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Fists of Righteous Harmony (w Vac)perceptualvortexguitar (1349)rock (1959)kapow (11)Vac (13)pv (40)perceptualvortex (48)trajectory (7)electron-positron annihilation (13)Neal Stephenson (1)The Diamond Age (1)Fists of Righteous Harmony (2)nanotechnology (1)Vacariello (2)China (7)
Red-Shift (w Vac)perceptualvortexVac (13)pv (40)perceptualvortex (48)Steve (7)Vaccariello (7)rock (1959)guitar (1349)kapow (11)electric (100)monster planet (2)blam (5)
Animal Magnetism (w Vac)perceptualvortexpv (40)perceptualvortex (48)Vac (13)Vaccariello (7)Chuck (1)hypnotism (1)Grand Canyon (4)mesmerism (1)
Vera (w Vac)perceptualvortexVac (13)pv (40)perceptualvortex (48)Vaccariello (7)electric (100)guitar (1349)jam (94)
Nataraja (w Vac)perceptualvortexpv (40)perceptualvortex (48)Indian (29)Vac (13)Steve Vaccariello (8)Nataraja (1)Shiva (8)Dance (780)David Thomas (7)Rock and or Roll (1)
Rendezvous (w Vac)perceptualvortexVac (13)pv (40)Steve Vaccariello (8)perceptualvortex (48)electric guitar rock (1)mission to the Big Oak (1)midnight (20)rendezvous (1)
Nothing Will Die (w Vac)perceptualvortexVac (13)pv (40)perceptualvortex (48)guitar (1349)nothing will die (1)Steve Vaccariello (8)Neptune (2)Alfred Lord Tennyson (1)antipodes (1)
One On One (w Vac)perceptualvortexpv (40)Vac (13)David Thomas (7)perceptualvortex (48)Steve Vaccariello (8)space (234)rock (1959)guitar (1349)kapow (11)galactic (2)dyad (1)
Rigel (w Vac)perceptualvortexSteve Vaccariello (8)David Thomas (7)Rigel (2)interstellar (4)jam (94)pv (40)Vac (13)perceptualvortex (48)extremely (1)bright (16)distant (8)blue star (1)
Lord of the Witch Doctors (w Vac)perceptualvortexVac (13)perceptualvortex (48)suspense (8)witch doctor (1)rockin' guitar (1)David Thomas (7)Steve Vaccariello (8)