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Trick or TreatbreezerBreezer (28)Halloween (69)Devil (34)Techno (472)Drums (314)Monster (9)Holiday (146)Satan (15)Trick or Treat (2)Ghosts (27)Hell (37)Scary (42)funny (85)Crazy (86)October (7)Autum (2)
No GoodjeffersonmNo Good (1)love (1469)ahab (1)whale (6)hell (37)burning man (1) (0)
Forbidden Zone (w Drew Kopr)perceptualvortexpv (40)perceptualvortex (48)Drew Kopr (6)Forbidden Zone (1)rock (1959)bounce (10)hell (37)yeah! (2)
Apocalypsej2morrowApocalypse (17)four horsemen (1)hell (37)war (168)famine (5)plague (2)
Hell Insideretrolustmusicretrolust (7)retro (35)lust (18)hell (37)inside (19)heartbreak (24) (0)
Black Magic Ladyslopartsblack (120)magic (23)lady (14)soul (144)fire (55)spell (7)cold (64)hearted (2)woman.hard (1)lovin' (1)love (1469)boy (24)night (129)hell (37)hold (12)cold (64)treat (5)
Think of Youasconejarthinking (8)crazy (86)hell (37)nutrients (1)rain (140)card (2)bright (16)dark (422)
CRAZY ZOMBIE POSSEronnielongZombies (13)are (25)freaking (1)sweet (50)but (14)they (11)scare (1)the (254)hell (37)outta (2)me (104)
Reno Ain't Hellsngwrtrcountry (178)southern (17)rock (1959)hell (37)dark (422)
Stones Throw Awayfalofalo (18)6 (15)ian (93)baird (81)vial (6)number (10)three (18)hellboy (2)hell (37)
Let me bedadgarusdark (422)metal (274)evil (52)destiny (8)hell (37)dadgar (92)dadgarus (81)let (16)be (112)
Let me bedadgarusdark (422)hell (37)evil (52)dadgar (92)dadgarus (81)agony (3)bloody (5)
Dedicated to Gravedadgarusdadgar (92)dadgarus (81)revenge (14)dictator (5)hell (37)grave (8)death (198)mask (6)dedication (15)
SpeedingabfkingsportHeart (150)Beating (4)Speed (36)Speeding (4)Blood (33)Pumping (5)Sedated (1)hell (37)earth (51)
BLOODdoc_elvisdrugs (57)drug abuse (2)spikes (1)heaven (48)hell (37)mysterious (13)rock (1959)jam session (3)speaker (1)LOUD (79)LOUDER (4)THE LOUDEST! (1)
Come Back BillieMovizCome (18)Voodoo (14)woman (37)Momma (5)Heaven (48)Hell (37)
In HellRelic67Hell (37)
Killing Time first Draft on vox (added to an old song vox neew resinging)Livingstoneblues (741)rock (1959)sex (99)killing (13)time (141)girl (144)years (11)sleep (62)bed (20)heaven (48)hell (37)live (168) (0)
Haunted by VisionsMetalPhildeath metal (13)dreams (118)Hell (37)poison (11)drugs (57)escapism (3) (0)
Suicide HymnMetalPhildeath metal (13)black metal (3)blackened death metal (1)Æthereal (4)Hell (37)Premonitions (1)piano (957)suicide (35) (0)
Nightmare Gallery, Part 3: Awaken to RealityCounterHarmonyDark (422)nightmare (27)Hell (37)metal (274)harmony (88)
Wedding HellCazzANBCazz (4)A (136)New (167)Blood (33)Wedding (23)Hell (37)
The Devil's Argument :PcrissewSatan (15)Hell (37)Fire (55)Weeping (4)Gnashing (1)Teeth (6)Beelzebub (1)Love (1469)
Cloven Hoof DanceReinholt56Devil's Jig (1)cloven hoof dance (1)Hell (37)glee (1)hee hee (1)warmth (4)sauna-like closeness (1)tight collar (1)