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Dulce Amor - RoxyvoxRoxyleeRenaissance (52)dulcimer (56)Drakonis (77)Roxylee (45)harmony (88)folk (545)peaceful. (1)
Ma FolliaVicDieselrecorder (48)flute (193)renaissance (52)variations (15)
Fredo's chansonVicDieselrecorder (48)lute (5)chanson (3)medieval (22)mediaeval (2)renaissance (52)courtly suite (10)
Autumn's AllemandeVicDieseldance (780)renaissance (52)medieval (22)recorder (48)lute (5)harp (82)dulcian (1)krumhorn (2)courtly suite (10)
Minstrel Boy/"Soul Of Love" w/RebsiealfalphaMinstrel Boy (2)medieval (22)(just plain evil- actually) (1)alfalpha (25)Rebsie (48)Chikoppi (13)V4C01 (7)Renaissance (52)Early Music (2)pub (11)alcoholic academics (1)Shakespeare (12)Elizabethan (1)What critics of the day had to say about the codex V4C01: Thou puny reeling-ripe lewdster! (1)Thou vain pox-marked codpiece! (1)Thou spleeny fool-born gudgeon! (1)Thou art a dull and muddy-mettled rascal (1)Thou puny common-kissing scullian! (1)Thou mangled unchin-snouted bum-bailey! (1)
'Court'eous Music (LLSP)MystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)Renaissance (52)listen at your own risk (3)merry court dances (1)dinner music (1)roast venison (1)mead (1)ale (3)potatoes (2)carrots (2)trencher (1)mincemeat (1)food poisoning (2)
The Queen's MinuetVicDieseldance (780)minuet (1)waltz (52)renaissance (52)baroque (34)recorder (48)harpsichord (29)courtly suite (10)
Another Round--EKNMMystifiedMystified (167)sbc (68)Renaissance (52)rounds (3)
LeonardoBowmanMazarakes (89)Bowman (91)Renaissance (52)Art (81)Mystery (33)Leonardo Da Vinci (2)Classical (816)Film Score (45)
Dance at Merry's TavernAndronisAndronis (17)folk (545)tavern (1)renaissance (52)fife (2)harp (82)guitar (1349)
ThanatosBowmanBowman (91)Mazarakes (89)Purcell (6)Medieval (22)Renaissance (52)
ReynardineRen-Tin-10Reynardine (1)fox (21)Renaissance (52)
Scarborough FaireRen-Tin-10Scarborough (3)Fair (8)Faire (2)Renaissance (52)Simon (16)Garfunkel (1)
Sumer Is Icumen InRen-Tin-10Sumer (1)Summer (122)Renaissance (52)
"Kyrie" - A Vocal Collab With MystifiedLonePineMusica cappella (27)renaissance (52)vocal (197)kyrie (4)collab (90)
Greensleeves - Mountain Dulcimer SoloRen-Tin-10Greensleeves (4)Dulcimer (56)Renaissance (52)
"Balletto del Granduca" Arr. SweelinckLonePineMusicrecorder (48)crumhorn (2)renaissance (52)instrumental (832)
Blow Thy Horne, Hunter - William CornysheLonePineMusiccrumhorn (2)kelhorn (3)recorder (48)hunter (4)hunting (5)horn (9)song (277)renaissance (52)secular (1)susato (1)
The King's Dance867-5309King (1)Comedy of Errors (1)Celtic (130)Renaissance (52)Charlize Theron (1)Prance (2)Shakesphere (1)Christina Aguilera (1)Queen (11)
Your Shining Eyes - Thomas BatesonLonePineMusicyour (58)shining (8)eyes (45)renaissance (52)madrigal (5)love (1469)recorder (48)instrumental (832)melancholy (80)
Dulce's DADication - Instrumentaldrakonisdad (16)dulcimer (56)love (1469)renaissance (52)dedication (15)
"Bouree" from Praetorius' Terpsichore (unfinished)LonePineMusicbouree (1)praetorius (4)kelhorn (3)recorder (48)instrumental (832)harpsichord (29)dance (780)renaissance (52)synthesizer (74)
"Bouree" from Praetorius' Terpsichore (Full)LonePineMusicrecorder (48)renaissance (52)instrumental (832)drums (314)dance (780)
Innsbruck, Ich Muss Dich Lassen - Heinrich IsaakLonePineMusicrecorder (48)german (16)renaissance (52)instrumental (832)
Little DancealfredthepelicanDance (780)Renaissance (52)Medieval (22)jig (14)celtic (130)
"Bouree" from Praetorius' Terpsichore (Acoustic)LonePineMusicrenaissance (52)praetorius (4)recorder (48)instrumental (832)acoustic (812)dance (780)fun (253) (0)
I Care Not for These LadyesH3nryRenaissance (52)dance (780)classical (816)
In Dulci Jubilo - Hieronymus PraetoriusLonePineMusicrecorder (48)renaissance (52)praetorius (4)
"Mrs. Nichols & Mr. George" - A Dowland MedleyLonePineMusicrecorder (48)renaissance (52)john (15)dowland (1)consort (2)instrumental (832)dance (780)allemande (1) (0)
The Cook's EstampieVicDieselcourtly suite (10)recorder (48)harpsichord (29)renaissance (52)baroque (34)
Rondeau867-5309Scott Horwath (13)Baroque (34)Renaissance (52)Fully Orchestrated Score (1)
"Now Is The Month of Maying" - Thomas MorleyLonePineMusicrenaissance (52)may (8)month (2)recorders (3)instrumental (832)harpsichord (29)instrumental (832)
The Earle of Oxford His March (take 2)H3nryWm. Byrd (1)renaissance (52)classical (816)electronic (563)
"The Fairie-Round" - Anthony HolborneLonePineMusicrenaissance (52)recorder (48)fun (253)dance (780)consort (2)galliard (1)
"Ein Feste Burg" - Four SettingsLonePineMusicrenaissance (52)recorder (48)martin (43)luther (3)martin luther (1)hymn (31)german (16)reformation (1)bass (374)theory (7)cadence (3)
"Green Sleeves and Yellow Lace" - An English Country DanceLonePineMusicgreen (34)sleeves (1)greensleeves (4)recorder (48)bass (374)tenor (15)alto (9)soprano (12)kelhorn (3)harp (82)harpsichord (29)dance (780)renaissance (52)english (161)country (178)viola (21)violin (104)
"The Hole in the Wall" - Extended EditionLonePineMusicrenaissance (52)folk (545)dance (780)english (161)recorder (48)soprano (12)alto (9)tenor (15)bass (374)violin (104)viola (21)harpsichord (29) (0)
"In Dulci Jubilo" - Four SettingsLonePineMusicin (105)dulci (1)jubilo (1)recorder (48)renaissance (52)carol (32)Christmas (284)medieval (22)
"Fanfare to a Bygone Future"LonePineMusicsteampunk (5)experimental (505)renaissance (52)Henry (4)Purcell (6)violin (104)hammond (5)novachord (1)
"Well Hall" - An English Country DanceLonePineMusicrenaissance (52)dance (780)english (161)country (178)instrumental (832)
"Merrie Canarie"LonePineMusicrenaissance (52)dance (780)recorder (48)hurdy-gurdy (2)theorbo (2)harpsichord (29)
The Peasant WeddingLonePineMusicrenaissance (52)recorder (48)harpsichord (29)theorbo (2)hurdy-gurdy (2)drums (314)