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I Celebrate You With My Lifepoodyglitzinspirational (109)gospel (65)celebrate (7)jesus (141)christ (21)christian (137)god (270)lord (34)love (1469)song (277)bollywood (6)indian (29)ethnic (67)middle (6)eastern (21)uptempo (11)string (15)rhythmic (7)
Arabesque 007burtongereastern (21)drums (314)melodic (94)arabic (19)rock (1959)melodic (94)world (236)percussion (78)
Eastern MixPongoeastern (21)world (236)mix (27)percussion (78)brass (53)woodwind (33)
Cross-Cultural Coupling (Revised Version)alexweilerbollywood (6)india (14)cultural (2)ethnic (67)soundtrack (289)brass (53)sitar (22)violins (9)eastern (21)western (50)action movie (1)
CornucopiaGirkDnB (38)Fusion (213)Trip (47)Hop (34)Heavy (204)Metal (274)Wah-Wah (3)Rock (1959)Eastern (21)Turkish (9)Harmonic (4)Minor (12)Bowed Guitar (1)Reverse Guitar (1)Crash (23)Cymbal (4)Hard bass (1)Canon (12)Orchestral (141)Rotor plectrum trill (1)Nascent Chant (1)Dervish (1)
Kyrgyz GirllengoldEastern (21)Kyrgyzstan (2)Kyrgyz (1)Belly Dance (1)turkish (9)
Rawaii RiffAnswermanMiddle Eastern (26)Electronic (563)Techno (472)Eastern (21)Dance (780)
Dreams of DamascusYordbearMandolin (61)soundtrack (289)eastern (21)
Fantasy Lady (ft Awigze)lengoldFantasy (37)Lady (14)Eastern (21)
Eastern Skygrahame1956Eastern (21)Sky (65)
Eastern OscillationoldlibmikeInternational (33)world (236)eastern (21)
A Meeting of East and WestFire_AngelPiano (957)Eastern (21)Oriental (17)
A Meeting of East and West (Old version)Fire_AngelPiano (957)Eastern (21)Oriental (17)
Favoring CurryoldlibmikeChillout (62)sitar (22)eastern (21)
Roomba's RevengeoldlibmikeiPad (73)World (236)Eastern (21)Garageband (82)AniMoog (7)Figure (6)iVoxel (1)Sunrizer (2)
A Meeting of East and West (revised)Fire_AngelPiano (957)Eastern (21)Oriental (17)
A Meeting Of East and WestFire_AngelPiano (957)Eastern (21)Oriental (17)
Sunset in BanarasbilldancourtneyIndian (29)strange (32)Eastern (21) (0)