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Death Is Upon Thee (v1.1)DeputyDoofyevil (52)horror (30)doofy (116)
I Never Cared(Remake)DOSdark (422)evil (52)fast (162)
SacrficeDOShoror (1)death (198)die (24)dramatic (34)overdramtic (1)choir (45)strings (402)electric (100)dark (422)evil (52)
A Pug Chompin a NugAweful NoiseHip hop (417)rooster (2)ganja (1)reagae (1)sucks (9)beats (174)torchhappy (11)evil (52)righteous (4)dork (19)knob (3)tool (6)lame (6)fool (13)nerd (12)bucket (8)slob (1)mathematics (2)dogs (19)pug (1)pugs (2)nugs (1)rug (1)mug (1)trippy (50)art (81)
mouthshreddedfaloevil (52)mouthshredded (1)sunshine (30)
Hungercjorgensenmythology (10)faith (62)religion (46)good (182)evil (52)god (270)poetry (147)pastry (1)
Fasty BassPlasmic Steveplodding (2)evil (52)ominous (7)forlorn (2)
Fasty Bass 2Plasmic Steveominious (1)evil (52)murky (4)frightening (1)
Standing AlonejgurnerHappy (163)Peppy (4)breakup (41)evil (52)dumbfound (1)
New Evilfalonew (167)evil (52)falo (18)lychanthropic (1)fornication (1)dirty (16)breeding (1)fight (32)the (254)dead (41)with (40)dead (41)
A Slow, Pulsing EvilDeputyDoofydeputydoofy (125)doof (52)slow (120)pulsing (13)evil (52)
What Do You Careeleveneyeswhat (39)do (20)you (195)care (16)911 (5)pop (694)culture (3)terrorist (4)media (12)armpit (1)nosehair (1)bush (58)evil (52)cheney (1)more evil (1)pizza (10)hong kong (1)gay (11)coke (4)yolks (1)kim-chee (1)saurkraut (1)chemicals (3)beer (60)thong (2)grandma (3)fear (60)rock (1959)alternative (400)rap (311) (0)
fall for grace (by the hamlet machines)cjdaleyevil (52)girl (144)
Sense of LosseasyesteemerEvil (52)chill (162)space (234)cold (64)menacing (2) (0)
The Altered Staterockaholic392evil (52)fast (162)techno (472)tri-tone (1)experimental (505)techno (472)trance (387)metal (274)
The Bitter Truth/Acceptancerockaholic392acceptance (6)anger (34)angry (27)metal (274)heavy (204)sad (189)minimalist (13)new-age (7)orchestra (289)evil (52)
Evil GeniusSheazleEvil (52)Genius (5)Awesome (81)
The EVIL Robotic UnicornTheWhizziesevil (52)robotic (3)unicorn (3)synth (386)electronic (563)loops (169)children's music (14)kids (46)fantasy (37)story (64)funny (85)
Halloweenirok75scary (42)evil (52)strings (402)synth (386)
Twix or Treat [Halloween in the Bible Belt]Bob6stringerHalloween (69)collab (90)sketch (7)religion (46)bible (21)satan (15)evil (52)scary (42)Nick Cave (2)Gang of Four (1)Talking heads (1)B-52s (2) (0)
Evil ProfessorXept!cevil (52)soundtrack (289)humorous (4)light (158)classical (816)
Evil ThingchronologicJoke (4)Funny (85)Rock Star Girl (1)Evil (52)Humor (43)
Let me bedadgarusdark (422)metal (274)evil (52)destiny (8)hell (37)dadgar (92)dadgarus (81)let (16)be (112)
Let me bedadgarusdark (422)hell (37)evil (52)dadgar (92)dadgarus (81)agony (3)bloody (5)
The wrath of wolvesdadgaruswerewolf (6)werewolves (2)wrath (3)demons (6)evil (52)god (270)god of war (1)god of gods (1)dadgar (92)dadgarus (81)
Wolves of the SkyKori ArashiKori (12)Arashi (12)Symphonic (35)Cinematic (124)Metal (274)Drama (23)Evil (52)Heavy (204)WWII (4)Dog (42)Fight (32)Bombers (2)Violent (4)
Child LaborVaisvilambient (831)labor (1)child labor (1)evil (52)corporations (1)
Dark Days of Darcieasyesteemerevil (52)control (27)metal (274)idiot (11)power (66)abuse (9)torment (3)stupid (36)dumb (16)
Theme for an evil witchGrifionwitch (8)evil (52)cinematic-soundtrack (1)dance (780)
DeepKev3136ambient (831)dark (422)deep (53)scary (42)evil (52)synth (386) (0)
Witches Sadness (Prototype 81, Ruby and 5XA) Halloween Spooktacularfive_extra_armsGood (182)Witch (8)Beautiful (37)Evil (52)
Premonitions (2011)MetalPhildeath (198)death metal (13)progressive (220)acoustic (812)dreams (118)prophecies (2)evil (52)
Which One?FatherTimetwofaced (1)phony (2)evil (52)duplicitous (1)princess (5)throne (2)feelings (10)love (1469)complicated (3)
Wretched Manfive_extra_armsgood (182)evil (52)wretched man (1)romanssevenfifteenthrutwentyfive (1)free delivery (1)
The Evil Sister ReturnsbilldancourtneyElectronic (563)synth (386)evil (52)Kaossilator (6)