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Happy HeroSakuraPandaAir (18)Hero (14)
so long solopaxedenwhimsical (7)superhero (5)hero (14)harmonies (35)whirly (2)hipsters (1)breakup (41)relationship (39)invisible (5)singer songwriter (8)vocals (151)vox (15)
In the DustDoadars Uncledust (11)hero (14)
Action ManraceratIncredible (1)hero (14)plastic man (1)flying (29)action (28)zero (5)puny (2)duty (1)pain (93)dreams (118)cellophane (2)bubble moulded (1)collection (41)perfection (4)ego (5)
To the Hall of the Goddess (HJP)Doug SomersHero's Journey Project (1)goddess (7)hero (14)quest (4)journey (85)
Apotheosis - Feter & Doug (HJP)Doug SomersApotheosis (1)Hero (14)Journey (85)HJP (5)
SalomethetilerJohn The Baptist (2)Hero (14)Spritual (3)A devout follower of Jesus. Salome (1)
Deliberating the CallDoug SomersHero (14)Journey (85)Project (16)Doug (4)Somers (4)Heroine (3)Hero's (6)Contemplation (9)
Deliberating the Call v3b (HJP)Doug SomersHero (14)Journey (85)Project (16)Doug (4)Somers (4)Heroine (3)Hero's (6)Contemplation (9)HJP (5)
An Undiscovered HeroslopartsCountry (178)Music (391) (0)Western (50)Hero (14)Undiscovered (2)pickup (3)truck (5)singing (34)baby (58)balladeer (3)stetson (3)hat (6)cowboy (34)boots (9)gambler (4)suits (2)County Fair (2)
Herostrangedreamlove (1469)hero (14)fight (32) (0)
My HeroDanBrownJrHero (14)Dan Brown Jr (10)dbj (8)Jesus (141)christian rock (32)Lord (34)saved (1)worship (56)
Fan Fiction (Stan Lee Writes Reed Richards)tempieStan Lee (1)Fantastic Four (1)Hero (14)Writers (1)