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When In Disgrace: Sonnet 29 (vox and git by TheTiler)Postludes Triolove (1469)desire (23)covetousness (2)jealousy (12)disgrace (4)bootless (2)heaven (48)lark (2)fortune (5)success (13)sonnet (5)sonnets (2)Shakespeare (12)Sonnet 29 (2)Breakers (2)Postludes Trio (4)thetiler (13)Tiler (3)Bill Furner (3)rschletty (65)Schletty (45)Richard Schletty (9)dadai (41)Miller (4)Jack Miller (9)when in disgrace with fortune (2)violin (104)Travis (7)picking (8)Travis picking (1)guitar (1349)
Leaving Flesh (w rschletty)mint01acoustic (812)picking (8)strings (402)inspirational (109)
100 Mile BlockBonkabonka (8)billy reid (7)jeff bryant (1)acoustic (812)guitar (1349)melody (34)pop (694)sweet (50)lullaby (79)picking (8)fun (253)vocals (151)
Saving Great Turtle (w rschletty)mint01rschletty (65)acoustic (812)nylon (1)picking (8)folk (545)narrative (1)inspirational (109)melancholy (80)turtle (4)pop (694)mainstream (8)m.o.r. (1) (0)
Free Range ChickeneleveneyesRay (22)Kainz (14)G&L (8)ASAT (5)Guitar (1349)Instrumental (832)Rockabilly (18)Country (178)Chicken (11)Picking (8)Marshall (5)Tone (2)King (22)Comet 40 (1) (0)
Wooden Butterflyalfredthepelicanguitar (1349)picking (8)solo (125)classical (816)composition (13)nylon string (2)ambient (831)instrumental (832)wooden (2)butterfly (13)
Make Me A Pallet On Your Floorbroncotraditional music (1)folk (545)Mississippi John Hurt (1)acoustic guitar (97)picking (8)
Give me ProofsaSHguitARacoustic (812)picking (8)guitar (1349)warm (25)mellow (151)