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spineStun Nutzcollaboration (131)noise (85)sounds (14)effects (25)unmelodic (1)non-melody (1)spine (2)structure (2)bop bop bop (1)drama (23)aliens (27)Bishop (1)spewing milky white stuff (1)terminator (3)tension and release (1)construction (3)deconstruction (1)relentless (4)distortion (47)
New World BluesKomrade Kblues (741)fiddle (31)violin (104)acoustic (812)distortion (47)effects (25)roots (20)Komrade K (21)improv (57)improvisation (103)improvised (53)lament (23)electric fiddle (5)electric violin (6)
Gammaflogrid stalkergrid stalker (86)heavy metal (62)drum 'n' bass (2)guitar rig (18)reaktor (16)distortion (47)
DuoNearlyArtbaritone saxophone (1)drum kit (3)rhythm (43)noise (85)distortion (47)
Connect Shunned BluesLow End Theorydistorted beat (1)broken beat (1)leftfield (1)breakbeat (69)phone (11)distortion (47)
She Is Love (w rschletty)mint01strings (402)pop (694)love (1469)rock (1959)distortion (47)guitar (1349)lovely (13)
Mental DistortionDarkstalker Xsynth (386)techno (472)hard (103)power (66)drum (76)bass (374)hyper (6)jump (12)sound (35)music (391)cymbal (4)mental (12)distortion (47)strenght (9)
Run for your LifeReinholt56Rock (1959)guitar (1349)electric (100)distortion (47)easy rhythm (1)straight (4)not slow (1)
My Bloody Father's Daybudshimmer (7)drone (26)waves (32)pulse (12)distortion (47)shift (26)effect (13)volume (1)mass (12)slow (120)rinse (4)repeat (9)repeat (9)
Wrecked and BeautifulstevelWrecked (1)beautiful (37)distortion (47)guitar (1349)prefab (1)husker du (2)replacements (1) (0)
LowDistortion1willbill808hip-hop (88)distortion (47)instrumental (832)
Saturnine (Diviner's Distorted Mix)DivinerHard (103)Harsh (3)Techno (472)Distortion (47)
Canyon City BluesHypnotiQ SorcereRyan Adams (11)Bob Dylan (7)Prince (9)Foo Fighters (4)Indie (192)Rock (1959)Guitars (83)distortion (47)
Bantha Fodderfloppysurprisebantha (1)fodder (1)floppy (13)surprise (15)suprise (9)dylan (22)jerrell (12)pigface (1)nin (12)nine (4)inch (3)nails (6)industrial (167)reason (35)slap (5)bass (374)cubase (5)sampling (3)samples (30)led (3)zeppelin (7)john (15)greenville (2)illinois (2)IL (1)distortion (47)
Patienceblackboxambient (831)noise (85)dream (157)distortion (47)hypnotic (14)
Amazon MoonlightEEFliessoverdrive (5)guitar (1349)distortion (47)brass (53)strings (402)
Grime (unfinished)cjhoosecello (82)koto (8)distortion (47)
Gossamer dissectedStun NutzIndustrial (167)electronic (563)effects (25)experimental (505)clarinet (46)loud (79)noisy (7)distortion (47)Gossamer (1)dissected (2)
All Sorts Of Nonsensefloppysurprisefloppy (13)surprise (15)suprise (9)dylan (22)jerrell (12)rap (311)industrial (167)ugly (9)distortion (47)
Dive!dreadmonBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)rock (1959)dive (6)distortion (47) (0)
Roaming (Heavy Remix)alexweilerGuitars (83)heavy (204)metal (274)electronic (563)distortion (47)
Animated Dolls - Slight DistortionDeputyDoofydeputy (102)doofy (116)deputydoofy (125)tracy (1)vosh (1)tracyvosh (1)animated (1)dolls (3)distorted (29)distortion (47)
Love's Gonna Live Heretempieloves (7)family (55)kids (46)wives (3)booster seat (1)distortion (47)frustration (15)
A Clouded MindKyasheMusiccloudy (2)clouded (1)mind (49)fusion (213)jazz (983)mellow (151)keyboards (40)rhodes (15)drums (314)distortion (47)rock (1959)
twitchbuddistortion (47)bombast (1)darkness (38)halloween (69)
thinkingputtyfremsleyrock (1959)heavy (204)instrumental (832)distortion (47)
then it started to rainbudsynths (68)guitars (83)distortion (47)
mahasevenairportsevendistortion (47)repetition (7)be bop (1)psychedelic (124)loud (79)indulgent (2)
gaze 11.15.11airportsevenstatic (9)repetition (7)distortion (47)delay (17)pulse (12)
Finding TruthZoltanTougasNoise (85)Distortion (47)Rhythm (43)Electric Guitar (40)Heavy (204)Trance (387)
slinky mewsterStun Nutzspace (234)jazz (983)distortion (47)organ (108)cat (29)