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So Near To Homekatiekhhome (76)missing you (2)lonely (64)face (32)sky (65)next to me (1)love (1469)want to go home (1)camp (4)courage (3)
Face in the sandchuck_tface (32)in (105)the (254)sand (27)
Face In The Sandchuck_tface (32)in (105)the (254)sand (27)
KNUCKLE BRICK BOXINGThe Far Away Boysdemo (43)beer (60)face (32)melting (13)wanna (6)be (112)rock (1959)stars (62)
WAR (F*CK THE SYSTEM)ronnielongFace (32)melting (13)beer (60)rage (12)war (168)bush (58)still (22)sucks (9)ass (22)
SEX on the Couch with Toast! (Live improv song!)The Far Away Boyssex (99)on (52)couch (5)with (40)toast (7)drunk (30)funny (85)live (168)face (32)melting (13)
Face of TimebreezerTime (141)Clock (86)Faces (5)Blur (5)Breezer (28)years (11)face (32) (0)
KILL ITThe Far Away BoysGuinness (8)Drunk (30)Jameson (3)Whiskey (18)Live (168)Melt (2)your (58)face (32)off (10)
A New Face In TownTheSkankBrothersFace (32)Mule (1)Chaps (1)Chapesses (1)GQ (1)Plastic (8)Lies (32)
SHIV (Live)The Far Away BoysFace (32)melting (13)shivtastical (2)rock (1959)your (58)ass (22)off (10)beer (60)jameson (3)
THE ROADronnielongGuitar (1349)Face (32)Melting (13)Beer (60)Road (36)Throwback (1)Cover (27)of (103)my (104)own (11)song (277)
Giggle Snot Symphonybjorkforkerbjork (2)forker (1)bjorkforker (1)giggle (1)snot (2)gigglesnot (1)symphony (76)seven (9)movements (3)progressive (220)rock (1959)progressive rock (90)pugs (2)happy (163)face (32)happy face (1)adolescent (1)love (1469)adolescent love (2)school (29)bus (5)school bus (1)history (23)class (8)history class (1)day (51)dream (157)day dream (2) (0)
Facedownbrown trousersface (32)down (49)facedown (1)face down (1)
Out of a clear Blue Sky (the Empyrean)ronnielongGuitar (1349)Solo (125)Face (32)Melt (2)Beer (60)is (65)good (182)thanks (14)for (57)listening (12)
Croaky Vocal Banana Gum-ballJustmescrewingaroundSuper (5)freinds (1)porn (6)face (32)eating (5)your (58)clap (7)gall (1)croaky (1)vocal (197)banana (4)gum-ball (1)
MURDER 101 (Die for You) feat. rsorensen!!ronnielongface (32)melting (13)goodness (9)thanks (14)for (57)listening (12)
Behind Blue EyesronnielongGuitar (1349)Beer (60)is (65)good (182)chilled (12)out (47)face (32)melting (13)
Behind Blue Eyes (remix)ronnielongGuitar (1349)beer (60)is (65)good (182)chilled (12)out (47)face (32)melting (13)
Carol of the Bells (2008)ronnielongI hope (1)you (195)like (30)your (58)face (32)melted (2)
FAREWELL TO ARMSronnielonghope (132)you (195)like (30)having (1)your (58)face (32)melted (2)off (10)
Home In Green (First Demo--RAW!!)indigobluHome (76)childhood (17)loss (85)memory (32)recollections (2)missing (20)time (141)faces (5)streets (6)passing through (2)lines (2)face (32)pavement (1)parking (1)walls (6)halls (4)moving (17)blue sky (4)town (12)stories (7)canine thrills (1)tennis shoes (1)stray dogs (1)
April Is In My Mistress' Face - Thomas MorleyLonePineMusicthomas (3)morley (1)madrigal (5)april (1)mistress (3)face (32)recorder (48)instrumental (832)
75 Spring Break DubDJ WERDdub (63)bass (374)school (29)space (234)rhyme (6)place (9)time (141)face (32)
FIREY DEATH!!!!!!!!!! (symphwitness 101 remake)dimm witnessSKWERYL (2)yanni (9)soft (85)rock (1959)face (32)off (10) (0)
Indubitatuschristopherpslyindubitatus (2)christopher (190)sly (195)classical (816)composer (159)oldham (34)saddleworth (70)face (32)cloud (11)god (270)