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Dubmission (heavy mix)1 a.m.digi (2)dub (63)deep (53)mad (16)professor (3)xterminator (2)dub vision (3)echo (29)delay (17)heavy (204)dread (2)space (234) (0)
Dubmission (deeper mix)1 a.m.sub (4)bass (374)space (234)deep (53)deeper (6)planet (6)dub (63)delay (17)dubmission (2)1 a.m. (1)mad (16)professor (3)dub vision (3)xterminator. (1)
last night (plywood dub mix)1 a.m.last (21)night (129)last night (2)dub (63)downbeat (7)trip hop (62)trip (47)hop (34)lounge (42)echo (29)delay (17)beats (174)nu (2)funk (357)nufunk (2)mix (27)downtempo (96)blunt (2)beats (174)blunted (1)jam (94)lynch (3)david lynch (2)voice (56)beautiful (37)drift (10)drifting (23)orbit (8) (0)
It'll come out (in the wash)apbdelay (17)panning (1)piano (957)guitar (1349)
Fallen TearsHypnotiQ SorcerePop (694)Rock (1959)U2 (19)Police (13)The Police (6)Ballad (259)Pop ballad (3)slow (120)delay (17)The Edge (2)Edge (4)
December10 recordingDrToastyGuitar (1349)delay (17)electronic (563)ballad (259)rock (1959)
ExplodeNewbrokenarabic (19)ethnic (67)smooth (120)slow (120)chill (162)jazz (983)guitar (1349)drums (314)bass (374)piano (957)delay (17)reverb (64)
What you wantckrohmU2 (19)Korg A3 (1)delay (17)
Better Than Here with Chris Borosbuddelay (17)reverb (64)space (234)spiritualized (1)
Mo StóirínckrohmBreakup (41)Rock (1959)U2 (19)Delay (17)Vox (15)Vox AC15 (2)Irish (69)heartbreak (24)sad (189)
gaze 11.15.11airportsevenstatic (9)repetition (7)distortion (47)delay (17)pulse (12)
I'll See You YesterdayaRcTipanalog (26)delay (17)hardware (5)
Cosmic Forces (A Christmas Day 2013 Mix)Reinholt56Ambient (831)Space (234)delay (17)reverb (64)Christmas Day out in the Horse Head Nebula (1)seven minute ride (1)
Interlude #3Reinholt56Interlude (10)synth presets (1)new soft synths (1)new preset sets (1)echo (29)delay (17)effects (25)