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Lightfingers [with Rebsie]mandolinquentshoplifting (3)shoplifters (1)black eyed peas (1)mandolin (61)rebsie (48)alambama 3 (1)bloc party (1)alt.folk (1)revolving doris (11)
PoesessionCIPHERPoe (7)dirge (6)creepy (34)Halloween (69)rebsie (48)waffles (35)CIpher (23)death (198)escroe (1)
Caroline's House of Shiny Lights (w/The Bawdies)carolinefun (253)british (37)merkin (2)caroline (60)convention (3)british chapter (1)comdotdom (9)slimmie (5)rebsie (48)stevel (39)kazoo - not this time!! (1)cowbell (17)
15 Days In Scunthorpe(w/the bawdies)carolinehumour (18)british (37)rebsie (48)slimmie (5)stevel (39)caroline (60)comdotdom (9)
funky kazoo w/the bawdiescarolinekazoo (16)british (37)convention (3)stevel (39)rebsie (48)caroline (60)slimgirlfat (34)bawdies (2)
Boar's Head Carol (Rebsie/Mando)Noel Projectcarol (32)Christmas (284)boar's head (1)traditional (103)feast (2)Rebsie (48)mandolinquent (20)holiday (146)Latin (117)Noel Project (1)
Jhonny Silvamandolinquentcolombia (1)war on want (1)rebsie (48)revolving doris (11)mandolinquent (20)jhonny silva (1)uribe (1)Cali (4)univalle universidad del valle (1)colombia solidarity campaign (1)protest (30)students (4)
The Twelve Days of MacJams Christmas (w/The Bawdies)Epileptic GibbonBawdies (2)Stevel (39)Rebsie (48)Caroline (60)Epileptic Gibbon (7)Slimgirlfat (34)Peter and Peter (1)Sarah (10)Christmas (284)indecently placed stars (1)12 Days of Christmas (2)carol singing (1)
Pipes for Rebsiecjhoosebagpipes (11)celtic (130)rebsie (48)
Round WindowmandolinquentWorld War One (4)mandolin (61)Revolving Doris (11)harp (82)Ypres (2)Rebsie (48)mandolinquent (20)
Get Off My Land Peasant by The Bawdiescarolinebritain (5)stevel (39)rebsie (48)skinnysheilalardarse (1)caroline (60)scones (3)jacksie (1)
The Minstrel BoyilluminatiThomas Moore (2)illuminati (33)Rebsie (48)war (168)what is it good for (1)absolutely nothing (1)
The minstrel boy (V4C01) w/RebsieapbV4C01 (7)Thomas Moore (2)apb (13)rebsie (48)
R2D2,C3PO+V4C01 w/ rschletty + rebsieDivinerExperimental (505)Breakbeat (69)Voice4Choice (5)V4C01 (7)rschletty (65)rebsie (48)
The Minstrel BoyJim BouchardMH Vocals Game: V4C01 (1)Rebsie (48)
Minstrel Boy w/Rebsie (Girl Version)five_extra_armsMinstrel (5)robots (18)Rebsie (48)
Minstrel Boy/"Soul Of Love" w/RebsiealfalphaMinstrel Boy (2)medieval (22)(just plain evil- actually) (1)alfalpha (25)Rebsie (48)Chikoppi (13)V4C01 (7)Renaissance (52)Early Music (2)pub (11)alcoholic academics (1)Shakespeare (12)Elizabethan (1)What critics of the day had to say about the codex V4C01: Thou puny reeling-ripe lewdster! (1)Thou vain pox-marked codpiece! (1)Thou spleeny fool-born gudgeon! (1)Thou art a dull and muddy-mettled rascal (1)Thou puny common-kissing scullian! (1)Thou mangled unchin-snouted bum-bailey! (1)
Minstrel Boy (soundtrack mix)MystifiedMystified (167)Minstrel Boy (2)Rebsie (48)Civil War (8)soundtrack (289)cinematic (124)battle (41)
Fragile (Echoroom/Mystified/Rebsie/MissChaos)MissChaosEchoroom (24)Mystified (167)Rebsie (48)Fragile (5)Miss Chaos (11)Misschaos (23)life (255)death (198)afterlife (7)moving on (4)dedication (15)
Into The Sea - w/Rebsiepaddlersea (74)ocean (61)galleon (1)mermaid (4)sailor (10)moonlight (12)lagoon (1)galleon (1)island (17)rum (6)pirate (10)rockpool (1)lobster (4)crab (3)seashells (1)rope (3)treasure (3)cave (8)grave (8)davy jones (1)shanty (4)jamaica inn (1)cornwall (2)spanish main (1)stir fry (1)salt (5)captain cat (1)under milkwood (1)tears (44)love (1469)death (198)autumn (41)leaves (12)Into The Sea (1)Rebsie (48)Rebsie Fairholme (1)paddler (58)rgpaddler (45)rg (47)
River Of Life w/ racerat,rebsiepaddlerpaddler (58)rebsie (48)racerat (16)river (30)life (255)vision (15)angels (40)
Stay (with Rebsie)DWLpalm wine (2)acoustic (812)rebsie (48)gentle (16)bacharach & david (1) (0)
Attack of the Flying Salad feat. Rebsie (produced by Datafunk)Ancient RhymerRebsie (48)Datafunk (4)Dj French Toast (11)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)Ancient Rhymer (38)Kurbstomp (55)Hip Hop (417)Salad (2)Flying (29)Attack (10)Deceive (1)connive (1)uncover (1)humiliate (1)return (12)hype (2)HaF (1)Drama (23)climatic (1)struggle (8)lady (14)affection (1)turmoil (1)torment (3)idiocy (2)stupidity (2)misunderstanding (2)family (55)sour (3)taste (3)
Never So Lonely (Rebsie vocal)Dadai.2Rebsie (48)Dadai (41)