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pack up your piccadilly with margie xcarolinefun (253)british (37)first world war (2)kazoo (16)pink (15)fluffy (12)caroline (60)haha (7)fag (1)lucifer (2)laugh (11)anti-depressant (2)
Blues for the Greenscarolinecaroline (60)laugh (11)fun (253)peas (2)vegetables (5)pink (15)fluffy (12)haha (7)british (37)humour (18)keyword (2) (0)
What Shall We Do With The Drunken Sailor? collab. JOANcarolinecaroline (60)seashanty (2)sailor (10)drunk (30)british (37)joan (10)
t'everycarolinecaroline (60)deep (53)t'every (1)british (37)blighty (9)muffin the mule (1) (0)
Caroline's House of Shiny Lights (w/The Bawdies)carolinefun (253)british (37)merkin (2)caroline (60)convention (3)british chapter (1)comdotdom (9)slimmie (5)rebsie (48)stevel (39)kazoo - not this time!! (1)cowbell (17)
15 Days In Scunthorpe(w/the bawdies)carolinehumour (18)british (37)rebsie (48)slimmie (5)stevel (39)caroline (60)comdotdom (9)
funky kazoo w/the bawdiescarolinekazoo (16)british (37)convention (3)stevel (39)rebsie (48)caroline (60)slimgirlfat (34)bawdies (2)
Snap Krackle Pop w/Amanda Chapman (remix)stevecpop (694)remix (126)british (37)female (24)
Snake in Paradise w/ Amanda Chapmanstevecheavy (204)angry (27)vengence (2)priest (4)scandal (7)female (24)british (37)
Da ShipsKomrade Kfolk (545)celtic (130)fiddle (31)violin (104)Scottish (17)Shetland (2)traditional (103)British (37)roots (20)acoustic (812)Komrade K (21)ethnic (67)jig (14)reel (5)whisky (5)electric fiddle (5)electric violin (6)
Armadale NightlifeKomrade KSkye (3)whisky (5)Scotland (10)Scottish (17)celtic (130)moon (55)moonlight (12)Komrade K (21)solo piano (27)romantic (64)wistful (7)British (37)wot no fiddle? (3)highland (2)nocturne (7)
Foggy, Foggy Dew w/wittybritcarolinebritish (37)england (37)father (56)folk (545)traditional (103)clavinova (7)wittybrit (1)caroline (60)lee (12)
The Marrow Songcarolinecaroline (60)lee (12)clavinova (7)marrow (1)music hall (3)british (37)fun (253)
matilda by hilaire belloccarolinepoetry (147)british (37)caroline (60)bear (21)pink (15)fluff (5)
We'll Meet Again On Drugs!!!carolinebritish (37)caroline (60)pink (15)fluff (5)WWII (4)blighty (9)
TrafalgarOneManBandBattle (41)trafalgar (8)nelson (5)admiral (2)sea (74)ocean (61)navy (6)naval (3)war (168)spanish (37)french (21)english (161)british (37)
Yon Man on Yon HillRujii (149)get (25)gun (21)to (103)shoot (5)yon (3)man (46)on (52)yon (3)hill (9)british (37)folk (545)acoustic (812)
I Want Youthenettlespop (694)rock (1959)sixties (11)kinks (3)beatles (26)british (37)
Down For Youthenettlespop (694)rock (1959)sixties (11)british (37)beatles (26)
Punch And Judythenettlespop (694)rock (1959)sixties (11)beatles (26)british (37)
Comes AroundUncleNazzLaid back rock (1)rock (1959)British (37)
Found LoveUncleNazzLove (1469)rock (1959)Nazz (9)British (37)
Gasoline Eyeslexmusicofficiallex rose (2)teenager (4)teen (16)british (37)english (161)country (178)music (391)country music (8)country pop (2)gasoline (3)eyes (45)love (1469)loss (85)
Serenade For Winds And Strings - Andantechristopherpslychristopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)composer (159)english (161)british (37)andante (4)serenade (18)winds (20)strings (402)oldham (34)orchestra (289)