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Tobin's SamplerTobinMuellervocal (197)piano (957)medley (7)collection (41)tobin (86)TobinMueller (61)sample (26)songs (10)
Action ManraceratIncredible (1)hero (14)plastic man (1)flying (29)action (28)zero (5)puny (2)duty (1)pain (93)dreams (118)cellophane (2)bubble moulded (1)collection (41)perfection (4)ego (5)
Hero's Journey Project OverviewDoug Somers
Hero's Journey Project Overview v2HerosJourneyHero's (6)Journey (85)Collection (41)Myth (12)Epic (62)Campbell (3)Joseph (5)HJP (5)
The Thicket - Nether I And Thicket Toochristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - The 'Thingy'christopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - Swishy Toe and Mantel too!christopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - Airam's Dancechristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - 'My Flowers'christopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - And Life Comes Forthchristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - Hollyhocks and Lairy Rabbitschristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Thicket - 'Neath This Canvas Green'christopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
'The Thicket' - Introductionchristopherpslychristopher p sly (46)music (391)classical (816)orchestra (289)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)brass (53)story (64)children (83) (0)
The Hunt - Finalechristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
The Hunt - And Sochristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
The Hunt - Upon The Fellchristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
A Fox Lay Dead featuring Stephen Schedrachristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21)stephen schedra (1) (0)
Out Fox The Foxchristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
The Hunt - Fox featuring Andy Wigzellchristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21)Andy Wigzell (1) (0)
The Hunt - Tally Hochristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
The Hunt - O'er Hill And Field And Westwood Lyechristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
The Hunt - Horses For Courseschristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
The Hunt - Millingchristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
The Hunt - Foxchristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
The Hunt - The Gatheringchristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
The Hunt - A New Daychristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
The Hunt - An Introductionchristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
The Hunt - Prefacechristopherpslyclassical (816)music (391)collection (41)christopher p sly (46)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)fox (21)hunt (21) (0)
Menorcan Collection part 1christopherpslyMenorcan (4)Collection (41)part1 (2)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)music (391)guitar (1349)orchestra (289)strings (402)brass (53)woodwind (33)percussion (78)
Menorcan Collection part 2christopherpslyMenorcan (4)Collection (41)part1 (2)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)orchestra (289)strings (402)brass (53)percussion (78)woodwind (33)
Menorcan Collection part 3christopherpslyMenorcan (4)Collection (41)part3 (1)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)music (391)orchestra (289)spanish (37)strings (402)guitar (1349)woodwind (33)brass (53)percussion (78)
Menorcan Collection part 4christopherpslyMenorcan (4)Collection (41)part4 (1)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)orchestra (289)woodwind (33)brass (53)strings (402)percussion (78)
Mallorcan Collection - part 1christopherpslyMallorca (2)Collection (41)part (11)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)orchestra (289)strings (402)flutes (27)woodwind (33)brass (53)
Mallorcan Collection - part 2christopherpslyMallorcan (6)Collection (41)part 1 (5)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)orchestra (289)strings (402)woodwind (33) (0)
Mallorcan Collection - part 3 (Dedicated to Maria)christopherpslyMallorcan (6)Collection (41)christopher (190)sly (195)love (1469)sun (110)classical (816)orchestra (289)maria (4)
Mallorcan Collection - part 4christopherpslyMallorcan (6)Collection (41)part 2 (5)classical (816)orchestra (289)christopher (190)sly (195)strings (402)love (1469)woodwind (33)
Alone My Mind Doth Wander So...christopherpslyAlone (59)My (104)Mind (49)Doth (1)Wander (3)So (18)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)music (391)collection (41)strings (402)woodwind (33)cor anglais (3) (0)
'Pots And Pans' from the Saddleworth CollectionchristopherpslyPots And Pans (1)Saddleworth (70)Collection (41)christopher p sly (46)classical (816)orchestra (289)english horn (3)strings (402)
'Morning' Part 2 Good Morning LakechristopherpslyMorning (59)lake (14)collection (41)composer (159)english (161)christopher (190)sly (195)orchestra (289)
Mallorcan Collection Part 1christopherpslymallorca (2)majorca (1)collection (41)christopher (190)sly (195)composer (159)english (161)oldham (34)
Mallorcan Collection Part 3christopherpslymallorcan (6)majorcan (3)collection (41)classical (816)composer (159)christopher (190)sly (195)english (161)saddleworth (70)