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Tasty Brainz!rovert10Aliens (27)Brains (6)Sci Fi (6)ufo (7)horror (30)
AbductedHeathbarescape (18)aliens (27)abduction (4)theremin (9)sci fi (6)campy (2)angst (15)
Company (includes music from Mungo)breezercompany (4)aliens (27)ufo (7)crop circles (2)monsters (9)scary (42) (0)
spineStun Nutzcollaboration (131)noise (85)sounds (14)effects (25)unmelodic (1)non-melody (1)spine (2)structure (2)bop bop bop (1)drama (23)aliens (27)Bishop (1)spewing milky white stuff (1)terminator (3)tension and release (1)construction (3)deconstruction (1)relentless (4)distortion (47)
Galaxy Band : Part VEinarusGalaxy Band (3)Space (234)Aliens (27)Einarus (10)Home (76)Progressive (220)Moog (32)beat changes (1)
Crash LandingLartin LaneSpace (234)Aliens (27)Dance (780)Drum N Bass (62)
The Flick of a WingReinholt56Aliens (27)collecting (1)space (234)flight (17)escape (18)stowaway (1)birth (16)freedom. (1)
A Moon FlowbreezerBreezer (28)War (168)Moon (55)Space (234)Future (23)Death (198)Fear (60)Scared (10)killers (2)murder (44)warriors (1)army (6)military (5)aliens (27)alien (22)fiction (4)night (129)battle (41)extra terrestrial (2)robots (18)fighting (12)protecting (2)fuzzy little bunny (1)hiding (5)running (22)warfare (3)guns (16)
CirclesThe Orbitingledebutant (51)illuminati (33)crop circles (2)devil (34)mowing (1)night (129)circle (10)round (19)spaceship (5)aliens (27)vocoder (21)listen on headphones (1)
PamoanaSystematicFailureAliens (27)Abduction (4)Alien (22)UFOs (2)scary (42)funny (85)
Abducted by Aliens (GOOC)DWLAliens (27)rockabilly (18)GOOC (1) (0)
When aliens come down from MarsTheWhizziesloops (169)electronic (563)cheering (2)aliens (27)sci-fi (32)dance (780)synth (386)
Tresspasservictorias_playgroundVictoria's Playground (8)acoustic guitar (97)pop (694)aliens (27)tresspasser (1) (0)
Dreams Come TruecatsoundspubCatsoundspub (2)Brian Catlin (2)catsound (2)Dreams Come True (1)Art Rock (39)Aliens (27)
And They Came (Updated Mix)Reinholt56Aliens (27)visitors (3)spacecraft (3)solar system (7)detection (2)unknown (12)fear (60)forboding (6)orbit (8)earth (51)
My Trip to Planet "Ex"Cantortunafish (15)jacob (5)contzius (1)spaceship (5)aliens (27)alien (22)
The Callingdarkwingsaliens (27)techno (472)experimental (505)prog. rock (1)aphex twin (21)
Theme from Invaders from Beyond Outer Space!jgurnerAliens (27)Invaders (3)Outer Space (7)Science Fiction movies (1)
Alien RustlerschorusofweaselsAliens (27)Abductions (1)Cattle (1)Ranchers (1)UFOs (2)Humor (43)Parody (30)Comedy (83)Irony (8)
A Close EncounterReinholt56Space monsters communicating (1)aliens (27)eerie (15)night time (1)glowing (5)otherworldly (4)
Alien PrisonvmabusSpace Music (5)Aliens (27)Ambient (831)