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Prometheus (w chakeres)perceptualvortexguitar (1349)trajectory (7)rock (1959)driving (45)crunch (2)flying (29)zoom (2)gigantic (2)launch (3)electric (100)space (234)chakeres (12)nebulous (1)grit (1)dome of stars (1)perceptualvortex (48)pv (40)
Oregonchakeresrock and roll (25)electric guitar (40)chakeres (12)guitar (1349)stratocaster (25)
Dragonfly (w chakeres)perceptualvortexchakeres (12)pencil tool (61)guitar (1349)trajectory (7)space travel (5)launch (3)astrogation (1)perceptualvortex (48)pv (40)monster planet (2)dragonfly (4)
Stranded (w/ Chakeres)EinarusStranded (2)Einarus (10)Chakeres (12)Guitar (1349)Soft (85)Dark (422)Piano (957)
CheckPowerTriopowertrio (1)power (66)trio (26)chakeres (12)perceptualvortex (48)katchoolik (27)john (15)johnny (15)dave (5)david (8)thomas (3)fun (253)virtual (4)band (136)rock (1959)blues (741)jazz (983)metal (274)cool (98)bad (33) (0)
Fresh Airchakereschakeres (12)fresh (35)air (18)mountains (15)rock (1959)instrumental (832)wind (60)birds (40)stream (6)
Slamchakereschakeres (12)hardcore (53)hard rock (100)rock (1959)rock and roll (25)Fender (37)Strat (18)Stratocaster (25)guitar (1349)electric guitar (40)
Now and Thenchakereschakeres (12)fender (37)strat (18)stratocaster (25)rock (1959)heavy (204)epic (62)hard rock (100)guitar (1349)electric guitar (40)
Duel (Rules of Engagement}chakerescydniko (15)chakeres (12)fender (37)strat (18)stratocaster (25)rock (1959)guitar (1349)
NinetySixchakereschakeres (12)strat (18)stratocaster (25)fender (37)hard rock (100)hyper (6) (0)
Less Then Expectedchakereschakeres (12)strat (18)stratocaster (25)rock (1959)rock and roll (25)electric guitar (40)
Steadychakereschakeres (12)strat (18)stratocaster (25)rock (1959)rock and roll (25)electric guitar (40)