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Tango (The Dance)TobinMuellerviolin (104)tango (15)Argentinean (1)Hungarian (3)film score (45)accordion (27)piano (957)vocal (197)fiddle (31)paganini (1)folk (545)tobin (86)gypsy (21)Entcho Todorov (3)dance (780)Astor Piazzolla (1)
Far From Homenealgardnerelectronic (563)film score (45)soundtrack (289)chill (162)cinematic (124)moody (52)
My Friend... Sam (Main Theme)domdinoquirky (24)quirky film (1)short film (2)film score (45)
Station 12domdinoepic (62)vangelis (12)space (234)exploration (13)innovator (2)invention (2)grand (8)orchestral (141)film score (45)movie score (7)
Herne the Hunterelfdaughterfilm score (45)soundtrack (289)shadow of the moon (8)
The View from Up HereMissChaosMissChaos (23)soundtrack (289)film score (45)orchestral (141)
Fathomless ("Soundtrack draft" completedParichayakasoundtrack (289)film music (17)orchestral (141)movie theme (4)film score (45)classical (816)orchestral rock (3)ethereal (36)percussive (2)orchestra (289)brass (53)ensemble (12)flute (193)strings (402)
The Piano Teacher (Opening)domdinofilm music (17)film score (45)
ClairvoyantMissChaosMissChaos (23)film score (45)soundtrack (289)slow (120)dark (422)
I Have Dreamed In AnotherTobinMuellerA Bit Of Light (14)tango (15)film score (45)soundtrack (289)cinematic (124)showtune (13)showtunes (9)fusion (213)jazz (983)folk art (1)Entcho Todorov (3)alternative (400)electric piano (18)TobinMueller (61)Jekyll and Hyde (1)dreams (118)schizophrenia (4)Hungarian (3)violin (104)alternative lives (1)inner lives (1)inner life (1)dream (157)
Spring ShowerselfdaughterFilm Score (45)shadow of the moon (8)film (111)score (38)
The Magic Makerelfdaughtershadow of the moon (8)film score (45)soundtrack (289)
Love's First KissdomdinoLove (1469)lovey (1)sappy (2)film score (45)score (38)soundtrack (289)
1001 LacrimeParichayakasountrack (6)strings (402)bansuri flute (1)war (168)film score (45)world music (18)international conflict (1)
HeroesParichayakaHeroes (3)Soundtrack (289)Epic (62)Film Score (45)Hans Zimmer (10)
Intimate Youdug110film score (45)love (1469)sexual (3)intimate (4)
Child of the WestBowmanFilm score (45)Cinema (99)Copland (11)Cowboy (34)West (10)American (40)
Gift for an Assyrian KingBowmanPersian (14)Middle Eastern (26)film score (45)Movie (49)Bowman (91)Mazarakes (89)
VictoryobbsterSoundtrack (289)Orchestra (289)Film score (45)strings (402)victory (8)battle (41)
Piano/Strings Improv 1nitekatt2009Piano (957)strings (402)contemporary (37)classical (816)jazz (983)film score (45)
Spock and Rothko at Vasqueznitekatt2009New Age (165)film score (45)contemporary (37)
LeonardoBowmanMazarakes (89)Bowman (91)Renaissance (52)Art (81)Mystery (33)Leonardo Da Vinci (2)Classical (816)Film Score (45)
Elfmanjeremiahvicksoundtrack (289)film score (45)
The Final SunrisefilmscoremikeEpic (62)Cinematic (124)Trailer (8)Film Score (45)
The Silk PurseBowmanMazarakes (89)Bowman (91)Far East (3)Asian (20)Film Score (45)Classical (816) (0)
The Silk Purse *Rev2BowmanMazarakes (89)Bowman (91)Far East (3)Asian (20)Film Score (45)Classical (816)China (7)
Marathon-Rev 1BowmanMazarakes (89)Bowman (91)Greek (9)Olympics (6)Classical (816)film score (45)
REINCARN8 [Work In Progress v4.0]AlimarAlimar (136)NOTION3 (4)Film Score (45)Reincarnate (1)
The ProcessionfilmscoremikeClassical (816)Film Score (45)Cinematic (124)
(one minute) in flightbudone minute song challenge (2)film score (45)sci fi (6)
AshesobbsterSoundtrack (289)film score (45)instrumental (832)orchestral (141)
Simple PleasuresBowmanBowman (91)Charles Mazarakes (10)Classical (816)Orchestral (141)Simple Pleasures (1)Cinema (99)Film Score (45)
LIFE (Doom 2012)BowmanBowman (91)Mazarakes (89)Classical (816)Film Score (45)Soundtrack (289)
WastelandCraizeeMusicClassical (816)Soundtrack (289)Cinematic Soundtrack (15)Filmscore (34)Film Score (45)
Into Battle (V1)Fire_AngelBattle (41)war (168)fight (32)film score (45)film (111)score (38)movie (49)movie score (7)
In Remembrance OfCraizeeMusicClassical (816)Film Score (45)Filmscore (34)Cinematic Soundtrack (15)Soundtrack (289)
The Devil's Looking Glassscaustritasteve caustrita (31)Anthony Frazier (1)smoke cloud entertainment (1)A Flat Broke Films Production LLC (1)film (111)score (38)film score (45)movie (49)concert (10)orchestra (289)