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Funk InterludeHypnotiQ Sorcerefunk (357)funky (92)rock (1959)funk rock (4)groovy stink (1)stank (19)
RedefinitionspitlogicMumia (1)culture (3)turntablism (14)spitlogic (51)scratch (16)stank (19)
I and Eye Godspitlogicspitlogic (51)God (270)Faith (62)Hope (132)Truth (46)Stank (19)
Freedomspitlogicspitlogic (51)freedom (80)patriotism (6)America (43)stank (19)truth (46)
Mask-a-Raidspitlogicspitlogic (51)punk (155)funk (357)dunk (2)skunk (7)stank (19)smash (4)heavy (204)crush (9)10 fingers of death (1)
Verbal Watlz feat. Fresh Master DefspitlogicSpitlogic (51)Fresh Master Def (5)Stank (19)Funky (92)Verbal Waltz (1)
GuillotinespitlogicSamurai (4)Sword Fight (1)Spitlogic (51)Stank (19)turntablism (14)
The Merriest ChristmasMovizMerriest (1)Christmas (284)Grandma (3)Stank (19)Stair (1)Gong (3)Wine (19)Teeth (6)
ComplacentspitlogicSpitlogic (51)stank (19)complacency (1)complacent (1)
Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninni Bong (A Cappella)spitlogicuniversal greeting (2)Bah Weep Granah Weep Ninni Bong (1)stank (19)Fresh Master Def (5)Spitlogic (51)funk (357)
Breaksha's LegacyspitlogicStank (19)spitlogic (51)breaksha (2)breakdance (4)rock steady (1)beat box (5)fresh (35) (0)
Too EasyspitlogicToo Easy (1)spitlogic (51)stank (19) (0)
Fluffspitlogicspitlogic (51)fluffy (12)stank (19)
Master BoogiespitlogicFresh Master Def (5)Zoltan (1)stank (19)spitlogic (51) (0)
This Kingspitlogicstank (19)spitlogic (51)
Rumble (remix)spitlogicspitlogic (51)stank (19)rumble (7)AHHH (2)Godzilla (3) (0)
Doorsspitlogicspitlogic (51)stank (19)the matrix (1)
Dark AgesspitlogicFrenchy (1)DJ French Toast (11)Obsidian (2)Spitlogic (51)stank (19)