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Stay With MesometimesthreeSinger/Songwriter (4)Acoustic (812)Acoustic Rock (40)Pop (694)Mainstream (8)
The Letterlensmusic1975Letter (7)acoustic rock (40)rock (1959)songwriter (24)pop (694)
LostdentedRock (1959)Acoustic Rock (40)Hard Rock (100)
Where Would I Be?ValleyPastorAcoustic rock (40)guitar (1349)christian (137)worship (56)
You Found MeAaron Davidacoustic (812)acoustic rock (40)
Live TodaySuicideEvolutionAcoustic rock (40)folk (545)country (178)soft rock (20)indie (192)
"Most of all"Allthisnoiseacoustic (812)acoustic rock (40)God (270)Love (1469)
"for me"Allthisnoiseacoustic (812)acoustic rock (40)spiritual (68)love (1469)God (270)
PreybowensChristian (137)Acoustic (812)Acoustic Rock (40)Praise (48)Prey (2)Pray (18) (0)
Iko Ikobroncofree downloads (2)mp3 (10)acoustic rock (40)guitar (1349)songwriter (24)
Wellyn (remix)dreadmonBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)mountain dulcimer (22)Robert Force (2)acoustic rock (40)duets (3)Wellyn (2)classic music (2)
The Gonad Song (explicit metal improv comedy)Dharma Logoscomedy (83)parody (30)metal (274)rock (1959)hard rock (100)acoustic rock (40)guitar (1349)guitar solos (6)shredding (8)i'll kick you in the gonads if you don't shut the hell up (1)gonad song (1)explicit lyrics (1)experiment (48)teaching myself to use garageband (1)i'm a one hit wonder because after hearing this the guys at work don't want to hear my serious songs (1)why are you wasting your time reading this? (1)
CelesteDharma LogosCeleste (1)love song (76)unrequited love (7)acoustic (812)ballad (259)acoustic rock (40)Aaron Wooldridge (4)guitar (1349) (0)
Day By DayMarcSupsic70's pop (1)piano (957)harmonies (35)melodic (94)classical (816)acoustic rock (40)male vocals (2)
Där fiskgjusen jagar (in Swedish)Thomazballad (259)acoustic (812)romantic (64)acoustic rock (40)slow (120)soft (85)
Change8piscean8acoustic rock (40)indie (192)independent (9)laid back (17)mellow (151) (0)
Considerationaliknott1Acoustic Rock (40)Wah Wah (1)
I Can't Take Itdarin803Rock (1959)Acoustic (812)Acoustic Rock (40)Healing (20)Mellow (151)Jam (94)Indie (192)Independent (9)Jive Turkey (1)Darin (3)
A Little Insanedarin803Acoustic Rock (40)Acoustic (812)Insane (17)Rock (1959)Mellow (151)Groove (158)Relaxed (25)Folk (545)
SnowfallJayroddacoustic (812)acoustic rock (40)ambient (831) (0)
Nite RideJayroddacoustic (812)rock (1959)soundscape (49)moodscape (1)instrumental (832)acoustic rock (40)
It's Lonely Heredavisamerica2lonely (64)davisamerica (7)hilltop (3)acoustic rock (40)walking (19)nowhere (4)
If You Could See Me NowdabaxterAcoustic Rock (40) (0)
Right Words (Acoustic)dantimmermansAcoustic (812)Acoustic Rock (40)Dan Timmermans (25)
Walk in the parkJscottRock (1959)Acoustic rock (40)acoustic (812)
Born Into This Lifebroncoacoustic rock (40)bluesy (16)ballad (259)
You'll Want Me To Want Youbroncocountry swing (1)jazz (983)folk (545)acoustic rock (40)fast fingers (1)
I Will Not Crawlfinkeldinkfinkeldink (8)acoustic rock (40)lousy mix (1)lousy recording (1)lousy singing (1)lousy master (1)lousy is actually a pretty generous evaluation (1)
ComeRickRomanAcoustic (812)christian (137)Jesus music (1)christian music (3)acoustic rock (40)guitar (1349)
Nice DayJscottacoustic (812)acoustic rock (40)rock (1959)country (178)
Jean Charles De MenezesLoobAcoustic Rock (40)
BeautifulAemynpop (694)soft (85)acoustic (812)soft rock (20)acoustic rock (40)
Walk awayjimmyrusBluegrass (31)Mandolin (61)acoustic Rock (40) (0)