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Modern-Day RomanceJ.A.Stewartbrass (53)horns (54)guitar (1349)piano (957)bells (78)harmony (88)rock (1959)
Fathomless ("Soundtrack draft" completedParichayakasoundtrack (289)film music (17)orchestral (141)movie theme (4)film score (45)classical (816)orchestral rock (3)ethereal (36)percussive (2)orchestra (289)brass (53)ensemble (12)flute (193)strings (402)
Noah's 11cavanaughphotoGroove (158)funk (357)brass (53)horns (54)soundtrack (289)
Eastern MixPongoeastern (21)world (236)mix (27)percussion (78)brass (53)woodwind (33)
Cross-Cultural Coupling (Revised Version)alexweilerbollywood (6)india (14)cultural (2)ethnic (67)soundtrack (289)brass (53)sitar (22)violins (9)eastern (21)western (50)action movie (1)
Saturnine- (The Saturnstein Remix!)alfalphaoompah (2)the Orbiting (28)ledebutant (51)illuminati (33)alfalpha (25)bier (1)beer (60)oktoberfest (2)october fest (1)brass (53)band (136)german (16)saukraut (1)wurst (2)lederhosen (2)stein (2)oh dear-too much beer (1)these lederhosen are chafing me (1)please stop this noise (1)you MUST be joking (1)please STOP NOW! (1)
MusiMorphosisdrakonismetamorphosis (2)brass (53)drakonis (77)
A Minor Inconvenience- Movement IIguitarslashsoloBrass (53)Quartet (21)Inconvenience (2)Minor (12)
A Minor Inconvenience- Movement IguitarslashsoloMinor (12)Inconvenience (2)Brass (53)Quartet (21)
Trampled Flowerssnazzyechomanclassical (816)music (391)film (111)genre (17)stings (1)orchestra (289)time (141)signature (1)change (41)3 (17)4 (5)5 (5)2 (15)brass (53)section (1)1 (12)long (33)notes (2)
Going PlacesReinholt56Classical (816)harp (82)brass (53)woodwind (33)percussion (78)fun (253)build-up (2)integration (1)arrangement. (1)
World Order Brass Quintet Mv.1: AnxietytbivansNew World Order (2)Brass (53)Quintet (11)politics (49)axiety (1) (0)
(Life I've) Comestecknomadic lifestyle (1)jazz elements (1)brass (53)saxophone (56)Monty Python (2)
Flesh is Weak (with Rebsie)DWLAmokopera (2)flesh (3)weak (3)intimate (4)brass (53)brash (1) (0)
Amazon MoonlightEEFliessoverdrive (5)guitar (1349)distortion (47)brass (53)strings (402)
Latin LoverB. Flatlatin (117)jazz (983)guitar (1349)brass (53)horns (54)big band (24)
Defining MomentRickB1cinematic (124)orchestral (141)symphony (76)cinema (99)dramatic (34)soundtrack (289)tension (21)freedom (80)choir (45)brass (53)
Lollapalooza for Percussion, Brass, Basses, Cello and Harprichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)tympani (5)brass (53)harp (82)
Rain Song (MJRF2010)richard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)loops only (72)pizzicato (4)brass (53)
Drums & Brassrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)loops only (72)percussion (78)drums (314)brass (53)organ (108)piano (957)fireworks (4)
Back at The Wheel w YordbearHickling_Stanmark spruce (1)hickling_stan (2)yordbear (11)brass (53)
The Thicket - Nether I And Thicket Toochristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - The 'Thingy'christopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - Swishy Toe and Mantel too!christopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - Airam's Dancechristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - 'My Flowers'christopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - And Life Comes Forthchristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - Hollyhocks and Lairy Rabbitschristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - 'Neath This Canvas Green'christopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
'The Thicket' - Introductionchristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
Symphony No 82 4th Movementchristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)symphony (76)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64) (0)
Symphony No 82 1st Movementchristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)symphony (76)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64) (0)
Symphony No 82 2nd Movementchristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)symphony (76)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64) (0)
Symphony No 34 2nd Movement (For My Father)christopherpslysymphony (76)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)classical (816)woodwind (33)strings (402)brass (53) (0)
Symphony No 34 3rd Movementchristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)christopher (190)p (11)sly (195)symphony (76)orchestra (289)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53) (0)
Symphony No 34 4th Movementchristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)symphony (76)orchestra (289)classical (816)music (391)woodwind (33)strings (402)brass (53) (0)
The Hunt - Preface featuring Maurice Vizardchristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)maurice vizard (1)classical (816)story (64)orchestra (289)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)hunt (21)fox (21)poetry (147) (0)
Symphony No 69 Arcadian - 1st Movement (Glory)christopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)christopher (190)p (11)sly (195)orchestra (289)heaven (48)god (270)dramatic (34)string (15)woodwind (33)brass (53) (0)
Symphony No 69 - 4th Movement (This Immortal)christopherpsly4th Movement (1)Immortal (3)symphony (76)christopher (190)sly (195)orchestra (289)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53) (0)
Cartonato-brassfalceffalcef (30)falcesoft (49)italian (57)tromba (36)trumpet (105)brass (53)jazz (983)mori (34)falcemusic (47)musicfalce (52)mori (34)
National Anthem Of ChristurbiachristopherpslyNational (6)Anthem (15)Christurbia (1)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)orchestra (289)brass (53)strings (402)march (41)
Menorcan Collection part 1christopherpslyMenorcan (4)Collection (41)part1 (2)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)music (391)guitar (1349)orchestra (289)strings (402)brass (53)woodwind (33)percussion (78)
Menorcan Collection part 2christopherpslyMenorcan (4)Collection (41)part1 (2)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)orchestra (289)strings (402)brass (53)percussion (78)woodwind (33)
Menorcan Collection part 3christopherpslyMenorcan (4)Collection (41)part3 (1)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)music (391)orchestra (289)spanish (37)strings (402)guitar (1349)woodwind (33)brass (53)percussion (78)
Menorcan Collection part 4christopherpslyMenorcan (4)Collection (41)part4 (1)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)orchestra (289)woodwind (33)brass (53)strings (402)percussion (78)
Mallorcan Collection - part 1christopherpslyMallorca (2)Collection (41)part (11)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)woodwind (33)brass (53)
Sisenorafalceffalcesoft (49)musicfalce (52)falcefra (1)mori (34)italian (57)tromba (36)trumpet (105)flicorno (17)falcemusic (47)trentino (1)Brass (53)
Modus OperandiB. Flatjazz (983)brass (53)big band (24)
The Marriage Of Theseus 'Intro'christopherpslymarriage (35)theseus (8)christopher (190)sly (195)composer (159)english (161)orchestra (289)brass (53)woodwind (33)strings (402)percussion (78)
Symphony No 87 - 3rd Movementchristopherpslysymphony (76)christopher (190)sly (195)composer (159)english (161)oldham (34)classical (816)orchestra (289)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)saddleworth (70) (0)