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Fever DreamsKeith O. Edwardssick (26)hallucination (6)dream (157)fever (7)infection (3)night sweats (1)mucus (1)ague (2)headache (3)coughing (3)vomiting (1)phlegm (1)contagion (1)epidemic (2)bronchitis (1)tissues (1)interstitial (1)pneumolithiasis (1)pleurisy (1)suffering (16)congestion (1)death (198)
You Think You got the BluesMovizblues (741)pain (93)suffering (16)barefoot (4)happy (163)mood (21)TV (34)people (41)
The Crying of Eve #3 (First Draft)Reinholt56Despair (19)suffering (16)crying (19)Eve (9)humankind (1)victims (3)Tibet (8)oppression (12)lack of freedom (1)
In His Roomthetilermetal breakdown (1)disturbances (1)suffering (16)greatness (2)hope (132)mass communication (1)
The Death of GaiafasteddieGaia (1)Death of the Earth (1)Hard (103)Rock (1959)fasteddie (39)Pain (93)Suffering (16)fun (253)
In Your Suffering (I Rejoice)sewer rodIn (105)your (58)suffering (16)rejoice (4)
Locked inJoeGarveyLocked (4)Locked in (1)suffering (16)rescue (4)medical (2)hope (132)progress (2)save (10)recover (1)
A Cry For Democracy (Intro)Reinholt56Spirit of Democracy (1)humanity (4)cry for freedom (1)suffering (16)Light at the End of the Tunnel (4)Middle East (6)Burma (2)Tibet (8)anywhere (2)
You Think You Got the BluesMovizpeople (41)blues (741)suffering (16)mood (21)happy (163)
(Livin' on a) Treadmill - a.k.a FT's BluesFatherTimegiving (8)grindstone (2)insanity (28)quagmire (1)sad (189)suffering (16)treadmill (2)truth (46)
Wired For SufferingDeputyDoofydep (17)doof (52)depdoof (18)deputy (102)doofy (116)deputydoofy (125)wired (2)for (57)suffering (16)broken (77)