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Will Love Pass Me Bywilliam devineanalog (26)
Everyone Relies on Timemichael2spaghetti western on acid (1)disgruntled at times (1)who am i ? (1)lo-fi (39)indie rock (41)psychedelic (124)synth wierdness (1)analog (26)improvisation (103)sexually ambigous but assured of my manliness (1)sine (7)oscillating faster than the speed of sound (1)
This Waybryanjbentingelectro (185)80's (40)analog (26)space (234)robot (24)lasers (2)Johny #5 (1)
Jason's Loop Songsundaydriverflute (193)percussion (78)fx (16)noise (85)strange (32)insane (17)crazy (86)humor (43)silly (43)drums (314)synth (386)analog (26)experimental (505)loop (46)
Second songMarkHolbrookanalog (26)rock (1959)love (1469)
In the Forest (Micromoog Multitrack 1978)BubowskiAnalog (26)Synthesizer (74)Old (36)stuff (16)from (23)1978 (4)
Analog to Digitalabstractrealityabstractreality (239)Analog (26)Digital (14)
Quel Fromagepoodyglitzelectronic (563)trance (387)experimental (505)moog (32)space (234)fromage (2)arturia (6)protools (8)soundscape (49)analog (26)sequencer (1)collage (9)cinematic (124)soundtrack (289)film (111)score (38)trippy (50)psychedelic (124)filter (6)
heavens so neardimm witnessNew Wave (28)Old Wave (3)No Wave (7)Next Wave (1)Wavy (3)Wavish (1)Wavier (1)Newer (1)Older (2)No-er (1)Nexter (1)Electronic (563)Moog (32)Nat King Cole (2)Spooky (32)Miraculous (1)Beat Matching (1)Analog (26)Mattel (2)Synsonics (1)Radio Shack (4)Realistic (4)Moog (32)Crazy (86)God (270)Heaven (48)Near (4)Clever (5)a little too clever (1)borderline smarmy (1)please forgive me (1)
test after livedimm witnessMoog (32)Realistic (4)MG-1 (2)Concertmate (3)Oscillators (2)Subtractive Synthesis (1)synthesizer (74)24dB ladder filter (1)analog (26)bliss (10)tears (44)eyes. (1)
BoWevil (LIVE! Analog, Recorded 1971)wearebittersweetProg (53)Progressive (220)Analog (26)Live (168)Hard Rock (100)Rock (1959)Minneapolis (8)
Zero In TwoswearebittersweetBittersweet (16)prog (53)progressive (220)analog (26)live (168)hard rock (100)rock (1959)minneapolis (8)
Mabel (live, around 1971 +/-)wearebittersweetminneapolis (8)rock (1959)progressive (220)prog (53)hard rock (100)live (168)analog (26)
Untitled (live, analog 1971+/-wearebittersweetlive (168)analog (26)bittersweet (16)minneapolis (8)hard rock (100)prog rock (19)rock (1959)
Blackened Bride (analog/studio/1971+/-)wearebittersweetrock (1959)minneapolis (8)bittersweet (16)analog (26)tape (2)
Changes (analog, 1972?, studio-w/false start)wearebittersweetBittersweet (16)Minneapolis (8)Analog (26)Prog (53)Progressive (220)
Call My Name To The Sun (analog 19710wearebittersweetBittersweet (16)Analog (26)Minneapolis (8)
Ana LageroldlibmikeAnalog (26)iPad (73)iMini (1)Mixtikl (3)
I'll See You YesterdayaRcTipanalog (26)delay (17)hardware (5)
Bronx CheeraRcTipanalog (26)hardware (5)jam (94)sorry for the lack of MIDI (1)
You'll Never Know MeaRcTipanalog (26)tape delay (1)jam (94)experimentation (3)