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Yism'khuCantorJewish (12)klezmer (8)ethnic (67)tunafish (15)perplexing (1)cornball (2)
Koto Smashing MadnessThe Composerkoto (8)Japanese (48)ethnic (67)electronic (563)
No15 (The Indian Rape in Stereo)The Composergranulation (1)violin (104)tablas (5)Indian (29)ethnic (67)improvised (53)instrumental (832)sitar (22)
Da ShipsKomrade Kfolk (545)celtic (130)fiddle (31)violin (104)Scottish (17)Shetland (2)traditional (103)British (37)roots (20)acoustic (812)Komrade K (21)ethnic (67)jig (14)reel (5)whisky (5)electric fiddle (5)electric violin (6)
Why?Komrade Kklezmer (8)Komrade K (21)violin (104)fiddle (31)roots (20)reggae (85)jewish (12)ethnic (67)world (236)folk (545)bittersweet (16)the human condition (1)electric fiddle (5)electric violin (6)
Visions of Antioch (Extra Virgin remix)Komrade KOrient (6)arab (3)middle east (6)Komrade K (21)roots (20)ambient (831)dance (780)house (194)electronica (379)roots (20)ethnic (67)orchestral (141)prayer call (1)wot no fiddle? (3)Middle Eastern (26)
7Pillars (Dream Mix)-Collab with PieSlimGirlFatGuitars (83)Pie (7)SlimGirlFat (34)Vocals (151)Loud (79)Late nights (3)More guitars (2)Electronic (563)Rock (1959)Ethnic (67)Dance (780)Collaboration (131)Instrumental (832)Drums (314)Synthesizer (74)
Dude, Where's My Camel?InterDimensionalWorld (236)Ethnic (67)Dulcimer (56)Tabla (8)Ceramic Drum (1)Didjeridoo (1)Dance (780)Electronic (563)Middle Eastern (26)
No future without musicswitchpiano (957)ethnic (67)jazz (983)funk (357)
I Celebrate You With My Lifepoodyglitzinspirational (109)gospel (65)celebrate (7)jesus (141)christ (21)christian (137)god (270)lord (34)love (1469)song (277)bollywood (6)indian (29)ethnic (67)middle (6)eastern (21)uptempo (11)string (15)rhythmic (7)
Journey WithinParichayakameditation (65)soundtrack (289)new age (165)silence (22)inspiring (6)soulful (11)flute music (1)relaxation (14)garageband (82)march of the penguins (1)world music (18)ethnic (67)
YamPak WhirledBubowskiWorld Music (18)Jam Pack 5 (14)Loops (169)Middle Eastern (26)Africa (18)Kalimba (4)International (33)Ethnic (67)Saz (4)Darbouka (4)Rabab (1)Oud (6)
Middleastern to native/WORLDburtongerworld (236)arabic (19)native (6)drums (314)loops (169)ethnic (67)
Cubano-reggae 411burtongerworld (236)reggae (85)cuban (11)ethnic (67)piano (957)percussion (78)loops (169) (0)
Walking by the riverrocky55New Age (165)World (236)Ethnic (67)Bagpipe (2)Sitar. Trumpet (1)Piano (957)
worlds fairoctafishdub (63)world (236)ethnic (67)loops (169)apple (13)
rise up intooctafishafrican (16)ethnic (67)guitar (1349)voices (21)
Cross-Cultural Coupling (Revised Version)alexweilerbollywood (6)india (14)cultural (2)ethnic (67)soundtrack (289)brass (53)sitar (22)violins (9)eastern (21)western (50)action movie (1)
AsiaOneManBandasia (28)ethnic (67)asian (20)bells (78)percussion (78)
Call From The MinaretRandomAlfalpha (25)SecaMode (25)Call (12)Minaret (1)World (236)Ethnic (67)Reggae (85)
Bombay tracksvblueskydance (780)disco (44)ethnic (67)art rock (39)
41407goniobass (374)solo (125)ethnic (67)percussion (78)
AlegreValleyPastorlatin (117)bossa (19)jazz (983)Brazil (6)ethnic (67)
Vindaloomerethnic (67)
JamboReinholt56Swahili (1)African (16)Ethnic (67)happy (163)
Vualseblau (sample)emburkemarch (41)song (277)Ethnic (67)European (7)Street Procession (1)
Alamoth (sample)emburkeMiddle Eastern (26)Dance (780)Ethnic (67)
Belly dancevictorias_playgroundbelly dancing (4)ethnic (67)saxaphone (2)
Alexandria's Revengevictorias_playgroundEgypt (10)ethnic (67)drums (314)acoustic (812)film (111)visual music (1)instrumental (832)
Across the ContinentsGrathyworld (236)clarinet (46)ethnic (67)middle-east (1)
Desert Dwellervictorias_playgroundVictoria (7)enya (16)flute (193)drum (76)acoustic (812)desert (39)emotional (41)ethnic (67)traditional (103)
Warm and smokywillbill808hip hop (417)rap (311)willbill808 (92)ethnic (67)smoky (4)warm (25)dj straight 8 (78)
ExplodeNewbrokenarabic (19)ethnic (67)smooth (120)slow (120)chill (162)jazz (983)guitar (1349)drums (314)bass (374)piano (957)delay (17)reverb (64)
The Endless DanceWharmtonRiseEthnic (67)Ambient (831) (0)
Extra Solar pt2WharmtonRisecinematic (124)soundtrack (289)ambient (831)film (111) (0)
Extra Solar pt1WharmtonRisecinematic (124)soundtrack (289)ethnic (67)world (236)new age (165)ambient (831)orchestral (141)vocalise (1) (0)
Mia CafedreadmonBing Futch (54)dreadmon (53)mountain dulcimer (22)Native American flute (11)world (236)ethnic (67)Australia (17)Egyptian (3)didgeridoo (20)rhythm (43)beat (137)
World Ambient #1 (The Krishna Mix)Reinholt56Ambient (831)world (236)ethnic (67)Krishna (1)Eye of Shiva (1)experiment (48)butterscotch (1)pvcu (1)
Utterly GeschonkenflaapedJungleMovementGoa (12)trance (387)ethnic (67)
The Smell of Sandalwood IncenseRen-Tin-10sandalwood (1)incense (3)ethnic (67)Shankar (2)
Mangoes in the MorningYordbearAfrican (16)folk (545)ethnic (67)mangoes (1)mango (2)
Pandorastone0388Avatar (2)Pandora (3)Chill (162)Relax (57)Ambient (831)World (236)Ethnic (67)
Song of Mbira (Updated)BubowskiMbira (2)Kalimba (4)Ethnic (67)Percussion (78)Marimba (14)Africa (18)
Listening867-5309Listening (1)Motivational (1)Ethnic (67)International Appeal (1)Raw Onion (1)Cry (39)Inspirational (109)Weep (4)Scott Horwath (37)Piano Solos (1)
FlootLoopzH3nryflute (193)drums (314)ethnic (67)tribal (36)experimental (505)
Lone Wolf (by DAR, live @ WOW Theatre)iG.STUDiOiG.STUDiO (28)DAR (9)live (168)ewi (38)world (236)ethnic (67)
A dwelling in the pastapbeternal (12)love (1469)death (198)ghost (43)dwelling in the past (1)jaunty (7)haunty (1)ethnic (67)mandolin (61)banjo (42)acoustic (812)folk (545)pop (694)rock (1959)alternative (400)
DJ4Kat - 4Cat Hot Sand [instrumental]DJ4KatRnB (21)Rap (311)Hip Hop (417)Ethnic (67)Instrumental (832)Hot (64)Desert (39)Cat (29)DJ4Kat (4)Free Download (8)
DJ4Kat - The Arabic Caravan [Remix Instrumental]DJ4KatArabic (19)Ethnic (67)Instrumental (832)Hip Hop (417)Rap (311)World (236)DJ4Kat (4)Free Download (8)Caravan (4)Egypt (10)Uncharted (1)
_'Opening Night'_TvRickyEthnic (67)International (33)World (236)Free (69)Download (9)Google (33)
-'African Tears'_featuring 'Abzwork'TvRickyWorld (236)ethnic (67)international. Fusion (1)
_'Dragon Time'_TvRickyWorld (236)Ethnic (67)International (33)Ambient (831)TvRicky (46)
_'Dragon Time'_TvRickyWorld (236)Ethnic (67)International (33)Fusion (213)Zipped (2)TvRicky (46)
DJ4Kat - Turkey Riddim [Instrumental]DJ4KatRiddim (4)Dancehall (3)Free Download (8)Instrumental (832)Beat (137)DJ4Kat (4)Ethnic (67)Turkish (9)
DJ4Kat - Piping Hot Riddim [Dancehall Instrumental]DJ4KatEthnic (67)Turkey (5)Arabic (19)Instrumental (832)Dancehall (3)Riddim (4)World (236)Hot (64)
DJ4Kat - Sphinx Dance Riddim [Instrumental] [FREE DOWNLOAD]DJ4KatReggaeton (6)Riddim (4)Sphinx (1)Dance (780)Egyptian (3)Instrumental (832)Free Download (8)World (236)Arabic (19)Ethnic (67)
Solitario (CD version)Peter Greenstoneethnic (67)desert (39)rock (1959)volcano (5)
NIKOSBowmanBowman (91)Mazarakes (89)Classical (816)Greek (9)Ethnic (67)Dance (780) (0)