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Do u know who u R?CandorwienRock (1959)alternative (400)fast (162) (0)
I Never Cared(Remake)DOSdark (422)evil (52)fast (162)
Seethingdomdinorelentless (4)rise (15)powerful (8)fast (162)slow (120)power (66)crush (9)grow (5)
EuroStancedkonghighEuro (11)dance (780)trance (387)fun (253)upbeat (69)club (174)fast (162)cool (98)hot (64) (0)
AperitifClevortrevorFast (162)pulsing (13)vibrating (1)rhythm (43)surging movement (1)techno (472)
String Quartet in D MajorValleymanstring (15)quartet (21)musical (26)classical (816)D major (6)intense (32)fast (162)clever (5)diatonic (2)good (182) (0)
Yellow Jacket/ac.guitarthetilerGuitar (1349)fingerpicking guitar (100)classical guitar (110)guitar (1349)guitar solo (124)strings (402)guitar strings (90)guitar player (90)advanced solo guitar playing (90)acoustical guitarists (90)soloist (90)musical soloist (89)classical (816)guitar music (90)guitarist (92) (0)
Serious DeliriumAncient RhymerSerious (7)Delirium (1)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)Ancient Rhymer (38)El Canto (18)U.R.G. (25)URG (20)Underground Rap Generals (19)Kurbstomp (55)Freestyle (14)Whistle (20)Fast (162)Holistik (44)G1 (14)
Come A Little CloserCIPHERloud (79)fast (162)metal (274)double bass (9)middle eastern (26)hack (6)cipher (23)midi (73)smack (4)pound (4)crap (46)waffles (35)kittens (7)Canadian (5)
Never SurrenderAEROjetBebop (17)fast (162)jazz (983)piano (957)hyper (6)no loops (38)improv (57)improvised (53)improvisation (103)chaos (36)chaotic (7)stressful (1)stress (10)anger (34)insanity (28)despair (19)
Pay My Dues- LIVE!aclarkeLive (168)rock (1959)aclarke (13)acoustic (812)fast (162)fun (253)loud (79)
Same Old Story (collab w/stevel)paulhenrysstevel (39)paulhenrys (3)relationship (39)rock & roll (25)fast (162)uptempo (11)
Hijack!Ancient RhymerHolistik (44)Kurbstomp (55)Ancient Rhymer (38)El Canto (18)JDK (38)JDKhaos (29)URG (20)U.R.G. (25)Underground Rap Generals (19)Fast (162)Hijack (1)Thief (2)Pawn (1)Grab (1)Snatch (2)Steal (1)Whiplash (1)Flute (193)Strings (402)DnB (38)Trip Hop (62)Hip Hop (417)
BooAEROjetGame (54)Mario (4)Boo (3)Ghost (43)DnB (38)Video Game (15)nintendo (12)tribute (39)fast (162) (0)
Look to the distance feat JDK, BlitzMasta_phatlook (11)distance (12)JDK (38)Masta Phat (12)Blitz (5)hip hop (417)fast (162)rap (311)
Serious DeliriumHolistikFast (162)doubletime (1)serious delerium (1)coffee (29)ancient rhymer (38)urg (20)u.r.g. (25)kurbstomp (55)carson (13)holistik (44)austin powers (2)
As Fast as Snowsatmaniskingsnow (82)fast (162)sound (35)light (158)feel I am falling down Like tiny tiny flakes of snow I am likin at my lips i cant seem to just let go the wind blowing cold everything as bright as gold tumblin throu the sky nothin seems to catch my eye I am breathin really hard can hear my beating heart blood rushin to my head fingertips as cold as lead Hurling through space and time not a thought in my mind no signals no stop signs lets do it one more time Hurling through space and time not a thought in my mind not a moment i will miss going through this state of Bliss sweaty sweaty palm cant manage to keep my calm mind wont keep it quite body is dripping with fright darting though the air still dont know exactly where will I land on solid ground speeding past a wave of sound I am breathin really hard can hear my beating heart blood rushin to my head fingertips as cold as lead (0)
Television ScreamParanoid Androidt.v. (3)rock (1959)roll (43)fast (162)pace (5)yell (3)scheme (3)guitars (83) (0)
At The Racesmfrace (9)fusion (213)jazz (983)instrumental (832)rock (1959)guitar (1349)solo (125)fast (162)human (10)
Drivin' Down the Roadbreezerbreezer (28)car (25)road (36)driving (45)love (1469)bliss (10)police (13)ford (4)mustang (2)speed (36)race (9)fast (162)lust (18)lips (9)kiss (24)state patrol (1)
Acoustic Rushthetilerfast (162)stop and go (1)need for speed (1)
Hyper DestructionDarkstalker XHardcore (53)techno (472)fast (162)loud (79)speed (36)hyper (6)destruction (20)blast (3)alarm (4)robot (24)synth (386)
EscapeLightTronicsEscape (18)fast (162)energy (42)LightTronics (29)tofu (2)
I can sense itMasta_phatrap (311)hip (32)hop (34)hip hop (417)masta phat (12)jdk (38)trance (387)I (149)can (13)sense (4)all (42)this (44)tension (21)serious (7)fast (162)
Sought Freedom(0.1)Darkstalker Xsynth (386)electronic (563)techno (472)dark (422)deep (53)darktone (2)soother (2)action (28)fight (32)hardcore (53)fast (162)
Sought Freedom(Complete)Darkstalker Xsynth (386)electronic (563)techno (472)dark (422)deep (53)darktone (2)soother (2)action (28)fight (32)hardcore (53)fast (162)
Mystic BurstDarkstalker Xpower (66)fast (162)synth (386)might (8)mystic (5)hyper (6)happy (163)drums (314)feeling (35)pad (4)bass (374)might (8)
ThrowdownCIPHERtechno (472)bass (374)angry (27)fast (162)metal (274)heavy (204)waffles (35)Bush (58)death (198)tongue (11)thumper (1)war (168)mix (27)crap (46)
Uppkomlingen (in Swedish)Grasuggornapunk (155)rock (1959)alternative (400)grÄsuggorna (4)grasuggorna (4)swedish (12)music (391)fast (162) (0)
Anderssimonruanefast (162)anders (2)punklied (1)loosedick (7)punk (155)
Blank SurfaceDarkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
WonderboxMKVXcool (98)trance (387)fast (162)pounding (11)dance (780)electronic (563)ambient (831)pacing (5)keys (29)racing (7)soaring (6)wonderbox (1)mkvx (18)techno (472)
Go To The DoctorbenjhannahPunk (155)Melodic (94)Hardcore (53)Fast (162)Rock (1959)
Paradisecyberquartz23Paradise (14)Bluepulse (8)Good (182)Great Awesome (1)Terrific (7)Fast (162)Trance (387)Wonderful (6)
~Relentless~Darkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
UnconsciousnessDarkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
Unconsciousness SpeedMIXDarkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
Uppkomlingen ( new recording)Grasuggornapunk (155)rock (1959)fast (162)hard (103)swedish (12)
On the Run (new recording)Grasuggornapunk (155)rock (1959)fast (162)hard (103)swedish (12)
Violence (new)Grasuggornapunk (155)rock (1959)fast (162)hard (103)swedish (12)
Escape the SystemMKVXTrance (387)dance (780)techno (472)escape (18)the (254)system (7)fast (162)pulse (12)pacing (5)pounding (11)bassline (6)melody (34)cool (98)kid (15)teen (16)MKVX (18)music (391)beats (174)beat (137)riffs (8)song (277)
>>Bullet Train>>announcerTrain (45)fast (162)Shinkansen (2) (0)
Polka no. 5trebbiaPolka (6)door (11)who (24)funny (85)accordion (27)music (391)trebbia (1)fast (162)film (111)soundtrack (289)
MOUTHTOWN!ronnielongReally (3)bad (33)punk (155)rock (1959)just (15)play (20)it (72)fast (162)and (116)drink (11)a (136)lot (1)
The Altered Staterockaholic392evil (52)fast (162)techno (472)tri-tone (1)experimental (505)techno (472)trance (387)metal (274)
(no subject)TribrixAngry (27)Hurt (26)Energetic (13)Rocktronica (1)Fun (253)Upbeat (69)Electronic (563)fast (162)tech (4)relationships (43)break-up (11) (0)
I am the ThunderKori ArashiFirewind (1)Dragonforce (1)Angra (1)speed (36)metal (274)heavy (204)fast (162)insane (17)guitar (1349)solos (15)solo (125)instrumental (832)virtuoso (7)shred (14)shredding (8)
The Whizz-o-matic CircusTheWhizziesfast (162)speedy (3)frenzy (3)comedy (83)electronic (563)children's music (14)funny (85)silly (43)loopy (8)circus (17)clown (8)boing (1)whistle (20)honk (2)twirl (1)spin (5)flutter (1)
Algea BloomTravosAlgea (1)Bloom (2)Travis (7)Schmidt (2)Travo (1)Trav-o (1)Travos (1)Punk (155)Guitar (1349)Core (7)Hardcore (53)Sweet (50)Improv (57)nice (100)fast (162)
Extreme SerenityDarkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
PeacemakerDarkstalker XTechno (472)trance (387)rave (41)hardcore (53)dance (780)club (174)dark (422)synth (386)fast (162)hard (103)movement (52)electronica (379)darkstalker (6)action (28)speed (36)wave (21)power (66)destruction (20)might (8)softcore (6)soft (85)music (391)peace (176)feeling (35)difference (8)ambient (831)background (14)strenght (9)
Media Manpoodyglitztechno (472)soundtrack (289)moog (32)sampletank (7)electronic (563)pop (694)fast (162)loud (79)
Media Man Updatepoodyglitztechno (472)soundtrack (289)moog (32)sampletank (7)electronic (563)pop (694)fast (162)loud (79)
Haunted Afternoon by Deep Chillradiocurlyfast (162)snappy (1)ambient (831)hip hop (417)lounge (42)chill (162)acid jazz (29)dancy (12)trancy (10)dance (780)trance (387)hippity hoppity (8)dark (422) (0)
GodopiumMellowshipdrum n bass (62)who (24)drum and bass (36)drum (76)bass (374)dnb (38)aphex twin (21)squarepusher (15)mellowship (64)mellow (151)ship (20)god (270)opium (1)godopium (1)fast (162)new (167)
Take it Fastsprucetake (26)it (72)fast (162)
Ghost ManParanoid AndroidGhost (43)Folk (545)Acoustic (812)electric (100)rock (1959)lyrics (43)meaning (5)sentimental (8)loud (79)fast (162)slow (120)love (1469)guitar (1349)beats (174)drums (314)electronic (563)
In Ten CitiesmunsongeekFast (162)Smooth (120)Pumping (5)
The Mosquito ChaseYordbearfast (162)orchestral (141)spooky (32) (0)
Just Before I Go (Extended Version)YordbearDrumandbass (2)sad (189)fast (162)
How Fast Do You Wanna Go?dbaymon34spicy (1)fast (162)go (23)how (14)new (167)fresh (35)flava (1)da'marcus (34)d-mac (32)upbeat (69)tempo (4)smooth (120)nocturnal (5)hot (64)fire (55)salsa (14)
try not to thinkbudloud (79)distorted (29)free (69)fast (162)loose (6)gabba gabba hey (1)
The Stigspringclockspring (112)clock (86)wonder (99)ian (93)baird (81)top (9)gear (2)the (254)stig (1)jeremy (1)clarkson (2)magnetar (13)cars (14)speed (36)fast (162)lap (4)jezzer (1)hamster (16)captain (11)slow (120)paul (5)klimson (2)
Kunt Rave 3 (Surface Scratch)Mellowshipdnb (38)drum n bass (62)drum and bass (36)jungle (38)braindance (6)electronic (563)computer (20)new (167)song (277)mellowship (64)machine (31)mask (6)fast (162)square (7)saw (5)tri (2)long (33)breaks (25)amen (5)ableton (19)live (168)8 (5)idm (37)
Grand Theft Auto Thrill ridefasteddiefasteddie (39)fast (162)eddie (6)hard (103)rock (1959)punk (155)car (25)theft (3)grand (8)theft (3)auto (3)thrill (2)ride (19)
ForeverfasteddiePsychedelic (124)fasteddie (39)fast (162)eddie (6)hard (103)rock (1959)forever (27)space (234)quantum (4)mechanics (1)dog waste (1)
I Love Rats - Live at the 20th Centuryalanfraserrock (1959)electric (100)guitar (1349)speed (36)metal (274)hard (103)fast (162)live (168)concert (10)
a punk/grunge/alt rock drumtrackAemyndrums (314)download (9)drumming (3)punk (155)grunge (35)fast (162)aggressive (12)
Moon Shine Sun ShineT_Being_esqLove (1469)Rock (1959)fast (162) (0)
Hard Act To Followhackjorocky (5)piano (957)fast (162)
just let it go...gator4040punk (155)rock (1959)guitar (1349)heavy (204)fast (162)
Engagepoodyglitzfast (162)pulse (12)pulsating (6)dynamic (12)
Deep Lightsxavrockbeats1334dance (780)club (174)bass (374)xav (18)rock (1959)beats (174)1334 (15)xavrockbeats1334 (10)synth (386)electronic (563)fast (162)riff (20)chords (9)
Race Across JapanKicbalChroma (2)Specter (2)Race (9)Across (2)Japan (62)bass (374)synth (386)drums (314)loud (79)fast (162)driving (45)cars (14)racing (7)speed (36)electronic (563)electropop (48)Trance (387)Ambient (831)Rock (1959)instrumental (832)original (78)groove (158)big (22)expansive (1) (0)