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Free To Bejgurneranger (34)synth (386)politics (49)religion (46)opression (1)mind-control (2)freedom (80)fear (60)
Killing for Milk and for Honeyseltershate (62)killing (13)anger (34)bombers (2)babykillers (1)USA (6)Terrorists (2)Crazy fuckers (1) (0)
Traffic Light Destruction(Fake Live With Deadication Of Sufacation)DOSmetal (274)hardcore (53)death (198)screamo (6)angry (27)anger (34)
Never SurrenderAEROjetBebop (17)fast (162)jazz (983)piano (957)hyper (6)no loops (38)improv (57)improvised (53)improvisation (103)chaos (36)chaotic (7)stressful (1)stress (10)anger (34)insanity (28)despair (19)
I Wanna Hurt You (a love song)staceyrevenge (14)payback (1)hurt (26)anger (34)jealousy (12)
Dolly's AngerPsychoBabeDolly's (1)Anger (34)
Evil Ann (Coulter)Stankmananger (34)rock (1959)punk (155)
The Dreaming Fool (vocals)leapfrogunicornsindie (192)experimental (505)corgan (2)pumpkins (3)hawaii (25)honolulu (4)dream (157)garageband (82)loop (46)ukulele (27)guitar (1349)piano (957)time (141)waste (5)anger (34)hatred (3)precious (2)earth (51)love (1469) (0)
Anger Management beta v.1.0tbivansAnger (34)Guitar (1349)Crap (46)Therapy (2)Insanity (28)
Fight Songrelrickrock (1959)hardrock (3)funk (357)anger (34)fight (32)song (277)rick (9)garloff (1) (0)
My Almost Imaginary FriendPigeonfilterhelplessness (1)frustration (15)anger (34)hope (132)
A PROPHET IN DISGRACEBarretokprophet (7)disgrace (4)self righteousness (1)insane (17)sad (189)leaders (3)genius (5)psycho (16)anger (34)
Why You...Bob6stringer
The Bitter Truth/Acceptancerockaholic392acceptance (6)anger (34)angry (27)metal (274)heavy (204)sad (189)minimalist (13)new-age (7)orchestra (289)evil (52)
Play Nicemowguy3Anger (34)Whine (2)Repetition. (1)
I Snap BackeasyesteemerAnger (34)revenge (14)work (34)education (7)idiot (11)boss (8)nature (72) (0)
Smile When You Want To KilleasyesteemerAnger (34)revenge (14)murder (44)
Don't Tread On MejgurnerPolitics (49)anger (34)
Tainted (everything mix)NormalAnger (34)relationship (39)breakup (41)future (23)
Voice Within 2trx2011jgurnerTwo Tracks (1)Anger (34)Frustration (15)Organized Religion (1)
Tear Them DownjgurnerPolitics (49)Religion (46)Anger (34)Revolution (28)
Tainted (tortured mix)Normalrelationship (39)longing (40)hate (62)anger (34)fear (60)release (5)love (1469)confusion (9)sad (189)
Cantonment promo mixNormallove (1469)hate (62)relationship (39)war (168)anger (34)fear (60)sad (189)loss (85)industrial (167)ebm (29)synth (386)pop (694)electro (185)udr (2)
Away (from home)ckrohmChild abuse (1)anger (34)emotional (41)blue ribbon (1)
'MericajgurnerAnger (34)Frustration (15)Politics (49)Laws (1)SCOTUS (1)