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A Bird Flies By The Windowdanebird (10)fly (33)flies (6)window (13)dane (2)tears (44)emo (98)acoustic (812)sad (189)depressed (7)depression (39)mirror (11)colors (4)color (7)relevent (1)shapes (1)sunlight (4)floor (7)wings (8)sadness (43)worthless (1)meaningless (3)birds (40)piano (957)vocal (197)vocals (151)singer (32)songwriter (24)artist (18)art (81)beauty (45) (0)
Horror TimesDOSSad (189)Dramatic (34)death (198)regret (41)goodbye (46)
The Dead Man's AnthamDOSGuitar (1349)death (198)sad (189)dramatic (34)
SuicideDOSStrings (402)Electric (100)Guitar (1349)bass (374)death (198)sad (189)sadness (43)
"Walk Away"taylor123if. (5)if. (5)art. jhon (1)jhon frazier (2)rock (1959)ifmusiconline.com (2)sad (189)kick ass (2) (0)
Falling Through the Abyssdkonghighdeep (53)flowing (8)rolling (5)falling (29)mysterious (13)sad (189)strange (32)outer space (7)deep ocean depths (1)
In the Pastbroncoacoustic guitar (97)sad (189)broken (77)relationship (39)
Lamentkristyjovocal (197)voices (21)sad (189) (0)
Voices in the Etherkristyjosad (189)voice (56)vocal (197)female vocalist (2) (0)
La Muerte Me Está Mirandocomposerclarkclassical (816)orchestra (289)live (168)lorca (2)modern (17)strings (402)tombeau (1)memorial (7)requiem (10) (0)
Last Dancecomposerclarkpiano (957)classical (816)solo (125)tango (15)sad (189)
SadDoadars Unclesad (189)goodbye (46)
Last DaysDOSsad (189)emo (98)saddest (2)sadder (2)guitar (1349)electric (100)
Sad (revised)Doadars UncleSad (189)Goodbye (46)
Black (collab with Bizarre)seltersHaunting (37)creepy (34)melancholic (8)angry (27)sad (189)hopeless (3) (0)
Come What MayCIPHERInstrumental (832)Guitar (1349)melancholy (80)swing (64)halftime (1)waffles (35)belly (5)nice (100)sweet (50)piano (957)cipher (23)easy (36)sad (189)happy (163)vomit (2)crap (46)hack (6)
Exchanging AttitudesKillingTimeSad (189)breakup (41)attitude (3)pop (694)
LeprocyAweful NoiseChurch (27)organ (108)minor (12)scabs (2)hurt (26)pain (93)grind (14)sad (189)deep (53)riot (5)silly (43)frog (14)butt (7)nose (2)ring (8)dork (19)cheese (30)
Seething (Extended Mix)domdinodark (422)ambient (831)moody (52)sad (189)crunching (1)painful (4)
Satisfy (collab with Bronco)seltersBronco (6)Selters (13)Melancholy (80)Soothing (37)sad (189)tired (19) (0)
Yesdomdinosad (189)low (14)downbeat (7)upset (1)
Lass From The Low Country (Ghostly Version)Amboosad (189)ghostly (6)
Into the DeepEinarusSwamp (13)ignorance (4)poetry (147)wet (9)dark (422)sad (189)
Morning GravityAweful NoiseChanterelle (7)frog (14)Dale (5)dork (19)trippy (50)goth (74)desolate (1)sad (189)drag (2)psycho (16)
Save Mequarkheadmellow (151)suicide (35)loss (85)pain (93)lonely (64)sad (189)
I'm Not Hereurbniteseagull (5)somewhere (6)near (4)gone (35)darren (12)urbnite (12)hiding (5)sleepwalking (1)grin (1)sad (189)harmonic (4)neighbor (2)
In Time...dkonghighocean (61)space (234)deep (53)sad (189)future (23)dreams (118)
Behind The WallsjesushairdoSoundtrack (289)Solitude (14)Fear (60)Loss (85)Alone (59)Sad (189)Desperate (4)Get away (3)Escape (18)
A Dream FrozenDJ_Veitemo (98)mellow (151)sad (189)melancholy (80)
Pain Rainjesushairdofriend (129)hope (132)sad (189)alone (59)lonliness (12)joy (67)rain (140)sunshine (30)acoustic (812)
Dealing With ItBlue FireDealing with it (1)troubles (2)sad (189)keyboard (80)
SaturnineThe OrbitingSaturnine (9)The Orbiting (28)illuminati (33)ledebutant (51)Great Wall of China (2)Brooklyn (8)New York (35)Seattle (13)New Mexico (7)left at the altar (3)sad (189)falling (29)feelings of loss (2)what might have been (2)regret (41)virtual band (7)photographs (5)synthesizer (74)backwards vocals (3)backwards guitar (2)
Melancholykristyjoguitar (1349)classical guitar (110)downtempo (96)emo (98)sad (189) (0)
Rage (collaboration with Alannah)darksun48Progressive (220)Rock (1959)Indie (192)Dark (422)Angry (27)Sad (189)Depressed (7)Emotional (41)Post Rock (12)
In Another Life (featuring Mystified)MattGranzmystified (167)mattgranz (1)love song (76)sad (189)guitar (1349)piano (957)cello (82) (0)
Voice of the Machine (Heaving Mix)CIPHERtydelwave (1)cipher (23)techno (472)machine (31)eeri (1)sad (189)moody (52)insane (17)waffles (35)crap (46)Bush (58)end of days (1)
Nunca JamasSecaModesad (189)
Battle NoisePongobattle (41)sad (189)intense. (1)
Overwhelmedbruscar5Dramatic (34)dark (422)sad (189)score (38)
Remembrancejason.ssound track (5)strings (402)slow (120)mournful (10)sad (189)somber (5)
Bond (It takes only a second)jesushairdofriend (129)fight (32)sad (189)holiday (146)family (55)lost (82)goodbye (46)farewell (14)
Those Who Don'tmusic=marcussad (189)soulful (11)bible (21)verses (1)
Naive Little Medomdinolove (1469)sweet (50)sad (189)happy (163)lovely (13)pretty (29)
The Loneliest GhostslumberingGhost (43)graveyard (5)lonely (64)sad (189)soul (144)spirit (25)rise (15)grave (8)my sweet (1)haunt (5)hunt (21)valentine (15)possessive (1)love (1469)search (10)find (6)lost (82)shivers (1)
"Durge To Surge"dwwave
Singing High Lying Lowkrismacqueensad (189)unrequited love (7)mandolins (1)
A Sad Tuneelektronixsad (189)classical (816)oboe (37)cello (82)piano (957)
Trust Knotmichael2indie rock (41)slo-core (10)sad (189) (0)
Darcymichael2sad (189)sadder (2)saddest (2)drugs are bad for you (2)boy/girl harmonies (4)indie (192)indie rock (41)lo-fi (39) (0)
Helium (w/domdino)ledebutantdemo (43)domdino (2)ledebutant (51)fly (33)Chagall (1)helium (2)balloon (5)dance (780)bar (21)love (1469)crying (19)pop (694)don't let him drag you down girlfriend (1)happy (163)sad (189)
I Can't Tell You Whymccannmp1ballad (259)eulogy (3)mother (51)sad (189)mourn (3)
Under Your Skinmichael2love gone bad (1)country (178)faux country (1)slide guitar (13)sad (189)slo-core (10)raw as usual (1)gram parsons without the drug habit (1)cryin' in my beer (without the beer as I'm actually sober) (1)another somebody done somebody wrong song (1)
Prelude To A Fallrockaholic392soundscape (49)piano (957)sad (189)distant (8) (0)
The Sound of Men Weeping EXTENDEDGeorgeLikesMusicFuneral (10)Sad (189)Crying (19)Death (198)
A New Begginingrockaholic392transistion (1)piano (957)slow (120)sad (189)empty (11)hollow (5)
Tunnelsleapfrogunicornsmidnight (20)tunnels (1)time (141)work (34)loss (85)hawaii (25)indie (192)experimental (505)guitar (1349)emo (98)aloha (5)hole (5)down (49)sad (189)opportunity (1)pressure (14)pop (694)alternative (400)rock (1959)
Salem Witch Huntmichael2what a depressing time this must have beem (1)slo-core (10)space (234)sad (189)leave the poor witches alone (1)I miss Buffy the Vampire Slayer (especially Willow) (1)
Never Coming Homethatcomposerguysad (189)piano (957)
Afterglow 2.0 (Yuuyake)jesushairdoalone (59)solitude (14)sad (189)autumn (41)winter (77)japanese (48)
South of NowhereBlue Firesouth (13)of (103)nowhere (4)sad (189)depressing (13)falling (29)
Wind Rain and Thundervictorias_playgroundpiano (957)guitar (1349)sad (189)car (25)wind (60)rain (140)death (198) (0)
ReflectionDeputyDoofydeputy (102)doofy (116)deputydoofy (125)sad (189)sadness (43)reflect (3)reflection (15)scapegoat (2)betrayed (1)f u (1)
Rainrockaholic392sadness (43)sad (189)guitar (1349)instrumental (832)
was it a dreamthat80sboypop (694)sad (189)80's (40)
don't say goodbyethat80sboy80's (40)synthesizers (14)summer (122)sad (189)
A PROPHET IN DISGRACEBarretokprophet (7)disgrace (4)self righteousness (1)insane (17)sad (189)leaders (3)genius (5)psycho (16)anger (34)
fall from gracethat80sboypop (694)synth (386)80s (45)sad (189)
The Bitter Truth/Acceptancerockaholic392acceptance (6)anger (34)angry (27)metal (274)heavy (204)sad (189)minimalist (13)new-age (7)orchestra (289)evil (52)
My Time Machine12parsecsmelancholy (80)sad (189)regret (41)death (198)
My Time Machine (Coffee House version)12parsecsmelancholy (80)sad (189)regret (41)death (198)
My Time Machine (downloadable)12parsecsmelancholy (80)sad (189)regret (41)death (198)
Emerging From SolitudeSinJimMusicPiano (957)Classical (816)Sad (189)Melancholy (80)Emotional (41)Strings (402)
Summer's Endwillbill808sad (189)summers end (1)willbill808 (92)dj straight 8 (78)smooth (120)jazz (983)
Jutmerkutiosad (189)mope (1)twang (9)neurosis (1)bipolar (7)paranoid (4)geek (3)nerd (12)quirky (24)
Hang on to Your Red CoatParanoid Androidfolk (545)pop (694)song (277)lyrics (43)inspirational (109)happy (163)sad (189)girls (26)lady (14)love (1469)acoustic (812)guitar (1349)
Joseph's DreamParanoid Androidacoustic (812)folk (545)sad (189)alone (59)dream (157)guitar (1349)singing (34)vocals (151)lyrics (43)
All Roads Lead Back To YouktStrasseall (42)roads (4)lead (20)back (30)to (103)you (195)love (1469)stuck (7)unrequited (6)sad (189)bittersweet (16)girl (144)
- When the Smoke Clears -SinJimMusicCinematic Soundtrack (15)Cinematic (124)Soundtrack (289)Film (111)Orchestra (289)Orchestral (141)Sad (189)Classical (816)
Goodbye ForeverXept!cpiano (957)soundtrack (289)score (38)film (111)sad (189)
How Brave You AreMuse Ritualmuse (10)ritual (8)muse ritual (1)dark (422)sad (189)swelling (2)leaving (25)
They Don't Think About That Sort Of Thing In HereT_Being_esqBallad (259)Rock (1959)Sad (189)Depressing (13)Country (178)Folk (545)
They Don't Think About That Sort Of Thing In Here (Feat Jiguma)T_Being_esqRock (1959)Depression (39)Suicide (35)ballad (259)sad (189)folk (545)country (178)
you in disguiseteeyauyou (195)in (105)disguise (4)sad (189)darkness (38)cry (39)
The Day My Woman DiedclaypottsBlues (741)Death (198)Crime (14)punishment (1)love (1469)sex (99)sad (189) (0)
DadWGmourning (14)sad (189)dying (5)cancer (14)soft (85)mellow (151)thoughtful (5)deep (53)spiritual (68)
Life Without You - A Rock Balladscaustritacaustrita (29)scaustrita (20)steve caustrita (31)smoke cloud entertainment (22)smoke cloud (16)la puente (15)debbie moore (3)
Just Before I Go (Extended Version)YordbearDrumandbass (2)sad (189)fast (162)
After Loving Anne (w/jiguma, SISTERS, Komrade K and Scott Carmichael)Ed Hannifinsad (189)hurt (26)Anne (3)
I'm SorryAshland_SummerI'm (19)Im (6)Sorry (20)Ashland (6)Summer (122)The (254)Letdown (2)let (16)down (49)of (103)all (42)time (141)2009 (6)sad (189)depressing (13)
The Suicide HandbookHypnotiQ SorcereBallad (259)Alternative Rock (47)Alt (9)rock (1959)sad (189)suicide (35)
(It Weighs) Heavy on my Mindclaypottsdeath (198)love (1469)happy (163)sad (189)loss (85)mother (51)brother (19)religion (46)
I Can't Sleep w/Charrichard13richard13 (90)Char (88)collab (90)sad (189)
Moving 'Forward'... (MissChaos cover)BirdmanWayne94MissChaos (23)Forward (9)Sad (189)Hope (132)Acoustic (812)Arrangement (6)Classic (53)Fingerstyle (43)Bensusan (1)Yeman (15)Birdman Wayne (23)BirdmanWayne94 (10)
Distant MemoryMysterySoundMystery sound (29)French (21)Pari (6)Street (15)cafe (8)accordion (27)sad (189)memory (32)
I Must Say Goodbyerichard13richard13 (90)goodbye (46)cad (2)sad (189) (0)
Love, Love.MovizLove (1469)Sad (189)Happy (163) (0)
Much too closevictorias_playgroundMuch (6)too (6)close (2)sad (189)death (198)mental institution (1)victoria's playground (8)
Nothing Sadderrockstar89sad (189)missed love (1) (0)
Don't Call My Namedadgarusdadgar (92)dadgarus (81)call (12)name (15)deal (1)love (1469)paint (6)black (120)sad (189)
With A Few WordsBirdmanWayne94MacJams (138)Sad (189)Upbeat (69)Acoustic (812)Classic (53)Fingerstyle (43)Thoughts (17)Tommy Emmanuel (3)Solo (125)With (40)A (136)Few (2)Words (21)Yeman (15)Birdman Wayne (23)BirdmanWayne94 (10)
Largobitfeldstrings (402)orchestral (141)slow (120)sad (189)death (198)serenity (13)
Last GoodbyedagjomarClassical (816)sad (189)sorrow (32)slow (120)relaxing (65)life (255)death (198)
Jaded DawnpsampsonMournful (10)Organ (108)sad (189)ambient (831)emotional (41)
Alonechristopherpslyalone (59)christopher (190)p (11)sly (195)classical (816)music (391)solo (125)violin (104)orchestra (289)strings (402)woodwind (33)sad (189) (0)
Letting go (w/Henri Roger)apbballad (259)lament (23)sad (189)melancholic (8)
Song for the Dead (redeployment mix)Normalwar (168)sad (189)regret (41)soldier (12)dead (41)death (198)mourn (3)tragedy (9)
Tainted (tortured mix)Normalrelationship (39)longing (40)hate (62)anger (34)fear (60)release (5)love (1469)confusion (9)sad (189)
Cantonment promo mixNormallove (1469)hate (62)relationship (39)war (168)anger (34)fear (60)sad (189)loss (85)industrial (167)ebm (29)synth (386)pop (694)electro (185)udr (2)
AnathemaPatriciaGirlpiano (957)classical (816)sad (189)melancholy (80)roland (14)live (168)Logic Express (7) (0)
ThereforeBriguy777Film (111)dramatic (34)drama (23)sad (189)melancholy (80)movie (49)soundtrack (289)Bulimia (1)teenage (3)
(Livin' on a) Treadmill - a.k.a FT's BluesFatherTimegiving (8)grindstone (2)insanity (28)quagmire (1)sad (189)suffering (16)treadmill (2)truth (46)
Central Park Lullaby (feat. Nick Norton)iG.STUDiOAnticipation (5)Loneliness (22)Mystery (33)Nostalgic (6)Sadness (43)Uncertainty (3)Unsolved Mystery (1)Bittersweet (16)Cool (98)Dark (422)Dramatic (34)Epic (62)Hopeful (7)Hypnotic (14)Laid-Back (3)Meditative (18)Melancholic (8)Mellow (151)Mysterious (13)Mystical (18)Pensive (5)Romantic (64)Sad (189)Smooth (120)
Mo StóirínckrohmBreakup (41)Rock (1959)U2 (19)Delay (17)Vox (15)Vox AC15 (2)Irish (69)heartbreak (24)sad (189)
Almost ThereAbstractVisionalmost there (1)billy attwell (31)firesign (4)barry cooke (2)abstractvision (32)alien8ed (1)love (1469)heartbreak (24)sad (189)confusion (9) (0)
Deliver Mechristopherpslydeliver (1)me (104)christopher (190)sly (195)composer (159)classical (816)english (161)orchestra (289)sad (189)
Slow & SteadyJ-DookieJ-dookie (14)f-bomb (15)sad (189)who? (1)money (61)jo pokie (11)joshua (2)marino (3)salem (17)missouri (14)choppy gadda (7)slug life (6)snails (3)get (25)salted. (1)
October Sun, again.iG.STUDiObossa (19)EWI (38)jazz (983)latin (117)vocal (197)sad (189)
HappymatthewbowserHappy (163)angry (27)sad (189)rock (1959)alternative (400)blues (741)different (14)
Sad so SadMovizSad (189)summer (122)gone (35)return (12)shortest (1)love (1469)
ExitMiddleClassWhiteBoyzsuicide (35)exit (2)sign (1)light (158)depression (39)sad (189)melanchony (1)new (167)music (391)2012 (11)hollywood (16)undead (2)bullet (5)denver (7)colorado (4)mcwb (1)middle (6)class (8)white (20)boyz (1)boys (9)highschool (2)unique (7)underground (26)"hip hop" (1)"nu metal (1)" alternative (1)"linkin park" (1)"breathe carolina" (1)eminem (2)youthnation (1)original (78)lyrics (43)dark (422)best (15)krazy (1)chill (162)da wolf (1)"New (song)" (1)"Linkin Park (1)(Musical Group)" (1)School (29)Song (277)Rap (311)pain (93) (0)
The Saddest Little Song in the Worldtempiesad (189)
out of sight, out of mindSea Monk Sevensea monk seven (24)northern lights (30)milton (35)milton cabrera (2)cabrera (2)stu (16)stephan (2)stephan fortin (1)alex (18)alex jang (8)jang (2)dont let me down (1)sad (189)happy (163)the smiths (1)
When Loving Is One-sided, Music by Bob RodgersCharRomantic (64)Sad (189)Ballad (259)Bob Rodgers (3)Char (88)PaulaMunk (21)
SnacksDrToastyAmbient (831)Flute (193)California (25)Cold (64)Sad (189)Moody (52)Boards of Canada (1)Samples (30)Electronic (563)
Now the Love is Gone, v2, a capellaPaulaMunkPaulaMunk (21)a capella (11)sad (189)low key (1)
Winter LamentFire_AngelPiano (957)Lament (23)sad (189)winter (77)
The year has comeDJWestMHappy (163)sad (189)light (158)brightness (1)
Places UnknownDJWestMsad (189)happy (163)memories (66)forgotten (5)