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Blackberries (collab w/alley-oop)ledebutant1970's (6)collaboration (131)America (43)soothing (37)Neil Young (9)immigration (6)emmigration (1)Arkansas (4)family (55)1978 (4)Bee Gees (2)female vocal (9)slide guitar (13)story (64)alley-oop and ledebutant (2)Bi-Coastal (2)
Turn The KeyTobinMuellerfolk (545)harp (82)adult contemporary (17)easy listening (67)spiritual (68)inspirational (109)family (55)love (1469)ethereal (36)
EmmetPeter GreenstoneAlzheimer's (1)family (55)sickness (5)waiting (26)orchestra (289)aging (8)isolation (10)piano (957)
bang bang hey heyStun NutzKids (46)fun (253)rock (1959)kazoo (16)stomp (12)noise (85)family (55)loops (169)modified loops (55)samples (30)chanting (6)shouting (6)devil worship (1)
Cage Of RageAncient RhymerKurbstomp (55)URG (20)U.R.G. (25)Underground Rap Generals (19)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)Ancient Rhymer (38)El Canto (18)Holistik (44)G1 (14)Mexico (14)Violence (18)CIA (1)DEA (1)FBI (4)Revenge (14)Irony (8)Street Poetry (2)Terror (19)Haunting (37)Trip Hop (62)Hip Hop (417)Tequila (6)Alter Ego (3)Family (55)Fake (9)Story (64)Legend (7)Tail (1)Metaphysical (2)Sprit (2)Spiritual (68)Dr. Jekyl/Mr. Hyde (1)Fiction (4)Dark (422)Destructive (1)Cybernetic (2)Puppet (10)Gun (21)Troops (4)Bust (2)Revelation (7)
When The World Forgets About Mejesushairdomissing (20)lost (82)forgotten (5)forget (13)death (198)friend (129)lover (18)father (56)mother (51)brother (19)sister (9)family (55)touch (6)connect (1)letter (7)
Bond (It takes only a second)jesushairdofriend (129)fight (32)sad (189)holiday (146)family (55)lost (82)goodbye (46)farewell (14)
Far Away From HomejgurnerFamily (55)Father (56)Memories (66)Photos (3)Alaska (4)World War II (1)
FamilyjgurnerFamily (55)Parents (8)Father (56)Mother (51)Brothers (7)Sister (9)Siblings (1)Photographs (5)Memories (66)Reflections (4)
DaffodilsjgurnerFamily (55)Memories (66)Daffodils (1)Flowers (33)Childhood (17)photos (3)photographs (5)
Hearts In The SandBoiAfricaReligion (46)Jesus (141)Christ (21)love (1469)philosophy (13)relationships (43)family (55)life (255)sex (99)
Winter's BreathjgurnerFamily (55)Photos (3)Winter (77)Snow (82)Memories (66)Childhood (17)
Hot Spot(Vocal version)timothy devinebig band (24)anniversary (9)Family (55)fun (253)Marraige (1)Mom (16)Dad (16)
Rolling Familyjesushairdofamily (55)road trip (6)car (25)drive (15)puppy (2)dog (42)mother (51)father (56)brother (19)sister (9)japan (62)japanese (48)asia (28)
Saturday Morning ChildBoiAfricaRhytym (1)blues (741)heartbreak (24)romantic (64)family (55)blues (741)
Mother Goosery a.k.a "Stewies Song"tooshuStewie (1)Tooshu (13)Shu (6)family (55)guy (3)pickles (3)
I'VE BEEN DOWN (w.Bluepiano)BarretokBlues (741)Florida (8)Traveling (9)family (55)being down (1)frustration (15)disappointment (6)humor (43)
Morning SongLivingstonefolk (545)folk rock (45)canada (26)ocean (61)stan rogers (1)thoughts (17)love of home (1)family (55)sailing (12)nature (72) (0)
JAMIE WAS A GOOD GIRLBarretokGirl (144)skirts (2)shirts (1)heart (150)lonely (64)ride (19)school (29)good (182)high (22)unfair (1)soul (144)short (118)teenage (3)jerk (5)family (55)
Attack of the Flying Salad feat. Rebsie (produced by Datafunk)Ancient RhymerRebsie (48)Datafunk (4)Dj French Toast (11)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)Ancient Rhymer (38)Kurbstomp (55)Hip Hop (417)Salad (2)Flying (29)Attack (10)Deceive (1)connive (1)uncover (1)humiliate (1)return (12)hype (2)HaF (1)Drama (23)climatic (1)struggle (8)lady (14)affection (1)turmoil (1)torment (3)idiocy (2)stupidity (2)misunderstanding (2)family (55)sour (3)taste (3)
Necessary PainchronologicRock (1959)Pain (93)Family (55)
A Family DrivethetilerFamily (55)love (1469)great times (1)happiness (50)enjoyment (4)laughter (12)redwoods (1)sunny days (1)water skiing (1)open air theater (1)barn dance (2)Nigre's Itallian Restaurant (1)drives (1)parents (8)
A Family Drive (Version 3)thetilermom (16)dad (16)driving (45)country (178)scenery (10)happiness (50)fun times (2)family (55)
the Wheel WatchLivingstoneOcean (61)Storm (27)Family (55)fishing (10)ship (20)boat (16)waves (32)coffee (29)galley (2)Captain (11) (0)
Wheel Watch Collaboration track for CMJLivingstoneOcean (61)storm (27)waves (32)ups n downs (1)life (255)love (1469)family (55) (0)
CompanyThe InfinitesCompany (4)friends (78)family (55)Real Politique (9) (0)
Love's Gonna Live Heretempieloves (7)family (55)kids (46)wives (3)booster seat (1)distortion (47)frustration (15)
LOVES GONNA LIVE HERE (NEW MIX)tempiefamily (55)megaphone (2)back-off (1)
The Only Time - (redone)slopartssteel (8)mill (4)hungry (5)dog (42)america (43)story (64)daddy (6)fish (16)hunt (21)right (13)fight (32)cry (39)goodbye (46)pain (93)mamma (4)integrity (3)family (55) (0)
Family is you and weJoeGarveyFamily (55)child (32)parent (2)you (195)we (33)everything (17)safe (5)
Tainted Familydadgarusdadgar (92)dadgarus (81)hard rock (100)rock (1959)family (55)tainted (1)mother (51)father (56)son (30)fury (4)cruelty (3)
Where Can I Go?thedobboschristian (137)kids (46)kids music (4)family (55)gospel (65)
Wedding Daythedobboschristian (137)wedding (23)pop (694)gospel (65)family (55)
The Last CorrespondenceBoiAfricalove (1469)abandon (1)father (56)family (55)loss (85)separation (9)
Summer BreakaRcTipbbq (1)sprinkler (1)fun (253)sun (110)play (20)beer (60)ice (25)party (45)friends (78)kids (46)family (55)lawn mower (1)bugs (5)beach (31)vacation (18)
Gudda Mouf - GO SO HARD Ft. J-DookieJ-DookieGudda Mouf (1)Awful philosophical (1)j-dookie (14)slug life (6)salem (17)missouri (14)f-bomb (15)family (55)hip hop (417)rap (311)g-code (2)shake junt (2)
SKATE RATJ-DookieLonita (1)messina (1)marino (3)joshua (2)j-dookie (14)nollie (1)knowledge (9)awesome (81)skate (3)rat (4)skate board (1)gnarly (10)salem (17)missouri (14)mid west (1)rap (311)hip hop (417)f-bomb (15)choppy gadda (7)shake junt (2)family (55)
Love Crazy BabyKicballove (1469)crazy (86)baby (58)original (78)tenor (15)saxophone (56)sax (98)guitar (1349)fender (37)garageband (82)vocals (151)sexy (40)relationship (39)synths (68)programming (4)drums (314)rock (1959)funk (357)pop (694)rap (311)harmonies (35)hammond (5)alternative (400)family (55)relationships (43)lyrics (43)
Slug AnthemJ-Dookiej-dookie (14)jo pokie (11)slug (2)slug life (6)life (255)f-bomb (15)fuck (12)mafia (1)family (55)crew (4)rap (311)hip hop (417)hot (64)justin bieber (1)brittany spears (1)skateboard (3)gnarly (10)salem (17)missouri (14)shitty (2)mixtape (2)album (21)when it was (1)family affair (1)affair (5)when (19)it (72)was (6)65560 (1)injured (2)hurt (26)pain (93)guns (16)violence (18)
Hater (Prod. by Str8 Sic Beats)J-Dookief (5)n (5)awesome (81)cool (98)titties (2)j-dookie (14)f-bomb (15)family (55)salem (17)missouri (14)hip hop (417)slip (2)slop (2)