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Wine Into Water (3rd in Woman In Bar trilogy)JoannaWoman (37)Bar (21)wine (19)melancholy (80)haunting (37)vocals (151)Joanna (44)enicholsIC (2)UncletupeloFan (1)
As You Saidpenguirock (1959)alternative (400)bar (21)
Leaving Kerrville Behind /w KewmikvaseltersFUN (253)drunk (30)Bar (21)sing along without spilling. (1)
Helium (w/domdino)ledebutantdemo (43)domdino (2)ledebutant (51)fly (33)Chagall (1)helium (2)balloon (5)dance (780)bar (21)love (1469)crying (19)pop (694)don't let him drag you down girlfriend (1)happy (163)sad (189)
Pirate John (LIOLI6) w/willnlfbudpirate (10)patch (1)vietnam (9)yo ho ho (2)arr! (1)lioli6 (2)ship (20)bar (21)beer (60)wife (24)
THE OUTSIDER(purgatory blues) With ZitiBarretokblues (741)purgatory (2)ziti (35)guitar (1349)dead (41)bar (21)town (12)fiction (4)tale (3)guns (16)bartender (1)young girl (1)pale people (1)
The Bar at the Farmer's Hotel w/willnlfbudswamp (13)blues (741)bar (21)hotel (5)willnlf (1)
Down at Dreary's BarHenkeHenke's Movie Music (2)bar (21)pub (11)beer (60)pool (7)dreary (2)loops (169)moody (52)
WHERE WERE YOU? (Oh Baby) w. GeoBarretokDelta (2)Blues (741)baby (58)home (76)where (7)gun (21)think (13)whorehouse (1)joint (2)bar (21)corner (2)searching (14)
Song set for Reunion Festival 2007 MJRFslopartsFallen (16)Angel (42)Lover (18)Bar (21)Broken (77)heart (150)pain (93)hope (132)world (236)pure (4)monkey (36)funky (92)
Ballad of The Little Tikiaclarketribute (39)tiki (6)bar (21)aclarke (13)adam clarke (3)
Food And DrinkMarkHolbrookbar (21)drunks (1)beer (60)food (17)
Across The Riverabitran128Rock (1959)Jazz (983)Fusion (213)Desert (39)Bar (21)Piano (957)Story (64)
WHISKY A GO GOclaypottswhiskey (18)club (174)bar (21)band (136)crowd (12)doors (9)mother (51)father (56)superman (7)rocks (11)sex (99)electric (100)
Comfy in the Wine Barneilh79blues (741)comfy (1)wine (19)bar (21)
Reno, Nevadatempiehotel (5)homesick (4)bar (21)