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A Tiny Obsession With Space (The Hint of a Choir Mix)Reinholt56Space (234)cosmos (13)choir (45)space ambient (25)depth (1)similarity (1)a trip (1)
Aural Variations #1 (The Periphery Mix)Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)brooding (9)variation (2)imaginary journey (1)unknown destination (1)
Beyond The Rings of Saturn (A Choral Mix)Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)choir (45)male (9)female (24)Saturn (6)soundscape (49)Scapers Unite (1)
The Asteroid MinersReinholt56Space Ambient (25)asteroids (2)miners (1)harsh environment (1)airless (1)stark but beautiful (1)under pressure (1)David Bowie (2)
There's A Storm Coming (The Gotterdammerung Mix)Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)work in progress (17)adventure (21)adrenalin rush (1)danger (10)epic (62)emotional turmoil (1)inhospitable (1)cinematic soundtrack (15)
The Wormhole #1Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)travel (53)space and time (1)wormhole (1)pulsating (6)meditative (18)relaxing (65)point a to point b (1)
NebulaReinholt56Nebula (3)celestial phenomenon (1)awesome majesty (1)the power of nature (1)the wonder and awe (1)space ambient (25)imagination (40)
Celestial Phenomenon #3Reinholt56Ambient (831)Space Ambient (25)the Birth of the Cosmos (1)the first ten seconds (1)Classical Ambient (2)In the Beginning (1)All That Is (1)
BiotaReinholt56Dawn (18)life somewhere in the multiverse (1)Ambient (831)Space Ambient (25)soundscape (49)biota (1)imagination (40)a condensation of the thought process (1)
Maelstrom (The Mixing Pot Mix)Reinholt56Latin (117)Ambient (831)Space Ambient (25)Symphonic Ambient (1)Electronica (379)Ambientle (2)Speed (36)Pizzicato (4)Depth and Width (1)can't get to sleep (1)
Watching the World Float ByReinholt56Space Ambient (25)satellite view of earth (1)transmissions (2)memories (66)floating (23)mesmerizing (1)scintillating (1)trippy (50)lost (82)
Hilbert Space (Not Quite the Cauchy Mix)Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)journey (85)disquiet (1)weaving but right angled harmony (1)strange (32)Hilbert Space (1)Cauchy State (1)
Drifting On A Sea of DreamsReinholt56Algorithmic generator (1)MIDI (73)Zebra 2 (1)Space ambient (25)floating (23)
A Semblance of OrderReinholt56Ambiental (11)Space Ambient (25)Experimental (505)chaos (36)semblance of order (2)musical state space (1)out of chaos comes order (1)a journey through the minds eye (1)
Mars Orbit InsertionReinholt56Space Ambient (25)soundscape (49)orbital insertion (1)danger (10)tension (21)climactic moment (1)not so routine (1)
Time's FabricReinholt56Space Ambient (25)drifting (23)time (141)subjectiveness (1)relativity (4)the blink of an eye (1)eons (1)NOW (20)
The Oort Shuffle (An Ambientle Mix)Reinholt56Ambient (831)experimental (505)Oort Cloud (1)space (234)Space Ambient (25)pressure (14)oxygen (3)atmosphere (15)lack of atmosphere (1)vacuum (5)drifting (23)
Terminus IIIReinholt56Terminus (1)busy times (1)space (234)Space Ambient (25)travels (4)lonliness (12)speed (36)waiting (26)transit (1)same old same old (1)
Cerberus (Macjams Space Race 2009)Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)Space Race Challenge 2009 (1)decisions (4)Shiva (8)Cerberus (1)wherever (1)
JKCS041Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)clusters (1)galaxies (1)distance (12)x-ray (5)imagination (40)trips (3)far out (3)
Space Soundscape #1Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)space adventure (1)tension (21)travels (4)bells (78)chimes (7)synths (68)
Ambient Soundscape #2Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)journey (85)the unexpected (2)onward. (1)
Rigels Twin (The Dark Binary Mix)Reinholt56Rigel (2)binary twin (1)dark star (1)way out yonder (1)organ (108)cosmic (11)space ambient (25)tendency to exagerate (1)
Where Time Meets SpaceReinholt56The Crab Nebula (1)'other' light emissions (1)gamma rays (1)space ambient (25)space (234)time (141)fourth dimension (1)
Still Dreaming (an Old Space Ambient Mix)Reinholt56Space Ambient (25)cinematic (124)soundtrack (289)old mix (1)