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Station 12domdinoepic (62)vangelis (12)space (234)exploration (13)innovator (2)invention (2)grand (8)orchestral (141)film score (45)movie score (7)
ArtifactMystifiedartifact (2)mysterious (13)exploration (13)journey (85)discovery (1)imagination (40)ambient (831)search (10)solitary (1)reminisce (1)echoes (8)voices from the past (1)spectres (1)Mystified (167)biba_nova (33)bmc (32)sbc (68)
a spectre's taleMystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)EVP (7)spectre (1)ghost (43)eerie (15)imagination (40)exploration (13)haunted (13)once upon a time (1)
Homesteading Space FanfarejgurnerSkylab (1)Space (234)orbit (8)David Hitt (1)Owen K. Garriott (1)fanfare (8)exploration (13)NASA (5)astronaut (8)
The Cassini ProbeReinholt56Cassini Probe (1)Solar System (7)journey (85)electronics (2)autonomous (1)exploration (13)to baldly go (1)etc. (18)etc. (18)
Dark PlanetjgurnerSpace (234)Exploration (13)Solitude (14)Loneliness (22)Life (255)The Universe (6)Everything (17)
Good Night Good EarthaRcTipspace (234)earth (51)lullaby (79)exploration (13)nasa (5)astronaut (8)environment (7)genesis (10)
Where Have You Gone, Ponce De Leon?MajesticTaylorloss (85)malaise (1)Ponce de Leon (1)conquistador (2)Fountain of Youth (1)youth (17)aging (8)exploration (13)American Dream (3)
Photosynthesis and ExplorationPatriciaGirlPhotosynthesis (3)Exploration (13)Light (158)Soundtrack (289)Story (64)Mystery (33)Life (255)Darkness (38)Ambient (831)Cave (8)Journey (85)Dandelion (6)Germination (3)piano (957)strings (402)synth (386)