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Alter Ego TripParanoid Androidgrunge (35)nirvana (19)alter (1)ego (5)trip (47)drugs (57)
Your MomAweful Noisecollaboration (131)mind (49)bend (2)weird (61)dumb (16)strange (32)hurt (26)God (270)yellow (6)grunge (35)noise (85)guitar (1349)aweful (3)pyrofly (9)dragon (13)brain (18)collabo (2)
LinkedbreezerChains (5)Linked (1)Breezer (28)Rock (1959)Grunge (35)tied (1)stuck (7)love (1469)lock (5)key (8)similar (1)guitar (1349) (0)
Now It's OverbenjhannahRock (1959)Punk (155)Ska (19)Grunge (35)
Motorcycle GirlDWL80s (45)Eighties (7)synths (68)grunge (35)motorcycle (7)girl (144)fantasy (37)reality (28)bollox (1)grass is greener (1)Hollywood (16)
Brace Yourselfpenguirock (1959)alternative (400)grunge (35)
(You're like a) Guided MissilestevelGuided (1)Missile (1)Rock (1959)Guitar (1349)Grunge (35)Pop (694)
BE UR DOG (Iggy N Stooges) redone on garagebandLivingstonebe your dog (1)punk (155)post punk (3)grunge (35)break beat (8)techno (472)artistic (1)sex (99)scott livingston (1) (0)
Ethanolrsorensenintense (32)
You're No Different Than Anybody Elsetempie60's (15)Wall of Sound (8)Grunge (35)Choral (20)Psychadelic (8)Garage (20)
Stomp Over My HeartradiocurlyStomp over my heart (1)acid jazz (29)alternative (400)original (78)grunge (35)Chris Loft (7)the Radio Curly Collective (3)
The Fear SongtwonicusHard rock (100)rock (1959)heavy (204)whimsical (7)metal (274)grunge (35)
Drag BallUrbanPawneerock (1959)grunge (35)guitar (1349)bass (374)drums (314)power (66)trio (26)instrumental (832)mcneil (8)
Can't get rid of youdadgarusDadgar (92)Rid (1)Get (25)Punk (155)Grunge (35)Guitar (1349)Vocals (151)
American Boy (Love Over Seas)screamalexzpunk (155)rock (1959)grunge (35)heavy (204)love (1469)
Devil Got My WomanUrbanPawneenorth mississippi (1)hill (9)music (391)grunge (35)blues (741)rock (1959)
Dead End & Back AgainDead Endrock (1959)alternative (400)grunge (35)garage (20)Dead End (4) (0)
A Quiet Man (Remix)PaddyNavinCaryatidQuiet (53)Man (46)Caryatid (13)Grunge (35)Nirvana (19)
a punk/grunge/alt rock drumtrackAemyndrums (314)download (9)drumming (3)punk (155)grunge (35)fast (162)aggressive (12)
This Song SucksfasteddieSucks (9)Punk (155)Grunge (35)fasteddie (39)Can't turn this off fast enough (1)
Best of Both Worldsmartinthecoolcareer (1)ambition (3)rich (6)famous (3)best (15)of (103)both (3)worlds (2)martin (43)the (254)cool (98)electro (185)pop (694)money (61)beat (137)hard (103)heavy (204)synth (386)90s (1)grunge (35)techno (472)
Grunge JamsaSHguitARgrunge (35)dirt (4)raw (16)
The MusicSmashCutToAwesomethe music (1)rock (1959)power (66)vegan (1)zombie (19)grunge (35)aemyn (21)zephyr (3)connolly (4)eamon (1)donnelly (1)
AnywaysaSHguitARgrunge (35)acoustic (812)songwriting (5)
Rate MesaSHguitARgrunge (35)acoustic (812)real (18)music (391)