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Rainy Marchdrakonisrain (140)thunder (26)march (41)myth (12)game (54)bungie (2)harmony assistant (18)drakonis (77)
A Round & Bach Again v3/Finaldrakoniscanon (12)round (19)bach (40)jazz (983)harmony assistant (18)drakonis (77)
Ember-Rekindleddrakonisember (34)ambient (831)dark (422)hope (132)drakonis (77)
Ember-Zitifieddrakonisember (34)ambient (831)dark (422)ziti (35)ruby (2)drakonis (77)
BetweendrakonisBetween (6)poetry (147)lament (23)harmony assistant (18)drakonis (77)
Ember (Haunting Alannah Remix)drakonisember (34)dark (422)ambient (831)poetry (147)haunting (37)alannah (16)drakonis (77)
Barrel of the Kells - Introdrakonisbarrel of the kells (2)harmony assistant (18)carol of the bells (8)bagpipes (11)drakonis (77)ukraine (6)bells (78)shchedryk (5)
Barrell of the Kells-Fulldrakonisbarrel of the kells (2)harmony assistant (18)carol of the bells (8)bagpipes (11)drakonis (77)ukraine (6)bells (78)shchedryk (5)
Caroline's Bear Rag by Drakonis and Lee!!!carolinedrakonis (77)lee (12)clavinova (7)bear (21)rag (15)
Belle Fugue v2 (JP4)drakonisBelle (2)fugue (10)bach (40)carol of the bells (8)canon (12)drakonis (77)carol (32)bells (78)shchedryk (5)
Ember and Cherry Blossom (Drak--remix)MystifiedEmber (34)Drakonis (77)Mystified (167)cherry blossom (2)
Ember-Poem (Caroline's Reading)drakonisember (34)ambient (831)dark (422)hope (132)drakonis (77)caroline (60)poetry (147)
The Legend of Drakonisdrakoniseduard (5)drakonis (77)comdotdom (9)caroline (60)fractal (12)thingy (2)ember (34)
Ember Imbued with Amboodrakonisamboo (1)drakonis (77)ember (34)dark (422)ambient (831)
Dulce Amordrakonisdulcimer (56)drakonis (77)dulce (2)amor (2)sweet (50)love (1469)
Dulce Amor - RoxyvoxRoxyleeRenaissance (52)dulcimer (56)Drakonis (77)Roxylee (45)harmony (88)folk (545)peaceful. (1)
Sometimesdrakonissometimes (12)amble (4)grapefruit (6)unterwafter (3) harmony assistant (10) kevmikwa (2)drakonis (77)
Sometimes - Zauberflöte (magic flute) Mixdrakonissometimes (12)amble (4)grapefruit (6)unterwafter (3) harmony assistant (10) kevmikwa (2)drakonis (77)
Grapefruit Song (Sometimes)drakonissometimes (12)amble (4)grapefruit (6)unterwafter (3) harmony assistant (10)drakonis (77)
Mosquito Song (Grapefruit antidote)drakonissometimes (12)amble (4)grapefruit (6)mosquito (1)roxylee (45)drakonis (77)
DidgeEmber (with Didge-Ache)drakonisember (34)ambient (831)dark (422)hope (132)didgeridu (1)drakonis (77)didge-ache (1)
MusiMorphosisdrakonismetamorphosis (2)brass (53)drakonis (77)
ClassicalChangeElectric LobsterDrakonis (77)s (6)metamorphosis (2)changed (3)by (17)classical (816)underwater (8)creatures (2)
Ember [EZamor Mix]EZamorember (34)drakonis (77)ezamor (3)
Yev-EmberRoxyleeDrakonis (77)Ember (34)Roxylee (45)Yevgeny Yevtushenko (2)poetry (147)spoken (18)ambient (831)
Electric (Yev-Ember Vocal)EMPEMP (1)Drakonis (77)Ember (34)Roxylee (45)smokeyvw (11)Yevgeny Yevtushenko (2)poetry (147)spoken (18)ambient (831)X-Files (2)Drum n Bass (62)Monkeys (14)
Dance of the Technoidsdrakonisdance (780)technoid (2) techno flamenco (1)harmony assistant (18)drakonis (77)eanbardsley (1)
I rem EMBER it well!stevewhitDRAKONIS (77)EMBER (34)
Dancylvaniadrakonisdancylvania (4)haunted (13)romance (74)old country (4)foxtrot (1) harmony assistant (10)drakonis (77)
Ember (Salamander Mix)Lizard*Whistleember (34)drakonis (77)ember rekindled (2)penny whistle (4)fiery lizards (1)
Black Forest DancedrakonisBlack Forest (3)Dancylvania (4)haunted (13)romance (74)old country (4)fairy (10)autumn (41)fauxtrot (3) harmony assistant (10)drakonis (77)
Smokey's Embers (col w Drakonis)SmokeyVWsmokey (3)smokeyvw (11)ember (34)embers (4)drakonis (77)urn (1)
Halloween Punchdrakonisbackwards (8)experiment (48)halloween (69)silly (43)drakonis (77)
Another Green Ember w/Drakonisbudember-rekindled (2)drakonis (77)eduard (5)eno (7)tr808 (1)collab (90)
Black Forest Dance, Take 2drakonisBlack Forest (3)Dancylvania (4)haunted (13)romance (74)old country (4)fairy (10)autumn (41)fauxtrot (3) harmony assistant (10)drakonis (77)
Electrified EmberElectric LobsterMy (104)version (7)of (103)Ember (34)a (136)dark (422)Ambient (831)mix (27)I (149)hope (132)Drakonis (77)likes (3)it (72)
Ember-assed (w/drakonis/custard)apbhip-hop (88)bling (6)chicken (11)pecker (1)custard (2)drakonis (77)ember (34)fun (253)joking (1)not choking (1)
Andes Off! (sschedra guitar version 3)drakonisBig Sur (3)California (25)Condor (6)Ventana Wildlife Society (3)San Diego Zoo (3)CRES (3)Peru (4)pan pipe (2)pan flute (4)zampoña (3)charango (3)Andes (4)not Andean Condors (3)http://cres.sandiegozoo.org/ (3)http://www.ventanaws.org (3)drakonis (77)sschedra (1)
Toxic Desire (Drakonis/BorisLuxx/Roxylee)drakonisabuse (9)sex (99)drugs (57)alcohol (12)addiction (12)depression (39)darkwave (32)toxicity (1)toxic desire (1)borisluxx (5)roxylee (45)drakonis (77)
One of These Daisies (Woodstock-MJ)drakoniswoodstock (27)feter (37)petal (1)daisies (1)sigma 6 (1)spoof (4)drakonis (77)
Quixotic Dreams (first draft)drakonisquixote (2)dream (157)dulcinea (3)music box (7)cervantes (2)hoffmann (2)la mancha (2)windmills (2)drakonis (77)
Theme for a Poor Man's Wizard (Jampack Drak)drakonisnot (34)harry potter (3)at (17)all (42)wizard (3)harmony assistant (18)padowan_learner (1)drakonis (77)
The Snark - Poem (MJ Coffee House)drakonispoem (27)melodrama (2)cautionary tale (1)snark (2)silly (43)maybe not so silly (1)dulcimer (56)dulce (2)drakonis (77)
Best Friends (for Magnatone and Waverly)drakoniswaverly (1)magnatone (5)kassia (6)drakonis (77)best friends (3)doggles (1)
Dragon Scales - storydrakonisdragon (13)allegory (1)story (64)drakonis (77)
Retreat of the Dragons (Mark Holbrook Collab)drakonisretreat (2)dragon (13)mark holbrook (2)drakonis (77)
Still, She Weeps (Ember-CharMix)Charember (34)drakonis (77)char (88)
Rainy March (MJRF 2009 recharge mix)drakonisrain (140)thunder (26)harp (82)french horn (9)cello (82)march (41)myth (12)game (54)bungie (2)harmony assistant (18)drakonis (77)
Yember (Yeman Ember Mix)drakonisYeman (15)Ibanez (8)Ember (34)Drakonis (77) (0)
Ember(Drakonis and Dadgarus collab)dadgarusDrakonis (77)Dadgarus (81)Ember (34)collab (90)
Temporal Tantrum (Video Soundtrack)drakonisabstract (34)addison (2)temporal tantrum (2)drakonis (77)schwansongs (4)
Bach Bach Black Sheepdrakonissheep shearing (1)descanso (1)quimby (1)ravelry (1)fluffysgarden (1)drakonis (77)
Carla's First EmbercarlajpattersonOpen Collab (5)The Ember Project (1)Drakonis (77)wordless singing (1)lullaby (79)
Metamorphosis - NGC6302 (MJ SpaceRace Challenge)ic42butterfly (13)nebula (3)spacerace (2)chaos (36)H.G. Wells (1)cqcq (1)morse code (1)steampunk (5)ic42 (38)drakonis (77)
Temporal Tantrum (Sister Savage Mix)drakonistemporal tantrum (2)sister savage (1)drakonis (77)
Lullaby for the Inner Childdrakonislullaby (79)inner child (3)lena (1)irina panfilova (1)ic42 (38)eduard (5)drakonis (77)
crissew crossed 69 tracksic4269 (4)quantity does not equal quality (1)more cowbell (4)alsihad (1)MixerMan (1)KSA (1)silly (43)crissew wins (1)ic42 (38)drakonis (77)
A Round and Bach Again, version 5 (New Bass sound)drakoniscanon (12)round (19)bach (40)jazzy (37)flute (193)piano (957)bass (374)drakonis (77)
Quixotic Dreams v2 (Maureen on Guitar)drakonisquixote (2)dream (157)dulcinea (3)music box (7)cervantes (2)hoffmann (2)la mancha (2)windmills (2)maureen (1)drakonis (77)
Death of the Phoenix (orchestral interlude)drakonisphoenix (7)lament (23)middle-eastern (5)drakonis (77)
Return of the Phoenix (full piece)drakonisphoenix (7)rebirth (7)orchestra (289)drakonis (77)
NovaEmber or, Ember's Glowrichard13richard13 (90)instrumental (832)collaboration (131)Drakonis (77)synths (68)percussion (78)congas (6)toms (1)
Black Forest Dance, take 3drakonisBlack Forest (3)Dancylvania (4)haunted (13)romance (74)old country (4)fairy (10)autumn (41)fauxtrot (3) harmony assistant (10)drakonis (77)
Bittersweet Hope 0x02ic42dark ambient (8)bittersweet (16)hope (132)sonic mood (2)ic42 (38)drakonis (77)
Heavy EmberWarren SmithWarren Smith (49)Eduard Schwan (1)Drakonis (77)Ember-Rekindled (2)Heavy Ember (1)Aria Pro II guitar (4)M-Audio Keystation 49e (4)iPhone (8)iMac Intel Core 2 Duo (1)birds (40)insects (4)wolves (6)waves (32)