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The Best They Got (Demo Version)DJZSidesalsa (14)DJ (42)DJ Z-Side (7)beat (137)verse (4)chorus (21)best (15)they (11)got (20)in progress (1)
She's got, He's gotdadgarusHe (4)She (57)Got (20)Blues (741)Dadgar (92)Cat (29)Dog (42)Bat (3)Rat (4)Ponny (1)Money (61)Bird (10)Donkey (7)
1-800-Got-JonkDeputyDoofydeputy (102)doofy (116)deputydoofy (125)got (20)jonk (1)800 (1)
Lucy's Got A KnifeTonyAzemialucy (3)lucy's (1)got (20)a (136)knife (8)hey (9)motherfucker (4)she (57)she'll (1)end (36)your (58)life (255)toes (2)bros (1)sis (1)lips (9)kiss (24)when (19)they (11)first (14)met (2)meet (7)blonde (6)but (14)not (34)dumb (16):D (4);P (1);) (1):) (6)tony (18)azemia (16)guitar (1349)i (149)have (15)a (136)vagina (4)but (14)you (195)can (13)not (34)see (12)it (72)her (9)him (2)penis (8)
Smilin' While I'm Shinin'DJ_Got_GameSmilin' (1)Smiling (3)While (4)I (149)I'm (19)am (22)shinin' (1)shining (8)DJ (42)Got (20)Game (54) (0)
Strap Up or Shut UpDJ_Got_GameDJ (42)Got (20)Game (54)Rap (311)Hip (32)Hop (34)Hip-Hop (88)R&B (92)Hustle (1)Tones (2)Drake (4)Lil Wayne (2)Strap (1)Up (50)Or (7)Shut (2)Up (50)
Hungry For The GameDJ_Got_GameHungry (5)For (57)The (254)Game (54)DJ (42)Got (20)Game (54)Hip (32)Hop (34)Hip-Hop (88)Rap (311)Hot (64)Lil (6)Drake (4)Wayne (4)Cudi (1)Kid (15)
ShawtyDJ_Got_GameShawty (1)Sample (26)DJ (42)Got (20)Game (54)Weed (6)Man (46)Beat (137)Boss (8)Rap (311)Hip (32)Hop (34)Rap (311)
Lust For LifeDJ_Got_GameDrake (4)Drizzy (1)Rap (311)Hip (32)Hop (34)Lust (18)For (57)Life (255)Cover (27)R&B (92)cool (98)soothing (37)slow (120)chill (162)the (254)so (18)far (9)gone (35)DJ (42)Got (20)Game (54)Music (391)New (167)
In The Air TonightDJ_Got_GameDrake (4)2pac (1)Tupac (1)rap (311)Hip-hop (88)soul (144)R&B (92)song (277)music (391)original (78)cover (27)piano (957)drums (314)DJ (42)Got (20)Game (54)
All I WannaDJ_Got_GameDJ (42)Got (20)Game (54)Nicholas (2)Hot (64)New (167)Song (277)Rap (311)Hip (32)Hop (34)Truck (5)Piano (957)Instrumental (832)American (40)All (42)I (149)Wanna (6)Music (391)
Patron ShotsDJ_Got_GamePiano (957)Synth (386)808 (14)drums (314)club (174)hip (32)hop (34)rap (311)Dj (42)Got (20)Game (54)Nicholas (2)New (167)Club (174)Dance (780)House (194)Popular (7)Keyboard (80)Computer (20)
What We GotSlashh!What (39)we (33)got (20)We (33)Got (20)Slashh! Slashh (1)Love (1469)song (277)funk (357)