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PoesessionCIPHERPoe (7)dirge (6)creepy (34)Halloween (69)rebsie (48)waffles (35)CIpher (23)death (198)escroe (1)
Dew on my ShoesCIPHERceltic (130)jig (14)banjo (42)majestic (3)roots (20)cipher (23)crap (46)
ResolutionCIPHERrobot (24)electronic (563)crap (46)cipher (23)souless (1)
MonsterCIPHERhuge (4)metal (274)riff (20)crunch (2)jewish (12)mournful (10)cool (98)crap (46)cipher (23)meatloaf (1)danger (10)monster (9)nougat (2)festive log (1)
Now It's On (The End of Innocence)CIPHERhip hop (417)rap (311)crap (46)hack (6)white (20)black (120)racism (10)shooting (6)murder (44)cipher (23)jane creba (2)girl (144)cipher (23)killer (13)gun (21)gang (2)violence (18)Toronto (5)
Come A Little CloserCIPHERloud (79)fast (162)metal (274)double bass (9)middle eastern (26)hack (6)cipher (23)midi (73)smack (4)pound (4)crap (46)waffles (35)kittens (7)Canadian (5)
Washed Away AgainCIPHERdrowning (12)happy (163)mournful (10)suicide (35)electronic (563)noisy (7)busy (4)crap (46)cipher (23)monkey (36)killer (13)midi (73)
This Girl I LoveCIPHERMIDI (73)lovesong (13)daughter (13)child (32)acoustic (812)mellow (151)sweet (50)cipher (23)
Come What MayCIPHERInstrumental (832)Guitar (1349)melancholy (80)swing (64)halftime (1)waffles (35)belly (5)nice (100)sweet (50)piano (957)cipher (23)easy (36)sad (189)happy (163)vomit (2)crap (46)hack (6)
Monday Morning CoffinCIPHERthrash (9)techno (472)industrial (167)hard (103)heavy (204)cool (98)cipher (23)crap (46)asshole (2)chaos (36)stress (10)smack (4)waffles (35)big butts (1)Kevin Federline (2)loops (169)metal (274)good (182)instrumental (832)
SurrenderCIPHERCipher (23)cock rock (2)instrumental (832)drown (4)cold (64)loops (169)waffles (35)crap (46)metal (274)heavy (204)guitar (1349)layers (13)Britney Spears (2)WW3 (2)whatever (17)
This Girl I Love (Strings in E)CIPHERclassical (816)strings (402)Boldt (2)cipher (23)sweet (50)love (1469)
Voice of the Machine (Heaving Mix)CIPHERtydelwave (1)cipher (23)techno (472)machine (31)eeri (1)sad (189)moody (52)insane (17)waffles (35)crap (46)Bush (58)end of days (1)
494CIPHER5 minute song (1)Bush (58)war (168)techno (472)loops (169)waffles (35)challenge (18)oops (4)Kevin Federline (2)American porno (1)cipher (23)garbage (6)
BallbusterCIPHERAngry (27)Mean (10)Bitch (12)work (34)frustration (15)waffles (35)slayer (1)double bass (9)creeping (3)death (198)pink slip (1)mental case (1)hding (1)Bush (58)baby (58)Idol (4)war (168)America (43)Cipher (23)metal (274)midi (73)
BallbustedCIPHERmetal (274)gross (1)loud (79)obnoxious (1)waffles (35)PAris (19)Hilton (3)killer (13)dog (42)cipher (23)wack (1)violent (4)metal (274)crash (23)smash (4)burn (4) (0)
LuckystrikeCIPHERBush (58)Britney (4)zombie (19)waffles (35)cipher (23)techno (472)crazy (86)sub prime (1)sub zero (1)subway eat fresh (1)iraq (42)iran (11)imac (5)awesome (81)
Is this anythingCIPHERrepetitive (18)percussion (78)noisy (7)hack (6)waffles (35)cipher (23)
Amateur Hour w/ FlickElPeruanohip hop (417)stop (4)vibe (9)ill (6)underground (26)organ (108)leslie (2)live (168)fun (253)chill (162)cipher (23)collab (90)real (18)