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Dirty Little Piggytrilevel graphixGreed (20)Corporate (4)
Million MenVic Holmanmillion (6)men (8)god (270)greed (20)life (255)fishing (10)
Thought I Saw ElvisWGdesert (39)sky (65)make believe (4)Elvis (15)soul (144)human (10)greed (20)drink (11)
Love Won OuteasyesteemerLove (1469)greed (20)kids (46)campfire (2)religion (46)story (64)
Corporate America #4Mack_Dangercorporate (4)america (43)greed (20)modern-slavery (1)
A Storm Comingapocafunkwar (168)religion (46)greed (20)dark (422)experimental (505)heavy (204)apocalyptic (6)
Workin' ManjgurnerWork (34)Economy (2)Greed (20)Layoffs (2)The American Dream (1)
The Lollipop Lady's LamentDWLmoney (61)power (66)inequality (2)immorality (1)greed (20)sadness (43)
Fly MeDWLgreed (20)economy (2)scratch cards (1)waste of money (1)poland (5)business (7)depression (39)envy (1)
For the Children-woodstock 2012FEELWar (168)Greed (20)
For the Children-woodstock 2012FEELWar (168)Greed (20)
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Every Last StandJakesterLMedia (12)war (168)greed (20)
About the Moneyuncle808usMoney (61)Cash (7)dough (3)greed (20)grasping (1)riches (1)  (4)
Force Feduncle808uspower (66) feed (1)force (5)update (2)apple (13)greed (20) (0)