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Poe--The Bells (w/TAtwood)Mystifiedbells (78)Halloween (69)poetry (147)Poe (7)ringing (5)joy (67)insanity (28)
Never SurrenderAEROjetBebop (17)fast (162)jazz (983)piano (957)hyper (6)no loops (38)improv (57)improvised (53)improvisation (103)chaos (36)chaotic (7)stressful (1)stress (10)anger (34)insanity (28)despair (19)
WarGames IIIjgurnerWar (168)Iraq (42)Insanity (28)Wargames (1)violence (18)killing (13)death (198)terrorism (7)soldiers (7)
what really not to doMystifiedbiba_nova (33)Mystified (167)Mungo (17)insanity (28)repetition (7) (0)
Casualties of Faith (Remix)dreadmonBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)Casualties (2)Faith (62)nuns (2)killing (13)murder (44)Muslims (2)Christians (3)religion (46)Pope Benedict (2)true story (2)Africa (18)Indonesia (2)bullets (3)madness (22)rock (1959)dulcimer (56)electric (100)alternative (400)war (168)racism (10)crusades (2)folly (6)insanity (28)real life (3)
Anger Management beta v.1.0tbivansAnger (34)Guitar (1349)Crap (46)Therapy (2)Insanity (28)
String Theory (CBGB)sonic_magpiesonic magpie (12)bmc (32)sbc (68)particledots (40)Mystified (167)biba_nova (33)string theory (4)physics (6)music theory (1)punk (155)insanity (28)
Flexinit collab. remix (N.G & Ax)AxgrinderInsanity (28)Bipolar (7)Horror (30)Blistering (1)solos (15)Einstein's (1)untied (1)shoelace's (1)ect (1)
PsychologyAemyninsanity (28)orchestral (141)crazy (86)weird (61)experimental (505)uneasy (5)circus (17)creepy (34)human (10)mind (49)psycho (16)nightmares (6)carnival (10)clowns (1)frustration (15)frustrating (1)trauma (1)
Longing for SilenceAgrippa93metal (274)industrial (167)serial killer (2)murder (44)insanity (28)guitars (83)progressive. (1)
(Livin' on a) Treadmill - a.k.a FT's BluesFatherTimegiving (8)grindstone (2)insanity (28)quagmire (1)sad (189)suffering (16)treadmill (2)truth (46)