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Arms Of CircumstanceAbstractVisionAbstractvision (32)undergrounhangama (1)billy attwell (31)folk (545)rock (1959)pop (694)indie (192)alternative (400)singer songwriter (8)lyricist (1) (0)
The State That Were InAbstractVisionabstractvision (32)billy attwell (31)rock (1959)pop (694)global warming (8)the state that were in (1)indie (192)tv (34)poverty (9)war (168)kids (46)guns (16)cyber space (1) (0)
Twisted Love SongAbstractVisionBilly Attwell (31)AbstractVision (32)Twisted Love Song (1)pop (694)S&M (3)Two People In Love (1) (0)
Something Special About The GirlAbstractVisionabstractvision (32)billy attwell (31)jazz (983) (0)
InspirationAbstractVisionbilly attwell (31)abstractvision (32)inspiration (12)lucy attwell (1) (0)
Don't Look BackAbstractVisionbilly attwell (31)abstractvision (32)pop (694)don't look back (2)depression (39) (0)
No Friend Of The NightAbstractVisionBilly Attwell (31)AbstractVision (32)No (69)Friend (129)of (103)the (254)night (129)Loob (6)Macjams (138) (0)
A Leap Of FaithAbstractVision
Nosferatu (Boogey Man Boogey)AbstractVisionBilly attwell (31)AbstractVision (32)Nosferatu (1)vampires (3)blood (33) (0)
This Is Your LifeAbstractVisionBilly attwell (31)abstractVision (32)Pop (694)rock (1959)MacJams (138)this is your life (1) (0)
Until The Sun Doesn't RiseAbstractVisionRock (1959)pop (694)billy attwell (31)abstractvision (32)love (1469)sun (110)until the sun doesn't rise (1)macjams (138) (0)
Black & WhiteAbstractVisionRock (1959)Drugs (57)AbstractVision (32)David Ross (1)Black (120)White (20)Cocaine (8) (0)
Head CaveAbstractVisionrock (1959)pop (694)accident (3)billy attwell (31)joshua irwin (6)head (22)cave (8)head cave (1)abstractvision (32)macjams (138)motorbike (2)tragedy (9) (0)
Angel Of The NightAbstractVisionAngel (42)Night (129)Rock (1959)Angel Of The Night (1)Billy Attwell (31)Joshua Irwin (6)MacJams (138)AbstractVision (32) (0)
Push The EnvelopeAbstractVisionPush The Envelope (1)rock (1959)progressive rock (90)AbstractVision (32)Billy Attwell (31)Joshua Irwin (6) (0)
RoshamboAbstractVisionRock (1959)Pop (694)MacJams (138)AbstractVision (32)Billy Attwell (31)Kyle Goodrich (1)lightning31 (2) (0)
ADRIFTAbstractVisionabstractvision (32)AbstractVision (32)pop (694)rock (1959)adrift (13) (0)
RADIATEAbstractVisionBilly Attwell (31)Gerald Grech (2)AbstractVision (32)Garni (9)ambient (831) (0)
ANGIEAbstractVisionAngie (3)abstractVision (32)Billy Attwell (31)Rock (1959)Independent (9)need (19)you (195)to (103)know (22)new (167) (0)
I AM WHO I AMAbstractVisionRock (1959)independent (9)abstractvision (32)billy attwell (31)macjams (138) (0)
SHINE - AbstractVision & TresAbstractVisionBilly attwell (31)abstractvision (32)rock (1959)pop (694) (0)
Suddenly It's YouAbstractVisionrock (1959)pop (694)abstractvision (32)firesign (4) (0)
I Love You Baby But Face It She's MadonnaAbstractVisionMadonna (2)abstractvision (32) (0)
Thick As ThievesAbstractVisionRock (1959)pop (694)abstractvision (32) (0)
INTROSPECTIVELYAbstractVisionintrospective (7)introspectively (1)billy attwell (31)barry cooke (2)abstractvision (32)firesign (4) (0)
I Can't Hear YouAbstractVisionPresident (4)Bush (58)political (50)rock (1959)abstractvision (32)shadowofnine (3)billy attwell (31)macjams (138) (0)
Almost ThereAbstractVisionalmost there (1)billy attwell (31)firesign (4)barry cooke (2)abstractvision (32)alien8ed (1)love (1469)heartbreak (24)sad (189)confusion (9) (0)
CHANGESAbstractVisionChanges (5)AbstractVision (32)Firesign (4) (0)