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(Ain't that a) KickerCIPHERpop (694)melody (34)hook (4)crap (46)devo (1)bubblegum (3)
Hope TooCIPHERhappy (163)rock (1959)instrumental (832)guitar (1349)crap (46)
Dew on my ShoesCIPHERceltic (130)jig (14)banjo (42)majestic (3)roots (20)cipher (23)crap (46)
Together We Stand (Bug Mix)CIPHERbugs (5)insects (4)heroin (6)weird (61)whimsy (3)crap (46)
ResolutionCIPHERrobot (24)electronic (563)crap (46)cipher (23)souless (1)
MonsterCIPHERhuge (4)metal (274)riff (20)crunch (2)jewish (12)mournful (10)cool (98)crap (46)cipher (23)meatloaf (1)danger (10)monster (9)nougat (2)festive log (1)
Techno Crazybgmusicmkrloop (46)loops (169)techno (472)synths (68)dance (780)club (174)crazy (86)crap (46)
Now It's On (The End of Innocence)CIPHERhip hop (417)rap (311)crap (46)hack (6)white (20)black (120)racism (10)shooting (6)murder (44)cipher (23)jane creba (2)girl (144)cipher (23)killer (13)gun (21)gang (2)violence (18)Toronto (5)
variationsurbnitecrap (46)
Come A Little CloserCIPHERloud (79)fast (162)metal (274)double bass (9)middle eastern (26)hack (6)cipher (23)midi (73)smack (4)pound (4)crap (46)waffles (35)kittens (7)Canadian (5)
Washed Away AgainCIPHERdrowning (12)happy (163)mournful (10)suicide (35)electronic (563)noisy (7)busy (4)crap (46)cipher (23)monkey (36)killer (13)midi (73)
Cut to PiecesCIPHERdeath metal (13)shredding (8)riffs (8)double bass (9)loud (79)noise (85)crap (46)heavy (204)instrumental (832)guitar (1349)rock (1959)waffles (35)bunnies (13)Randy Johnson (1)meathook (1)head in a bag (1)intense (32)
Come What MayCIPHERInstrumental (832)Guitar (1349)melancholy (80)swing (64)halftime (1)waffles (35)belly (5)nice (100)sweet (50)piano (957)cipher (23)easy (36)sad (189)happy (163)vomit (2)crap (46)hack (6)
This Girl I Love (Geetar Mix)CIPHERpretty (29)MIDI (73)sesame street (2)waffles (35)kids (46)crap (46)cool (98)sweet (50)
This Girl I Love (Tesh Mix)CIPHERTesh (1)piano (957)rock (1959)roll (43)kid (15)crap (46)easy (36)MIDI (73)Sweeden (1)Canada (26)waffles (35)nice (100)
Monday Morning CoffinCIPHERthrash (9)techno (472)industrial (167)hard (103)heavy (204)cool (98)cipher (23)crap (46)asshole (2)chaos (36)stress (10)smack (4)waffles (35)big butts (1)Kevin Federline (2)loops (169)metal (274)good (182)instrumental (832)
Second Bestneckbonesalt. country (4)detroit (22)rock n roll (27)garage (20)crap (46)
Gettin' ByCIPHERBrokeback (1)lonely (64)dobro (11)slide (36)dance (780)crap (46)waffles (35)beat (137)instrumental (832)
SurrenderCIPHERCipher (23)cock rock (2)instrumental (832)drown (4)cold (64)loops (169)waffles (35)crap (46)metal (274)heavy (204)guitar (1349)layers (13)Britney Spears (2)WW3 (2)whatever (17)
Until It Starts To BurnCIPHEReasy listening (67)instrumental (832)mellow (151)jazz (983)crap (46)atmospheric (35)Taylor Hicks is awesome (1)waffles (35)mood (21)organ (108)nice (100)
Repeating Bass Rawmtrivisocrap (46)bad (33)raw (16)practice (4)awful (3)beginner (8)clumsy (1)
Saving GraceCIPHERinstrumental illness (1)guitarist (92)happy (163)MIDI (73)rock (1959)Thanksgiving (4)Will Ferrell (3)crap (46)bass (374)wanking (7)waffles (35)
SafeCIPHERElectronica (379)smooth (120)drowning (12)relaxing (65)consuming (1)waffles (35)crap (46)MIDI (73)cheese (30)cool (98)sweet (50)nice (100)mellow (151)Calgon (1)bath (2)Stephen Colbert (1)heaving (1)steelwork (1)new age (165)
Together We Stand (FX)CIPHERrock (1959)crap (46)riffs (8)waffles (35)instrumental (832)guitar (1349)Bush (58)911 (5)hope (132)anthem (15)
Voice of the Machine (Heaving Mix)CIPHERtydelwave (1)cipher (23)techno (472)machine (31)eeri (1)sad (189)moody (52)insane (17)waffles (35)crap (46)Bush (58)end of days (1)
SpankyCIPHERFunk (357)Dirty (16)Fun (253)Crap (46)Dance (780)Humping (1)JAmes Brown (5)Slap bass (2)waffles (35)
The End Of All ThingsCIPHERBush (58)Iraq (42)War (168)Doom (15)Industrial (167)crap (46)waffles (35)morality (3)sin (20)machine (31)wheels (3)America (43)US (13)protest (30)disaster (9)end (36)beer (60)destruction (20)drugs (57)dirge (6)hypnotize (3)Homer (4)
ThrowdownCIPHERtechno (472)bass (374)angry (27)fast (162)metal (274)heavy (204)waffles (35)Bush (58)death (198)tongue (11)thumper (1)war (168)mix (27)crap (46)
Anger Management beta v.1.0tbivansAnger (34)Guitar (1349)Crap (46)Therapy (2)Insanity (28)
Crisis AvertedDeputyDoofydeputy (102)doofy (116)deputydoofy (125)crisis (5)averted (1)crap (46)
Basses Loaded (Reject)DeputyDoofybasses (2)loaded (5)crap (46)reject (1)poo (2)poop (13)smelly (2)
Big Fat Boysexymontoilet (3)crap (46)humor (43)poop (13)fat (7)disgusting (4)funny (85)
necklace1nihilisticjerkcrap (46)
Foxtailcplacitocrap (46)not good (3)bad (33)
Midnite KinkCIPHERCrap (46)Heaving Cipher Steelwork (2)Chaos (36)Prodigy (3)noise (85)techno (472)wheels (3)prison food (1)waffles (35)Obama's mess (1)
work and moneythoddiwork (34)money (61)love (1469)crap (46)
Cellar Dweller -Live Recordingssewer rodCrap (46)lo-fi (39)fun (253)disgusting (4)sometimes (12)hard (103)
End It All (with vox)sewer rodI (149)hate (62)myself (8)want (12)to (103)end (36)it (72)all (42)because (2)I (149)am (22)the (254)biggest (2)piece (5)of (103)crap (46)