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CulDeSaccodystrumJapan (62)Tokyo (16)
To Be Or Not To Be LovedjesushairdoJapan (62)Japanese (48)Asia (28)office (3)business (7)boss (8)superior (1)associate (1)blues (741)electric piano (18)organ (108)single (11)lonly (2)Tokyo (16)
All The Beautiful People (My Piano Won't Stop)jesushairdopiano (957)ballard (6)winter (77)autumn (41)cold (64)alone (59)solitude (14)lonly (2)melody (34)Japan (62)Aisa (1)Tokyo (16)
Always Low (With You I Am High)Sumo Sistersdisco (44)elepop (1)girl pop (2)girl (144)club (174)japan (62)tokyo (16)asia (28)high (22)low (14)
Sakura (You've left behind)jesushairdoSpring (112)Cherry blossom (2)Japan (62)Asia (28)Tokyo (16)Girl (144)Indie (192)Movie (49)Soundtrack (289)Ballad (259)Piano (957)Strings (402)Alone (59)Goodbye (46)
Girls Do It BetterSumo SistersTokyo (16)Asia (28)Girl (144)girl pop (2)punk (155)japan (62)boy (24)girl (144)snowboard (3)spring (112)snow (82)winter (77)love (1469)
Tokyo One (Telephone Booth)five_extra_armsTokyo (16)Casio (8)Space Helmet (1)Telephone Booth (3)
Miss Grumpyjesushairdoacoustic (812)japan (62)asia (28)tokyo (16)girl (144)friend (129)alone (59)work (34)office (3)
25 Minutes in a Japanese Restaurant (Readers Digest Version) (MJRF)The ComposerJapan (62)Tokyo (16)field recording (1)
ShinkansenJetSmith88shinkansen (2)bullet (5)train (45)japan (62)tokyo (16)techno (472)
Tokyo SunsetFranciscus_HenriTokyo (16)sunset (25)Andy Warhol (2)Sakura (3) (0)
Small World, Modern Girl.Franciscus_HenriSmall world (2)Modern Girl (1)Prada (2)tokyo (16)Bishop Tutu (2)London (11)Moscow (3) (0)