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my songt-boneleader (2)follower (1)love (1469)frustration (15)
Don't Make Me (Upgraded)domdinofrustration (15)love (1469)past (25)history (23)forget (13)confused (7)lost (82)raining (8)wasting (3)
BallbusterCIPHERAngry (27)Mean (10)Bitch (12)work (34)frustration (15)waffles (35)slayer (1)double bass (9)creeping (3)death (198)pink slip (1)mental case (1)hding (1)Bush (58)baby (58)Idol (4)war (168)America (43)Cipher (23)metal (274)midi (73)
Pretty BoysjgurnerPretty Boys (1)Shallowness (1)Beauty (45)Frustration (15)Body Image (1)Fickleness (1)
My Almost Imaginary FriendPigeonfilterhelplessness (1)frustration (15)anger (34)hope (132)
I'VE BEEN DOWN (w.Bluepiano)BarretokBlues (741)Florida (8)Traveling (9)family (55)being down (1)frustration (15)disappointment (6)humor (43)
Love's Gonna Live Heretempieloves (7)family (55)kids (46)wives (3)booster seat (1)distortion (47)frustration (15)
She's MineGodchaserDogs (19)love (1469)patience (6)frustration (15)tolerance (2)God's critters (1)harsh criticism (1)forgiveness (22)pet friendly (1) (0)
Manuelita, Crawl Back In Your Holeclaypottshate (62)love (1469)sex (99)drugs (57)sleaze (2)alcohol (12)pay (1)cheap (4)scream (21)frustration (15)addiction (12) (0)
Try As I May (An Ambiental Mix)Reinholt56Angst (15)frustration (15)away from it all (2)in the thick of it (1)end of tether (1)new beginning (4)NOW (20)
PsychologyAemyninsanity (28)orchestral (141)crazy (86)weird (61)experimental (505)uneasy (5)circus (17)creepy (34)human (10)mind (49)psycho (16)nightmares (6)carnival (10)clowns (1)frustration (15)frustrating (1)trauma (1)
Voice Within 2trx2011jgurnerTwo Tracks (1)Anger (34)Frustration (15)Organized Religion (1)
'MericajgurnerAnger (34)Frustration (15)Politics (49)Laws (1)SCOTUS (1)