrumental)billdancourtneyrock (1959)classic rock (31)synth (386)guitar (1349)bass (374)blues (741)traditional (103)