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Snake in Paradise w/ Amanda Chapmanstevecheavy (204)angry (27)vengence (2)priest (4)scandal (7)female (24)british (37)
Angry FaithKEVIN L JONESAngry (27)Faithless (1)Hardrock (3)
externally yoursloyd vaderheavy (204)anti (5)angry (27)solo (125)verbal (1)masturbation (4)jiminy (1)cricket.baked (1)beans (4)pick (9)up (50)girl (144)at (17)eleven (2)
Traffic Light Destruction(Fake Live With Deadication Of Sufacation)DOSmetal (274)hardcore (53)death (198)screamo (6)angry (27)anger (34)
Black (collab with Bizarre)seltersHaunting (37)creepy (34)melancholic (8)angry (27)sad (189)hopeless (3) (0)
Mala GenteaivanBoss (8)Angry (27)Revenge (14)Synth (386)Bassline (6)
Rage (collaboration with Alannah)darksun48Progressive (220)Rock (1959)Indie (192)Dark (422)Angry (27)Sad (189)Depressed (7)Emotional (41)Post Rock (12)
BallbusterCIPHERAngry (27)Mean (10)Bitch (12)work (34)frustration (15)waffles (35)slayer (1)double bass (9)creeping (3)death (198)pink slip (1)mental case (1)hding (1)Bush (58)baby (58)Idol (4)war (168)America (43)Cipher (23)metal (274)midi (73)
ThrowdownCIPHERtechno (472)bass (374)angry (27)fast (162)metal (274)heavy (204)waffles (35)Bush (58)death (198)tongue (11)thumper (1)war (168)mix (27)crap (46)
Come Cleanraceratcome (18)clean (22)emotion (25)angry (27)man (46)boy (24)history (23)feat (1)will (23)apathy (4)snapshot (1)mean (10)
(no subject)TribrixAngry (27)Hurt (26)Energetic (13)Rocktronica (1)Fun (253)Upbeat (69)Electronic (563)fast (162)tech (4)relationships (43)break-up (11) (0)
The Bitter Truth/Acceptancerockaholic392acceptance (6)anger (34)angry (27)metal (274)heavy (204)sad (189)minimalist (13)new-age (7)orchestra (289)evil (52)
I'm SorryHalwayToNowhereI'm (19)Sorry (20)Right (13)Wrong (12)Ballad (259)Acoustic (812)Slow (120)Angry (27)
Didn't See It Comingclaypottslove (1469)loss (85)marriage (35)divorce (14)music (391)saints (5)church (27)veins (2)angry (27)
No More Warabitran128Choir (45)Guitars (83)Drums (314)Bass (374)Calm (63)Angry (27)Intense (32)Varying (1)
When I BreakAemynAngry (27)Rock (1959)
If I Ran The CircusKicbalRock (1959)Pop (694)Alternative (400)Saxophone (56)Political (50)vocals (151)heavy (204)angry (27)aggressive (12)groove (158)riff (20)
Entre Hormigas (Between Ants)mexlesBetween (6)ants (3)loneliness (22)grandfather (1)angry (27)
dopaminetelecaster29angry (27)indie (192)guitar (1349)telecaster (15)
Possessed To KillMack_DangerMetal (274)Possessed (1)To (103)Kill (15)Dead Cowboy Rebellion (1)Angry (27)Killer (13)Mack Danger (1)Heavy Music (1)Crunge (1) (0)
HappymatthewbowserHappy (163)angry (27)sad (189)rock (1959)alternative (400)blues (741)different (14)
ABIGo!DeputyDoofydep (17)doof (52)depdoof (18)deputy (102)doofy (116)deputydoofy (125)abi (1)go (23)abigo (1)angry (27)birds (40)