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ForwardMissChaosPiano (957)instrumental (832)emotion (25)MissChaos (23)
Taking the Timewilliam devineGuitars (83)Harmonies (35)Vocals (151)emotion (25)class (8)Love Song (76)Dynamic (12)Guitar solo (124)Guitar harmonies studio production (1)1978 (4)Rutgers (2)
No more(Love to shine*)MJGswing (64)dance (780)emotion (25)live (168)improv (57)1st time played* (1)
What Now?SEAC99Rock (1959)Alternative (400)heartbreak (24)hurt (26)broken heart (7)time (141)questioning (2)? (18)whatever (17)love (1469)stolen (4)what (39)now (20)what now (1)knife (8)stab (1)heart (150)crying (19)stupid (36)hate (62)emotion (25)ambience (18)Alternative Rock (47)acoustic (812)
Come Cleanraceratcome (18)clean (22)emotion (25)angry (27)man (46)boy (24)history (23)feat (1)will (23)apathy (4)snapshot (1)mean (10)
In deiner eigenen WeltWinterschlaeferlove (1469)emotion (25)distance (12)funk (357)tragedy (9)trust (15)freedom (80)independence (3)
Constant emotion (w/stevel/Feter/musichead/Estella) (MJRF)apbMJRF (14)2006 (7)2005 (5)constant (2)emotion (25)
Color BlindSweetBacteriaAlternative (400)angst (15)emotion (25)rock (1959)bright (16)honest (9)party (45)
Lethal Emotions II (with percussion)MKVXSymphony (76)Euphoria (4)Angels (40)Love (1469)Emotion (25)Fatal (1)MKVX (18)drums (314)strings (402)synths (68)percussion (78)cinenma (1)orchestra (289)
A Song For Milonitekatt2009smooth jazz (28)ballad (259)easy listening (67)jazz (983)piano (957)strings (402)emotion (25)strings (402)
Die (Album Version)screamalexzdie (24)love (1469)pain (93)screamalexz (31)emotion (25)art (81)music (391)
If I Didn't Careclaypottslove (1469)care (16)emotion (25)
Congratulations it's somebodysaSHguitARacoustic (812)warm (25)soft (85)emotion (25)emotional (41)deep (53)dark (422)open tuning (6)